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Ensalada Latina $6.00 A unique blending of jalapeno, cilantro and extra virgin olive oil, tossed with fresh romantic lettuce, tomato wedges, kalamata olives and cucumber slices.
Picada Salad $7.00 Fresh chopped lettuce tossed in a vinaigrette dressing topped with chicken kalamata olives, chives, tomatoes, cucumbers and finished with feta cheese.
Alegria Salad $6.00 Mixed organic baby greens, tossed with fresh seasonal fruit and walnuts, dancing in a brazilian raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Add chicken $3.00
Madrid Style Caesar Salad $6.00 Alegria?s own Caesar dressing over crisp romaine lettuce, topped with marinated spicy tomatoes and romano cheese shavings. Add chicken $3.00


Sopa Del Dia $6.00 Daily homemade soup of the day
Sopa De Tortilla $7.00 Old style chicken and tomato broth soup, simmered with fresh cut corn and bell peppers, topped with tortilla strips, mozzarella cheese, diced avocados, sprinkled and cilantro.
Zarzuela De Mariscos $17.00 A spanish fisherman?s favorite meal, fresh catch of the day fish, fresh manila clams, mussels, crawfish and tender calamari, all stewed in a light spicy saffron tomato broth served with grilled count


Pescado Negro $18.00 Blackened butterfish set over jalapeno mashed potatoes topped with an avocado infusion accompanied with roasted tomato and grilled cactus.
Camarones Al Ajillo $18.00 Jumbo black tiger prawns sauteed in a garlic cayenne-tequila sauce accompanied with white rice.
Salmon Con Whiskey $18.00 Grilled salmon fillet covered with a roasted bell pepper whiskey sauce, nestled over jalapeno flavored puree potatoes and sauteed spinach.
Paella Valenciana $19.00 Our saffron rice dish with reminiscent flavors of aromatic herbs, sauteed in a cast-iron skillet with chorizo Bilbao spanish sausage seasoned beef, tender chicken breast, imported sweet ham, fresh ma
Paella Del Oceano $19.00 Our saffron rice dish with reminiscent flavors of aromatic herbs, sauteed in a cast-iron skillet with fresh manila clams, mussels, fresh seasonal fish and tender calamari, sauteed with mixed vegetabl

Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetarian

Cerdo al Limon $16.00 Pork medallions topped with sauteed jalapenos, tomatoes and diced onions in a ginger lime sauce, over a crisp corn tortilla
El Gaucho $20.00 A classic dish from argentina chimichury sauce mixed herbs and citrus over grilled marinated tender beef served with sauteed spinach and roasted potatoes.
Fideos Con Chipotle $14.00 Sauteed spaghetti with chicken, sun dried tomato, field mushrooms and green onions in a chipotle cream sauce topped with feta cheese.
Pollo En Mole $16.00 A mexican favorite dish of roasted chicken smothered in a traditional homemade oaxaca mole sauce a sweet and spicy sauce made with 18 different spices. Served over a bed of white rice. Prepared with
Enchiladas Con Mole $13.00 Corn tortillas stuffed with chicken and cheese smothered with our homemade mole sauce, served with Spanish rice.
Solomillo $20.00 Fillet mignon topped with red wine cinnamon mushroom sauce, served with potato cakes and sauteed spinach
Pechuga De Pollo $15.00 Grilled chicken breast showered with a rustic chilean roasted chile ancho sauce, Served with vegetables and our homemade sweet tamale.
Ropa Vieja $17.00 Braised marinated beef cuban style, served over a bed of white rice and Red beans, with golden brown plantain.
Lasagna De Vegetales $14.00 Baked flour tortillas layered with wild mushrooms, butternut squash, ricotta and oaxaca cheese, set over a huitlacoche mexican corn truffle tomatoes and epazote sauce

Platos Chicos

Calamares Al Fuego $10.00 Tender deep fried calamari served with a classic spanish romesco sauce.
Hole Mole $7.00 Crisp tortilla chips topped with shredded chicken smothered in our Oaxaca style mole sauce. Sweet and spicy
Pa Amb Tomate Al Horno $6.00 Baked Roma tomatoes topped with garlic, fresh basil, roasted corn and pine nuts served with homemade country bread, grilled and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.
Tapas Frias $5.00 A variety of alegria cold spanish tapas, mixed black and green olives, mixed cheeses and sherry spiced field mushroom buttons all marinated in extra virgin olive oil, mixed herbs and spices.
Alegria Nachos $8.00 A platter of crisp tortilla chips showered with black beans, mixed cheeses, sour cream, pico de gallo salsa, fresh guacamole, cilantro and black olives topped with homemade chorizo mexican style. Add
Ceviche De Camaron $10.00 Fresh shrimp finely chopped and marinated in a refreshing citrus lime juice, and pico de gallo salsa, surrounded by thinly sliced cucumbers, topped with fresh chopped mango and fresh jalapenos served
Jamon Serrano $8.00 Imported cured ham thinly sliced and garnished with marinated cheeses fresh tomatoes, red onions and watercress drizzled with chili oil.
Calamari A La Diabla $11.00 Golden brown calamari sauteed in our spicy alegria fire sauce
Jalapeno Relleno $5.00 Two jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese, and deep fried golden brown.
Albondiga Casera $6.00 Baked homemade meatballs sauteed with roasted bell peppers and saffron.
Tiraditos $11.00 Fresh Ahi Tuna, orange cluster tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and fennel tops marinated in a lime and extra virgin olive oil, finished with deep fried bread.
Empanadas De Picadillo $9.00 Puff pastries stuffed with picadillo seasoned beef and vegetables. Served with a spicy salsa
Ropita Vieja $7.00 Crispy mini tortillas topped with braised shredded beef, Served over puree pinto beans and feta cheese.
Humitas Chilenas $9.00 Homemade sweet corn tamale souffle topped with sauteed diced shrimp in a cayenne cream sauce, sprinkled with chives.
Atun Y Tomate $12.00 Seared Ahi tuna set over broiled tomatoes and fresh watercress, sauteed with steamed mussels, finished with wasabi dressing and toasted sesame seeds.
Croquetas de Carne $8.00 Golden brown crochets served with our homemade romesco sauce.
Plato Grande $12.00 Per person

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