Alder Wood Bistro

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Cuisine: French.


Add house-made bread & butter $2.50
Market Fish Salad Pan-seared fish of the day, chi’s farm mixed greens, sherry vinaigrette
Crispy Calamari Salad $15.00 Fried calamari, chip’s farm mixed greens, mama lil’s pickled peppers, kaffir lime vinaigrette
Pickled Beef $13.50 Pickled beet, oregon pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, mixed green, sherry vinaigrette


Soup du Jour $4.50 – $7.00


This warm sandwich on house-made bread comes with your choice of: Chi’s garm mixed green salad, zesty, nash’s cabbage, slaw, house fries or soup. Substitute gluten free bread $1.50
Bistro Burger $16.00 Short;s grass-fed beef, crispy onions, smoked mozzarella, aioli, whole-grain mustard, focaccia bread. Add mondo’s bacon $2.50
Veggie & Mushroom $14.00 Wood-fired seasonal vegetables, sauteed mushrooms, goat cheese, pesto aioli, house hearth bread
Bahn Mi $16.50 Short’s grass-fed brisket, zesty Vietnamese cabbage-carrot, cilantro slaw, aioli, pickled onions, house focaccia bread
Turkey, Bacon & Pesto $15.00 Applegate turkey, mondo’s nitrate-free bacon, smoked mozzarella caramelized onions, pesto aioli, house hearth bread
Crispy Oyster $16.00 Fried local oysters gluten free, remoulade pickled peppers, house hearth bread
Fresh Fish Sandwich $15.50 Crispy rockfish gluten free, remoulade pickled peppers, house hearth bread

Must Try’s

Fish & Chips 3 Pieces $16.00 Crispy ling cod gluten free, zesty nash’s cabbage-carrot-cilantro slaw, pickled peppers, fresh-cut house fries, remoulade
Fish & Chips 4 Pieces $19.00
Moules et Frites $16.00 Local mussels, white wine, mirepoix, fennel pollen, cream, french fries, aioli
Focaccia Pizza of the Day $13.00 House focaccia, chef’s choice toppings, served with simple green salad


House Bread & Butter $2.50
Gluten-free Bread & Butter $3.00
Simple Salad $7.00 Chi’s farm mixed greens, sherry vinaigrette
French Fries $7.50 Organic house-made & fresh-cut, aioli
Truffled French Fries $9.00 Ritrovo truffle salt, vella dry jack, parsley & aioli
Crispy Fried Local Oysters $11.00 Pickled peppers, aioli
Crispy Fried Calamari $11.00 Pickled peppers, aioli
Sweet Potato Fries, Aioli $7.00
Seasonal Wood-Fired Vegetables $8.50


Organic Tea Hot $3.50 Black, earl grey, green, mint & chamomile tea
Iced Black Tea $3.50
Organic Coffee – Bottomless Cup $3.50
Organic Coffee – French Press (sm) $4.00
Organic Coffee – French Press (lg) $8.00
House-made Organic Hibiscus Cooler $3.50
Organic Lemonade $3.50
Brew Dr. Kombucha $6.50
Izze Sparkling Blackberry or Clementine Juice $3.50
Sparkling Water $4.00 – $7.00
Blue Sky Lemon-Lime $2.50
Zevia Diet Cola $2.50
Diet Tangerine-Lime $2.50
Diet Root Beer $2.50
Root Beer $3.50
Cola $3.50

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