Ali Baba Restaurant

Up to date Ali Baba Restaurant prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Ali Baba Restaurant is available in 3 states.


Fountain Drink $1.50
Hot Tea $2.99 Fresh made tea served with your choice of mint or lemon.
Energy Drink $2.99


#1. Hummus with Pita $4.99 A dip of blended chickpeas mixed with tahini, lemon and garlic.
#2. Baba Ghajouj with Pita $4.99 A dip made of roasted eggplants mixed with tahini and lemon.
#3. Baba Falafel $5.99 Six golden fried vegetarian patties made from ground chickpeas and spices.
#4. Lebni with Pita $3.99 Yogurt dip topped with olive oil.
#5. Seasoned French Fries $3.49 Golden brown and seasoned to perfection.
#6. Dolma $3.99 Six pieces. Stuffed grape leaves.
#7. Appetizer Trio $8.99 Hummus or baba ghanouj with four falafel and four dolma.


#24. Taboli Salad $5.99 Parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, cracked wheat, lemon and olive oil mixed to perfection.
#25. Greek Salad $5.99 Traditional greek garden salad with crumbled feta cheese and fresh kalamata olives mixed with our house dressing.
#26. Cucumber and Yogurt Salad $4.99 Yogurt mixed with finely chopped cucumbers, mint and garlic.
#27. Side House Salad $3.99 Fresh greens to compliment any dish.


#8. Gyro Sandwich $4.99 Slice of seasoned beef cooked in a traditional rotisserie oven served in a warm pita with onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce.
#9. Chicken Shawerma Sandwich $5.99 Seasoned chicken breast in a warm pita with tomatoes pickles and Ali Baba sauce.
#10. Beef Shawerma Sandwich $5.99 Seasoned of lean beef with tomatoes, pickles and Ali Baba sauce.
#11. Kufta Kabob Sandwich $5.99 Seasoned ground beef kabobs with tomatoes, pickles and Ali Baba sauce.
#12. Chicken Kabob Sandwich $5.99 Our marinated chicken kabob grilled over an open fame served with pickles, tomatoes and Ali Baba sauce.
#13. Lamb Kabob Sandwich $6.99 Our marinated lamb kabob cooked over an open flame served with tomatoes, pickles and Ali Baba sauce.
#14. Falafel Sandwich $4.99 A golden fried vegetable patty served with tomatoes, pickles and tahini sauce.
#15. Shawerma Arabic Sandwich $6.99 Seasoned chicken or beef served in the traditional Arabic style.


#16. Chicken Shawerma Platter $8.99 A generous portion of our marinated chicken breast pieces served with fresh basmati rice.
#17. Gyro Plate $8.99 Slices of seasoned beef gyro served with fresh basmati rice.
#18. Beef Shawerma Platter $9.99 Seasoned strips of lean beef served with fresh basmati rice.
#19. Chicken Kabob Platter $9.99 Two marinated chicken kabobs cooked over an open flame served with fresh basmati rice.
#20. Kufta Kabob Platter $9.99 Two seasoned ground beef kabobs served with fresh basmati rice.
#21. Lamb Kabob Platter $12.99 Two marinated lamb kabobs cooked over an open flame served with fresh basmati rice.
#22. Ali Baba Combo $15.99 A combination of one lamb skewer, one kufta kabob and our seasoned chicken kabob with basmati rice.
#23. Shawerma Fries Platter $8.99 Choice of beef, chicken or gyro over a bed of seasoned fries with diced onions, tomatoes, parsley, bell peppers, banana peppers, topped with hummus and Ali Baba sauce.


Baklava $1.99

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