Aldeerah Saudi Cuisine

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Cuisine: Brunch.


Still Water $2.00+
Sparkling Water $3.00+
Soft Drinks $2.00
Lemonade $3.00
Traditional Tea Pot $5.00+
Assored Teas $3.00 Single cup.
Karak Tea $3.75 Tea with condensed milk and cardamom.
Laban $5.00 Yogurt drink.
Sahlab $4.00
Cappuccino $5.00
Lemon with Mint $6.00
Banana and Milk Smoothie $6.00
Fresh Orange Juice $5.00
Mixed Berry Smoothie $6.00

Traditional Coffee

Saudi Coffee $8.50+ Authentic saudi coffee is made with medium brown roasted coffee beans, saffron and cardamom.
Coffee Mini-Sweets Platter $4.50 Pairs well with coffee.


Fava Beans Brunch $4.99
Foul Glabah Brunch $4.99
Shakshoka Brunch $4.50 Scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes.
Lamb Liver Brunch $6.50
Kishnah Brunch $4.00
Mgalgal Brunch $7.99
Nawashif Platter Brunch $11.50 Olives, cheese, thyme, tahinia, honey and cream.


Sambosa $4.50
Potato Kibba $5.99 Potato kibba stuffed with ground beef.
Mutabbaq $6.99 A traditional favorite: thin layers of crepes lightly stuffed with ground beef, parsley, tomato, green onions, eggs, grilled on hot skillet.
Beleelah $4.99 Chick peas in hot broth, topped with a traditional garnish of shredded carrots, cucumbers, cumin, vinegar and optional hot sauce.
Meat Pastries $5.99
Cheese Pastries $5.99
Spinach Pastries $5.99
Meat Kibba $5.99
Falafel $5.50
Hummus $5.50


Oatmeal Soup with Boneless Lamb $7.99
Oatmeal Soup $4.99
Molokhiah $4.50
Lentil Soup $4.99
Okra Soup with Boneless Lamb $7.99


Garden Salad $6.50 Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, shredded carrots and chick peas, served with vinaigrette dressing.
Falafel Salad $9.50 Fried falafel over a bed of fresh lettuce, parsley and cilantro, served with a side of toasted pita bread, tomatoes, pickles and french fries, topped with yogurt and tahini sauce.
Caesar Shawarma Salad $9.50 Fresh lettuce, with croutons and Parmesan topped with your choice of shawarma grilled chicken or meat, side of caesar salad dressing.
Aldeerah Salad $4.50 Diced cucumber, tomato and parsley, tossed in lemon juice.
Yogurt Salad $4.50 Fresh cucumber and yogurt salad, topped with dry mint.
Farmer’s Salad $2.50 Diced onions and tomatoes, mixed with lemon and olive oil.


Lamb Kabsa $17.99 Authentic dish of rice cooked in lamb broth, topped with pieces of lamb.
Chicken Kabsa $15.99 Rice cooked in chicken broth, topped with half a chicken.
Qursan with Vegetables $8.99+ Small pieces of thin layers of brown bread, softened in a light tomato sauce mix of cubed vegetables, topped with fresh diced onions and traditional spice mix.
Jireesh $7.99 A traditional favorite: crushed wheat cooked in rich yogurt broth, topped with sauteed fried onions.
Mathloothah $23.99 An authentic rich dish combining three layers of food: jireesh, qursan and rice, topped with pieces of lamb or chicken.
Mandi $18.99 Lamb or chicken marinated in special sauce, slowly grilled in oven and accentuated with traditional smoked flavor, served with basmati long-grain rice cooked in broth then also smoked

Sandwich Platters

Shawarma Saj $15.99 Chicken or meat shawarma wrapped in our famous margoog bread with french fries, pickles and lettuce, then grilled panini style. Comes with a side of french fries and hummus dip.
Falafel Saaj $17.99 Falafel, eggplant, french fries, pickles, lettuce and tahina sauce, wrapped in our famous margoog bread, then grilled panini style. Comes with a side of french fries and hummus dip.


Dates $4.50 Date bowl.
Date Dips $3.50 A selection of three dips that pair well with dates: trio of tahina, fresh cream and sour cream.

Lunch Specials

Lunch Combo Specials $11.50


Baklawah $4.50
Basbosah $3.99
Kinafah with Cream $5.50
Muhalabiya $4.00
Hnaini $5.50
Watermelon Slices $3.75 Seasonal.
Masoob $8.99 Bread, banana, cream and honey.

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