Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter III

Up to date Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter III prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Desserts, Sandwiches, Teahouses.

Alice’s Afternoon Tea

The Nibble $22.00 Pot of tea, one scone with preserves and cream, choice of sandwich, assted cookies.
The Mad Hatter $27.00 Pot of tea, scones with preserves and cream, choice of 2 sandwiches choice of dessert
The Jabberwocky $35.00 Pot of tea, scone with preserves and cream, unlimited sandwiches, choice of 2 desserts
The Wee Tea $14.00 Herbal or fruit tea, scone with preserves and cream, children’s sandwich, dark chocolate mousse.
Alice’s Scones $5.00 Served with preserves and cream
Alice’s Scones and Tea $9.00 Served with preserves and cream and pot of tea.


Soups $7.00 Served with rosemary foccacia.
Light Fare $12.00 Soup and half sandwich or soup and half salad.


Celery and Carrot Sticks $6.00 Served with peanut butter.
Cookies with Milk $6.00
Homemade Graham Crackers with Honey $6.00
Banana Bread with Preserves $7.00

Sweets and Treats

White Rabbit Dark Chocolate Mousse $6.00
Alice’s Mores $7.00
Cokkies a la Mode $8.00
Alice’s Cookie Plate $6.00
Ice Cream Sandwich $8.00
Berries with Creme Anglaise $9.00
Jean’s Mocha Chocolate Chip Cake $7.00
Queen of Heart’s Lemon Tart $6.00
Gelato or Sorbet $6.00
Warm Soft Chocolate Cake a la Mode $9.00

Grilled Choices

Croque Monsieur $12.00 Grilled black forest ham and gruyere with mayo and whole grain mustard on semolina
Croque Madame $9.00 Grilled with mayo and whole grain mustard on semolina
Croque Mdame $11.00 Served with lapsang souchong smoked chicken
Grilled Veggie Sandwich $10.00 Mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, sauteed onions, tomatoes and basil Pesto with goat cheese.
Warm Pear and Belgian Endive Salad $13.00 Served with watercress, caramelized onions and stilton in a port vinaigrette
Watercress and Mixed Greens $9.00 Served with roasted shallots and champagne vinaigrette


All servedn with mixed greens.
Lapsang Souchong Smoked Chicken Breast $11.00 Served with granny smith apples and herbed goat cheese on 7 grain bread.
Smoked Salmon with Lemon $11.00 Dill butter on black bread
Chopped Tea Egg Salad $9.00 Served with watercress and mayo
Roasted Cumin Carrots $8.00 Served with olive tapenade and goat cheese on semolina.
Black Forest Ham and Gruyere $11.00 Served with whole grain mustard and mayo on raisin fennel semolina.
Cucumber and Watercress with Lemon Chive Butter on Wheat $7.00
Albacore Tuna $9.00 Served with capers, cornichons and shallots in a mustard vinaigrette on semolina.
Alice’s BLT with Blue Cheese on Black Bread $9.00
Curried Chicken Salad $11.00 Served with red onion, celery and granny smith apples on semolina
Hummus with Lettuce and Tomato on Whole What Bread $8.00
Apple Slices $6.00 Served with peanut butter or nutella on white bread.
Homemade Peanut Butter and Preserves on Banana Bread $8.00
Grilled Cheese on White Bread $7.00

Alice’s Tea Cup

African Dew $2.81 African black tea with a rich full bodied taste this tea can be a great coffee substute
Afternoon Tea $1.41 A blend of India and Ceylon teas. Smooth and light
Alice’s Tea $2.81 Our house blend of Indian black tea with Japanese green tea and rose petals. Smooth and subtle
Almond Flavored Tea $1.56 An Indian black tea with a light almond flavor.
apricot and Cinnamon Gold Tisane $3.44 Apricot, cinnamon, marigolds in a rooibos base.
Apricot Brandy $1.88 An Indian black, apricot flavored tea with apricot pieces.
Bal Hao While Tip Champagne OOlong $12.50 Finest oolong from taiwan with a peachy aroma and medicinal qualities
Bianca $3.30 Camoile flowers blended with hibiscus and orange peel.
Birthday Tea $4.06 A Classic blend of black teas with tropical fruit and flowers extremely aromatic.
Black Fruits $1.72 Black Indian tea with black currants, blackberries and blueberries, excelletn flavor and aroma
Boston Tea Parly $3.44 Full bodied and aromatic with a dark infusion. champagne ceylon and a variety of Indian teas.
Cameroon Fannings $3.13 Grown al 3300 feet in an african volcano, cameroon has a very strong black tea lasie and a very distict aroma great with milk.
Camomile Flowers $2.50 Beautiful, freshly dried egyptian camomile flowers. Great for insomniacs and IBS
Casanlanca $3.13 Bergamot flavored green tea with mint.
Castieton Estatre Vintage $10.94 A unique and special tea great flavor with a rich bouquet finest darjeeling.
Chocolate Mint $1.72 Indian black tea with mini chocolate chips and peppermint leaves Refreshing
Cholestea $2.19 Green tea with ginseng cinnamon and lemon.
Christmas Brew $3.90 Pineapple, apple, orange peel, mango papaya, black berry, hibiscus, raisins, rosehips, almond cubbanib abd ckive zestgl
Christmas Tea $2.30 Indian black tea with hibiscus, raisins, rosehips, almonds, cinnamon and clove
Cinnamon Apple Spiced Tea $1.56 Indian black tea with cinnamon chips, apple bits, a mix of spicy and sweet flavors
Darjeeling Earl Grey $2.19 Darjeeling tea flavored with bergamol.
Darjeeling OOlong $2.50 2nd flush muscatel character with tangy aroma, warning this tea can be addictivel
Decaf Carl Grey $2.19 Decaffeinated Carl grey with Traditional bergamol flavoring
Decaf English Breakfast $2.19 Decaffeinated English breakfast a classic blend of assam crylon and Chinese Teas.
Decaf Green Tea with Ginger $2.81 Decaffeinated Chinese green tea with ginger pieces
Decaf Irish Breakfast $2.19 Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast, the classic blend of assam and Chinese teas
Drink me Detox $5.25 Pai mu tan and silver needle jasmine white teas with oraganic rooibos. Very Detoxifying.
Carl Grey Fancy $1.56 Finest black tea with bergamot flavoring
Cerl Grey Herbal Blend $2.34 Rooibos with bergamot flavoring very high in anti oxidants
Cmpress Blend Rojini $4.06 A delicate blend of Indian tea with rose petals. Highly aromaticl
Energites $2.81 Green tea with rooibos, ginseng, linden and orange.
English Breakfast extra Fancy $1.56 A classic blend of assam ceylon and Chinese teas,
Evening Comfort $2.50 Peppermint with lemon peel and ginger root.
Fimest Jasmine Pearls $9.38 A greem tea individually rolled with very fine jasmine, buds picked right from the bloom.
French Vervain $5.63 A wonderful strong flavored herbal tea with lemon flavor. Aromatic and refreshing
Genmaicha $3.75 Hatty flavor combines taste of popped corn, toasted rice and green tea. A tea for tranquility
Ginter Tea $2.81 Indian black tea with ginger pieces
Grand Keemun $3.13 This tea is excellent for digesting and relaxing a strong black tea that is easy on the stomach
Gyokuro $13.75 The most bought after green tea in the world. Picked once a year in Japan.
Hawaiian Paradise $3.91 Apple, berries, orange peel, rosechips, hibiscus and apricot fruit tisane.
Herbal Chai $2.50 rooibos tea blended with cinnamon, ginger and anise.
Herbal Detox Blend $4.69 Alfalfa, dandelion, nettle bush, plantain, red clover and mint, detoxifying.
High Noon $2.81 HIbiscus, rose, orange, rosehips, linden, strawberries and apple.
Indian Chai $2.75 Indian spiced tea with cinnamon ginger, cardamon and vanilla
Inspiration $2.50 Peppermint with rosehips and rose petals
Irish Breakfast extra Fancy $1.72 A delicious blend of Assam and green teas.
Jasmine Monkey King $2.81 A green tea pearl blended with jasmine
Kshmiri Green Tea Chai $3.13 An organic green tea chai with ginger, cinnamon and almond pieces
Lapsang Souchong Superior $2.03 Medium smoked whole leaf tea, smoked over rare woods, strong and flavorful
Lavender Carl Grey $2.19 Black tea flavored with bergamot and French alvender flowres.
Mango Amazon $1.56 Indian black tea with mango pieces. Aromatie with a subile sweetness.
Mango Flip $3.44 Mango, pineapple, hibiscus, raisins and sunflowers scented with mango, great iced
Mango Male $3.44 Roasted Male Herb Grown in Argentina or Brazil.High in caffeine and mixed with mango flavors
Margaret’s Hope $7.50 An aromatic autumn blend a wonderful darjeeling.
Mate Carnival $4.69 Roasted mate herb grown in argentina or brazil mixed with cocoa, rooibos, sunflowe, cactus, cornflowers and almonds
Mauritius $3.13 Borken tea leaves with a hint of vanilla and a strong taste from the Island of mauritius excellent
Monk’s Blend $2.81 A blend of darjeeling and keemun black teas. Great with milk.
Moonlight Blend $2.66 A blend of some of the best green teas. Calming and relaxing
Moroccan Mint $2.03 A rich green tea with mint leaves.
Mother To be Tea $5.31 Raspberry leaf with camomile and rosehips great for expecting mothers and aids in digestio.
Mount Everest Breakfast $2.81 a blend of Assam and Yunnan black feas. Smooth and subtie
Mullings Spice $2.34 An herbal tea with orange, cinnamon, cloves and fennel flavoring,.
New Vithanakanda $5.88 Golden tea leaves from Sri Lanka crylon teas are known for fine aroma and strong body
Numalighar $3.44 Assam teas are traditionally strong but numalighar hides the strength with sweet subtie taste
Orange Spice Tea $1.56 Indian black tea with orange peel and orange spice flavoring.
Organic Ginger $4.55 An organic Indian black tea with ginger root. A sweet and spicy infusion with citrus fragraez.
Organic Ginger Orange Peach $2.81 An organic Indian black tea with ginger root, orange peel and ginger pieces.
Organic Rooibos $2.34 Naturally decaffeinated rooibos grown organically.
Organic Snowbuds $7.25 A rare organic white tea from the northern region of the fujian province of China Detoxifying. and healthy. The taste is sweet and savory white the aroma suggesis chestnuts and dried flowers
Pai Mu Tan $6.25 A white tea with a flowery aroma detoxifying and healthy
Passion Fruit $1.56 Indian tea with passion fruit flavor and marigold flowers
Peach Tea with Flowers $1.56 Indian black tea with peach bite and aromatic flowers
Peppermint Leaf $1.72 A strong natural peppermint leaf tea. Aromatic, light and herbal
Phoenix Dessert Blend $5.00 A marriage of Indian black tea, hoeny caramel and vanilla
Pu 8th Tea $2.66 Carthy laste with medicinal qualities helps reduce triglyerides, aids stomach ailments.
Red Fruits $1.72 Indian tea flavored with strawberry, raspberry, red currani and cherry. Aromatic and great with milk.
Rooibos Admiral’s Cup $4.06 A red bush herb with chocolate and vanilla essence. Very high in antioxidants
Rooibos Africana $3.44 A naturally caffeine free red bush herb with afican violets for subtle sweetness very high in Antioxidants
Rooibos Bourbon $4.06 Red bush herb flavored with bourbon vanilla essence. Very high in antioxidants excelletn.
Rooibo Coconut Vanilla $4.06 A red bush herb flavored with coconut flakes and vanilla essence. Great iced
Rooibos Kimberly $3.44 A red bush herb mixed with linden, orange, lemon and rose petals very high in antioxidants and great iced.
Rooibos Phoenix $3.75 Red bush herb base with hoeny, caramel and vanilla, Very high in antioxidanta
Rooibos St Mark $4.06 Chinese and tibetan flowers add to the subtle taste of the rooibos very high in antioxidants
Rooibos Wedding Chai $4.06 Red bush herbal chai with rose petals very high in antioxidants
Rose Sencha $4.06 Japanese Sencha green tea with rosehips and rose petails
Rost Tea Meiange $8.00 Rose tea meiange is a blend of organic white teas, organic roses and seasonal, botanicals.
Royal Yunnan $3.88 An excellent grade of yunnan with a very smooth and satisfying taste
Russian Caravan $3.00 an original blend of black teas first exported and traded among the Russian Carvan in 1621.
Sencha $3.75 The basi Japanese green tea Grassy and sweet
Serene $3.25 Serrene is the compostiion of camomile blossoms, lemon verbena wild linden herb, organic peppermint leaves orgnic osthmanthus flowers organic jasmine blossoms, organic lemongrass and lavender.
Serenites $3.25 Green tea with camomile and lemon
Sessa $3.25 Green tea with camomile and lemon
Sessa $5.31 A sweet smooth and heaty assam an amazing tea highly recommended
Silver Needle Jasmine $10.31 White tea with jasmine flowers. Very delicate and rare.
Sparrows Soul $8.50 A smooth subtle tea. French vervin, camomile, rosebuds and linden blossoms
S1 Mark $5.00 A special blended black Indian tea with flowers from China and tibet and sweet aroma
Summer Peach Ginger Peach $1.70 A light black tea with ginger pieces, peach bits and ginger peach flavorings
Sunset $2.81 Lemon, orange, rose petals, rosechips and hibiscus. A lovely herbal blend
Symphony $4.38 An Indian black te blend with strawberry and chocolate bits
Tsar Alexander $7.25 A smoky carl grey with white tea tsar Alexander introduced this blend
Vanilla $1.56 A black tea with the essence of vanilla flavoring
Vitalitea $2.03 Green tea with hibiscus, berries adn lemon
Yerba Mate $3.69 A green mate found in Argentina. Hith caffeine content and strong flavor

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