Alexandria Mediterranean Cuisine

Up to date Alexandria Mediterranean Cuisine prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Alexandria Mediterranean Cuisine is available in 3 states.


Kromb Plate $8.95 cabbage rolls stuffed with rice, tomatoes parsley and onions, served beside a small fattoush or Greek salad
Vegetarian Plate $9.95 hummos, baba, tobbouli grape leaves and falafel
Mashawi Mixed Grill $19.95 kafta gyro meat, chicken beef sirloin kebab and lamb chop with onions, mushrooms and roasted red peppers in our garlic sauce served with pita bread
Gyro Plate $9.95 gyro meat served over romaine lettuce tomatoes, scallions and cucumbers, topped with feta cheese mushrooms, onions and olives, choice of dressing
Kafta Plate $10.95 spiced lean ground beef with parsley served over romaine and green, leaf lettuce tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, topped with feta cheese mushrooms onions and olives, choice of dressing `
Chicken Souvlaki $11.95 marinated chicken breast served over romaine and green, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers mushrooms, onions and red peppers, topped with feta cheese and olives, choice of dreesing
Souvlaki $16.95 – $14.95 lamb or beef sirloin kebab served over romaine lettuce tomatoes cucumbers onions red peppers, mush rooms, onions topped with olives and feta cheese, choice of dressing

Fresh Gourmet Basil Pasta and Homemade Ravioli

add a side Greek salad for $2.75
Shrimp Alexandria $15.95 sauteed jumbo shrimp and olives atop linguine, tossed in our garlic sauce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese
Pesto Alexandria $10.95 linguine and pesto sauce tossed with sun, dried tomatoes olives, garlic pine nuts and parmesan cheese
Spinach Ravioli $11.95 ravioli filled with spinach feta cheese and ricotta served in marinara and sprinkled with feta cheese
Lobster and shrimp Ravioli $14.95 labster, shrimp and ricotta cheese stuffed ravioli, topped with vodka cream marinara and sprinkled with parmesan cheese
Mediterranean – style Chicken Linguine $13.95 charbroiled chicken breast served over linguine tossed in garlic sauce, topped with portobello mushrooms feta cheese scallions and olives
Shish Kebab Linguine $16.95 – $14.95 beef sirloin or lamb kebab served over linguine, topped with feta cheese, tomatoes, scallions and olives
Spicy Griego $10.95 linguine tossed in garlic sauce and topped with feta cheese, olives, scallions, red peppers and pine nuts
Batinjan Pasta $10.95 charbroiled eggplant served atop linguine tossed in garlic sauce, topped with feta cheese, pine nuts and olives
Kharchouf $11.75 artichoke hearts sauteed with olive oil and garlic served linguine, and tossed in garlic sauce, topped with red peppers olives and parmesan cheese
Portobello $11.95 linguine tossed with portobello mush rooms and sun – dried tomatoes topped with tomatoes, scallions and feta cheese


all entress are served with rice pilaf, asparagus and greek salad
Chicken Alexandria $14.95 marinated grilled chicken breast, topped with red peppers, onions, mushrooms, and feta cheese
Samak Tahini $18.95 chargrilled marinated sword fish served with sauteed onions, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, olives and tahini sauce
Lamb Medallions $16.95 medallions of seasoned lamb tenderloin with onions and spinach
Lamb Chops $19.95 herb, marinated lamb chops grilled grilled and topped with sauteed red peppers, onions, mushrooms and feta cheese
Shrimp Saute $17.95 jumbo shrimp sauteed in garlic sauce with a blend of herbs and spices, topped with sauteed roasted red peppers, onions, mushrooms and olives
Chicken Mousaka $15.95 layers of eggplant, potato and chicken covered with tangy cheese sauce


Baba Gannoush $5.50 puree of charbroiled eggplant mixed with garlic, lemon juice and tahini sauce
Kromb $5.50 cabbage rolls stuffed with rice tomatoes parsley and onions
Foole Mudammas $5.50 warm fava beans with tahini sauce and lemon juice, topped with cucumbers, tomatoes cumin and scallions, lightly sprinkled with olive oil
Chick Balila $5.50 chick peas, tender fava beans, tomatoes scallions, cucumbers and herbs with fresh lemon juice and olive oil
Grilled Chicken Strips $8.95 grilled chicken breast sliced into strips and served atop lettuce with tomatoes scallions and olives choice of dressing
Tabbouli Salad $5.50 parsley, diced tomatoes, scallions, wheat bulgur, lemon juice and olive oil with a touch of mint
Shanklish $5.50 charbroiled peeled eggplant lightly drizzled with extra virgin oil fresh lemon juice and topped with tomatoes, scallions and feta cheese
Vegetarian Grape Leaves $5.95 grape leaves stuffed with rice tomatoes parsley and onions, garnished with scallions
Gambari $9.95 sauteed shrimp served on top of slice pita with roasted red peppers onions olives and fresh parsley
Roasted Red Pepper Hummos $6.50 chick peas pureed with roasted red peppers, fresh lemon juice garlic and tahini sauce
Hummos $6.50 chick peas, pureed with fresh lemon juice garlic and tahini sauce
Hummos Kaworma $6.75 hummos topped with hot, mildly seasoned lean ground beef pine nuts and tomatoes
Falafel $5.50 mildly spiced tender chick peas and fava beans fried in peanut oil, served with lettuce tomatoes hot peppers cucumbers and tahini sauce
Kibbe $7.95 Ground beef, diced tomatoes, pine nuts and onions, covered by a crust of ground beef tender, loin and wheat bulgur then deep friend in peanut oil
Tahini Cheese $5.50 feta cheese , parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice crushed pepper and cumin

Pita Sandwiches

all pitas are available in white or whole wheat
Falafel Pita $5.95 mildly spiced ground chick peas fava beans, parsley and scallions, rolled in a pita with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers hot peppers and tahini dressing
Kafta Kebab Pita $7.50 grilled ground beef rolled in a pita with parsley tomatoes onions, garlic feta cheese and tahini dressing
Gyro Pita $6.95 charbroiled, lightly seasoned sliced lamb and beef rolled in a pita with tomatoes, onions feta cheese and tahini dressing
Eggplant Pita $6.25 charbroiled eggplant, rolled in a pita with tomatoes, scallions feta cheese and Greek dressing
Shish Kebab Pita $7.95 – $8.95 char, grilled beef sirloin or lamb, green peppers and scallions rolled in pita with tomatoes feta cheese and tahini dressing
Grape Leaf Pita $5.95 vegetarian stuffed grape leaves rolled in a pita with feta cheese
Hummos Kaworma Pita $6.50 hummos rolled in a pita with seasoned, lean ground beef, pine nuts, tomatoes and scallions
Fatayer Pita $6.50 a mixture of spinach, onions lemon juice and feta cheese baked in pita bread
Chicken Pita $6.95 charbroiled chicken rolled in a pita with tomatoes, scallions, feta cheese and tahini dressing
Gambari Pita $6.95 sauteed jumbo shrimp with garlic, olive oil onions tahini diced scallions and tomatoes
Chicken Sambusak Pita $6.95 mildly spiced and diced chicken with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and parmesan cheese baked in pita
Beef Sambusak Pita $6.95 lean ground beef, tomatoes onions pine nuts and herbs baked in pita topped with parmesan cheese and scallions
Chicken Shish Kebab Pita $7.50 char, grilled chicken breast, served in a warm pita with tomatoes scallions, feta cheese, green pepper and tahini dressing

Mediterranean Pita Pizzas

on white or whole wheat pita crust
Alexandria Pizza $9.95 pesto sauce, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, Greek olives garlic pine nuts and parmesan cheese
Chicken Pizza $10.75 garlic sauce, charbroiled chicken tomatoes feta cheese, diced scallions and olives, garnished with fresh tomatoes and parsley
Batinjan Pizza $9.95 char, grilled eggplant with garlic sauce tomatoes, scallions, feta cheese olives and Greek dressing
Gyro Pizza $10.75 tahini sauce, charbroiled gyro meat, feta cheese onions hot banana peppers, olives tomatoes and parsley
Spicy Shrimp Pizza $13.95 garlic sauce spicy tomato sauce baby spinach leaves artichoke hearts roasted red peppers shrimp parmesan cheese and parsley
Hummos Kaworma Pizza $9.95 hummos lean ground beef onions tomatoes pine nuts and mediterranean spices
Mediterranean Pizza $9.95 garlic sauce, baby spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes scallions fresh parsley and olives
Falafel Pizza $8.95 falafel tomatoes hot banana peppers and scallions drizzled with tahini
Portobello Pizza $10.95 portobello mushrooms, baby spinach onions and roasted red peppers
Kid Pizza $4.95 choice of parmesan cheese or yellow cheddar cheese


Hot Soups $2.95 – $3.95 our soups are fresh and homemade, containing no starch and no additives
Chicken Vegetable chicken with a variety of fresh vegetables
Lentil seasoned broth loaded with lentils and vegetables
Vegetarian Chili $1.00 – $0.75 add charbroiled chicken, add cheddar cheese
Cold Soups available late spring to early fall
Gazpacho spicy fresh vegetable soup
Cacik Lebanese cucumber, yogurt soup


all our dressings are made in house with the freshest ingredients choice of Alexandria’s house tahini Greek or cucumber
Tabbouli Salad $5.50 parsley tomatoes scallions, wheat bulgur lemon juice and olive oil with a touch of mint
Alexandria’s Fattoush $4.95 – $2.75 Romaine and green leaf lettuce with cucumbers tomatoes scallions and toasted pita pieces tossed in Alexan dria’s dressing
Greek Salad $4.95 – $2.75 Romaine and green leaf lettuce with cucumbers tomatoes and olives topped with feta cheese and scallions Greek dressing on the side
Fresh Fruit Salad $6.50 – $7.50 fresh, seasonal fruit in an everchanging combination, with yogurt sliced almonds and honey
Spinach Salad $7.50 baby spinach tomatoes scallions mushrooms cucumbers, red peppers, pine nuts and feta cheese served with choice of dressing on the side
Falafel Salad $7.50 falafel served atop a bed of romaine lettuce with cucumbers tomatoes scallions and hot peppers served with tahini dressing

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