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Cuisine: Italian.


Asparagi Alla Millanese $11.25 Fresh asparagus sauteed with butter & parmesan.
Trio Di Funghi $13.50 Shiitake, oyster and portobello sauteed in garlic, olive oil and herbs served over polenta.
Scampi Alberto $13.75 Large shrimp sauteed in garlic and olive oil.
Mozzarella Pomodori $10.25 Homemade mozzarella served with either fresh or sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers or a combination of all.
Carpaccio Originale $11.25 Thin slices of raw beef drizzled with olive oil & lemon topped with parmesan cheese.
Fried Calamari $10.00 Tender calamari lightly breaded and fried served with fresh marinara.
Stuffed Artichoke $13.50 An alberto favorite steamed and stuffed with seasoned breadcrumb and parmesan cheese.


Scaloppine Al Limone $24.50 Tender veal scaloppine sauteed with lemon & white wine.
Petti Di Pollo Alla Milanese $23.50 Breast of chicken, lightly breaded and pan fried, topped with a tomato & onion salad.
Saltimbocca Alla Romana $25.00 Veal & prosciutto sauteed in white wine, light garlic & sage.
Mignonette Barolo or Peperonate $32.50 Filet mignon sauteed in a barolo wine and mushroom sauce or sauteed with peppers in a light spiced tomato sauce.
Pollo Alla Valdostana $24.00 Breast of chicken stuffed with prosciutto mushroom and mozzarella and baked in a dry sherry sauce.
Tre Moschettieri $33.00 Veal, chicken & filet mignon in a shallot, mushroom & dry sherry sauce.
Pallardi Di Pollo Con Funghi $22.50 Grilled breast of chicken topped with sauteed mushrooms.
Calf?s Liver Veneziana $26.00 Calf’s liver sauteed in red wine, vinegar and onions served with mashed potatoes.
Cuscinetti $28.00 Pillows of veal stuffed with proscuiutto and mozzarella in a dry sherry wine sauce.


Insalata Tre Colori $9.75 Radicchio, indivia, rughetta and fennel.
Caesar Salad $10.25 Traditional caesar made to order.
Emilio Salad $11.00 Chopped arugula, radicchio fennel, broccoli, sun dried tomato and mozzarella.
Seafood Salad $13.50 Calamari, mussels, shrimp, red and green peppers, capers marinated with olive oil and lemon.
Grilled Vegetable Platter $14.50 Fresh grilled vegetables served with herb roasted potatoes.


Tortelli Alberto $22.00 Our specialty from piacenza three cheese pasta in a light cream sauce.
Capelli Di Angelo Con Gamberi $26.50 A very thin spaghetti in a light marinara with shrimp.
Pappardelle $21.00 Homemade triangle pasta in a fresh tomato sauce with prosciutto & peas.
Gnocchi $21.00 Homemade potato dumplings with a choice of gorgonzola, tomato, or meat sauce.
Risotto with Seafood $27.00 Risotto served with shrimp, clams, calamari & mussels.
Lasagna $22.00 Homemade lasagna noodles layered with meat in a tomato and bechamel sauce.
Ravioli Con Burro E Salvia $21.00 Homemade cheese and spinach ravioli with butter and sage.


Zuppa Di Fagioli $9.00 A traditional & hearty pasta & bean soup.
Zuppa Di Vegetali $9.00 A vegetarian soup delight.
Zuppa De Spinacci E Uova $8.75 Spinach & egg drop soup.
Agnolotti In Brodo $9.00 Homemade meat-filled dumplings cooked in a delicious consomme.

Alla Griglia

Filetto Di Manzo Al Ferri $35.00 Broiled filet mignon.
Pollo Arrosto $22.50 Roasted chicken with garlic and rosemary.
Costata Di Vitello Ai Ferri $39.75 Broiled veal chop topped with mushroom, onions and peppers stuffed with cheese and prosciutto.


Homestyle Fried Potatoes $7.50
Mashed Potatoes with Parmesan $7.50
Bruschetta or Hot & Crusty Country Bread $7.50


Dover Sole Dover sole grilled and served with a burned butter sauce.
La Pescatora For Two $69.50 Shrimp, lobster tail, clams, mussels and calamari simmered in a light marinara sauce.
New Zealand Bass Primavera $28.50 New zealand bass sauteed with tips of asparagus, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomato in shallot, lemon, white wine sauce.
Branzino Meuniere $27.25 Mediterreanean sea bass sauteed with baby orzo in a lemon & white wine sauce.
Scampi Alla Romana $27.50 Large shrimp sauteed in a light garlic wine sauce served over rice.

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