Albert’s Mofongo House

Up to date Albert’s Mofongo House prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Seafood, Caribbean, Puerto Rican.


Diet Coke
Diet Pepsi
Diet Sprite
7 UP
Diet 7 UP
Bottle Water
Ginger Ale
Perrier Small
Red Bull
Country Club Dominican Soda
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
Morir Sonado

Hot Beverages

Organic Green Tea $2.50
Organic Chocolate $2.50
Organic Black Coffee $2.50
Organic Cafe Latte $2.50
Organic Cafe Mocha $2.50
American Coffee $1.50


Alitas de Pollo Picante $8.95 Spicy hot wings.
Camarones al Ajillo $10.95 Shrimp scampi.
Hot Chocolate $1.75 20 oz
Cocktail de Camarones $9.95 Shrimp cocktail.
Hot Tea $0.75 16oz
Quesadilla de Res $8.95 Beef Quesadilla.
Smoothies $2.50 16oz
Quesadilla de Camarones $9.95 Shrimp Quesadilla.
Frappuccino $2.99 16oz
Taco $8.95 Choice of meat taco.
All Soda $1.00 22oz
Trio de Empanadas $8.95 Three assorted turnovers with beef, chicken and shrimp.
Calamari Frito $8.95 Fried calamari.
Mofonguito de Camarones $9.95 Shrimp mofonguito.
Picaderita con Tostone $10.95 Choice of meat with tostones in small pieces.


Sopa de Pollo $7.95 Chicken soup.
Mondongo $7.95 Tripe soup.
Plain Crepe $1.50
Sancocho $7.95 Dominican stew
Beef/turkey/ham/pastrami $1.75
Asopao de Camarones $18.95 Shrimp in soupy rice.
Tuna/chicken $1.75
Sopa de Mariscos $32.95 Seafood soup.
Imitation Crabmeat $1.25
Avocado $1.00
Cheese $0.75
Tomato $0.50
Lettuce/onion/relish free


Ensalada Lechuga, Tomate, Pepino y Agucate $6.95 Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and avocado salad.
Ensalada Lechuga, Tomate y Pepino $4.95 Lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad.
Single Scoop $2.25
Ensalada de Pulpo $19.95 Octopus salad.
Double Scoop $3.75
Ensalada de Camarones $19.95 Shrimp salad.
Child Size $1.75
Ensalada de Calamari $17.95 Calamari salad.
Pint $5.95
Ensalada Caesar $6.95 Caesar salad.
Shake $4.25 16oz
Sundae $3.50
Banana Split $5.95
Add Chocolate Syrup/sprinkle/fruit $0.25


Bistec Encebollado $14.95 Onion steak.
Dos Chuleta Frita $14.95 Two fried pork chops.
Small $2.00
Chuleta de Cerdo a la Jardinera $14.95 Grilled pork chops.
Large $2.75
Carne Res Frita $13.95 Fried beef steak.
Carne de Cerdo Frita $13.95 Fried pork.
Chicharron de Cerdo $12.95 Fried pork chunks.
Chicharron de Cerdo Guisado $12.95 Stewed pork chunks.
Rabo Encendido al Brandy $14.95 Fire hot oxtails in brandy sauce.
Pernil $12.95 Roast pork.
Chivo Guisado $14.95 Stewed goat.
Bistec Salteado $13.95 Pepper steak.
T-Bone a la Brasa $22.95 Grilled t-bone steak.
Churrasco $18.95 Skirt steak.


Chicharron de Pollo Con Hueso $13.95 Fried chicken chunks with bone.
Chicharron de Pollo Sin Hueso $13.95 Boneless fried chicken chunks.
Plain Crepe $1.50
Pechuga de Pollo al Limon $13.95 Chicken breast in lime sauce.
Ice Cream $1.75 lapperts
Pechuga Cordon Bleu $13.95 Chicken cordon bleu.
Ice Cream $1.00 regular vanilla
Medio Pollo Asado $10.95 Half roasted chicken.
Whipped Cream $0.75
Pechuga Salteada $12.95 Sauteed chicken breast.
Chocolate Syrup $0.35
Albert’s Pechuga de Pollo $13.95 Marinara sauce, tomato, jam and Swiss cheese.
Nutella $1.00
Strawberry $1.25
Pechuga de Pollo a la Parrilla $12.95 Grilled chicken breast.
K/w $0.75
Panana $0.50
Mix Fruit $1.50
Pineapple $0.50
Orange $1.00
Honey $0.50
Sugar $0.25
Red Bean Paste $0.50
Butter $0.50
Fruit Jam $0.50

Fish and Seafood

Camarones Picantillo $18.95 Shrimps fra diablo.
Camarones al Ajillo $18.95 Shrimp scampi.
Small $1.00 12oz
Camarones a la Criolla $18.95 Creole shrimp.
Medium $1.25 16oz
Camarones Frito Natural $18.95 Deep fried shrimps.
Larger $1.55 20 oz
Camarones Frito Empanizado $18.95 Breaded fried shrimps.
Rueda de Mero $14.95 Grouper.
Pargo Rojo Entero $21.95 1 1/2 lb. whole red snapper.
Bacalao Guisado $15.95 Stewed codfish.
Filete de Salmon $18.95 Salmon fillet.
Filete de Pescado Flounder $16.95 Flounder fish fillet.
Cola de Langosta $35.95 Lobster tail.
Masa de Cangrejo $21.95 Crabmeat.
Filete de Tilapia $17.95 Tilapia fillet.


Paella Marinera $32.95 Mixed seafood rice. Serves two.
Arroz Con Camarones $18.95 Shrimp mixed with mixed rice.
Regular Hot Dog $1.80
Arroz Con Calameres $14.95 Calamari mixed with rice.
Big Hot Dog $2.50
Side of White Rice $5.00
Hot Drink $2.99
Polish Sausage` $2.99
Add Cheese $0.35
Add Chilli Sauce $1.00
Chilli Bowl $1.75


Espagetty con Mariscos $32.95 Mixed seafood with spaghetti, Serves two.
Penne a la Vodka con Camarones $18.95 Penne with shrimps.
Roast Beef $4.50
Camarones con Espagetty en Salsa de Clams $18.95 Spaghetti with shrimp in clam sauce.
Roast Turkey $4.50
Beef Pastrami $4.50
Honey Ham $4.50
Cheese Sand Wich $3.99
Chicken & Egg Sauce $2.50
Tuna & Egg Sauce $2.50


Sirloin y Camarones $24.95 Sirloin and shrimps.
Pechuga de Pollo con Camarones $22.95 Grilled chicken breast with shrimps.
Grand Chocolate $4.50 lapperet’s double chocolate fudge ice cream, nutella ,chocolate syrup,whipped cream
Parrillada de Marisco and Carne $29.95 Grilled seafood with steak.
Banana Royal $4.50 lappert’s banana caramel choicolate chip,ice cream, fresh banana, caramel syrup,whipped cream
Very Berry $4.75 lappert’s strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberry, strawberry jam, whipped cream
Mixed Fruit $4.50 strawberry,banana,kiwi, whipped cream,regular vanilla ice cream

Mofongo Mania

Chicharon Fongo $12.95 Traditional mofongo.
Chicharon Fongo Guisado $12.95 Stewed pork chunks mofongo.
Sandwiches + Soda+chips $5.50 roast beef+turkey+beef pastrami+honeyv ham
Pernil Fongo $12.95 Roast pork mofongo.
Regular Hot Dog +soda+chips $3.25
Longani Fongo $12.95 Pork sausage mofongo.
Big Hot Dog+soda+chips $3.99
Chivo Fongo $13.95 Goat mofongo.
Hot Link + Soda +chips $4.50
Queso Fongo $12.95 Fried cheese mofongo.
Polish Sausage+soda+chips $4.50
Pollo Fongo $12.95 Chicken mofongo.
Rabo Fongo $13.95 Oxtail mofongo.
Res Frita Fongo $13.95 Fried beef mofongo.
Desayuno Fongo $12.95 Breakfast mofongo.
Salmon Fongo $16.95 Salmon mofongo
Chuleta Fongo $12.95 Pork chop mofongo.
Camaron Fongo $18.95 Shrimp mofongo.
Cangrejo Fongo $18.95 Crab meat mofongo.
Churrasco Fongo $18.95 Romanian steak mofongo.
Pulpo Fondo $18.95 Octopus mofongo.
Lango Fongo $35.95 Lobster mofongo.
Viagra Fongo $32.95 Seafood mofongo.
Albert’s Mofongo, Queso and Camarones Fongo $19.95 Albert’s mofongo, cheese and shrimp.
Mondongo Fongo $10.95 Tripe mofongo.
Trio de Pescado Fongo $15.95 Trio fish mofongo.
Vaca Fongo $12.95 Beef mofongo.
Mero Fongo $12.95 Mero fish mofongo.
Costilla Fongo $12.95 Rib mofongo.
Vacalo Fongo $15.95 Codfish mofongo.
Calamari Fongo $14.95 Calamari mofongo.
Pulpo Fongo $18.95 Octopus mofongo
Jamon Fongo $11.95 Ham mofongo.
Vegetal Fongo $11.95 Vegetable mofongo.
Marisco Fongo $27.95 Seafood mofongo.


Tres Leches
Chocolate Cake
Carrot Cake

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