All Seasons

Up to date All Seasons prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. All Seasons is available in 2 states.


SO01. West Lake Beef Soup $13.00
SO02. Creamy Chicken Corn Soup $11.00
SO03. Dry Scallop Mushroom Soup $16.00
SO04. Crab Meat And Fish Maw Soup $16.00
SO05. Seafood Tofu Soup $13.00 w/bamboo pitchs
SO06. Seaweed Tofu Soup $11.00
SO07. Creamy Corn Soup $14.00 w/crab meat
SO08. Hot & Sour Soup $12.00 w/shredded chicken
SO09. Thick Chicken Soup $16.50 w/fish maw
SO10. Egg Flower Soup $7.95 – $11.50
SO11. Sizzling Seafood Rice Soup $7.95 – $13.00
SO12. Wonton Soup $9.95
SO13. B.B.Q Wonton Soup $11.95
SO14. Chicken Wonton Soup $11.95
SO15. Shrimp Wonton Soup $12.50
SO17. Hot & Sour $7.95 – $11.00 w/pork
SO18. War Wonton $13.00

Sweet & Sour Lovers

SW01. Salt And Pepper Pork Chops $13.50
SW02. General Chao’Chicken $13.50
SW03. Garlic Chicken $14.50
SW04. Orange Chicken $13.00
SW05. Lemon Chicken $13.00
SW06. Pork Spareribs $13.50 w/peking sauce
SW07. General Chicken $13.99
SW08. Sweet & Sour Pork $13.99
SW09. Sesame Chicken $13.99
SW10. Sweet & Sour Pork Spareribs $13.99
SW11. Gralic Chicken Wings $9.95
SW12. Mandarin Spareribs $13.99


PO01. Kung Pao Beef $12.95
PO02. Beef W/Peking Sauce $13.00
PO03. Mongolian Beef $12.99
PO04. Beef W/Oyster Sauce $11.99
PO05. Orange Beef $13.50
PO06. Broccoli Beef $12.95


PO07. Kung Pao Chicken $11.95
PO08. Cashew Chicken $11.95
PO09. Mixed Vegetables $11.95 w/chicken
PO10. Curry Chicken $11.95
PO11. Sweet And Sour Chicken $12.99 w/pineapple
PO12. Chicken And Asparagus $13.99 w/black sauce
PO13. Szechuan Spicy Chicken $11.95


PO14. Mu Shui Pork $11.99
PO15. Szechuan Cabbage $11.99 w/pork
PO16. Lettuce Cup $12.99 w/minced pork
PO17. Eggplants & Pork In Szechuan Sauerkraut $12.50

Special Dishes

SP01. Belly Pork $13.99 w/spicy aged vegetable
SP02. Sauteed Frog & Pumpkin $14.50 w/salty egg yolk
SP03. Sizzling Green Bean And Cucumber $17.00
SP04. Beef Cubes $15.50 w/chef’s special sauce
SP05. Black Pepper Beef $17.95 w/scallop
SP06. Sauteed Frog $14.50 w/supreme soy sauce
SP07. Stir-Fried Fatty Beef $16.95 w/fried soft tofu
SP08. House Special Stir-Fried String Bean $13.00
SP09. Green Beans $14.50 w/fish cake
SP10. Sauteed Tender Beef $14.00 w/ginger & onion
SP11. Sauteed Tender Lamb $14.99 w/ginger & onion
SP12. Black Pepper Beef $15.50
SP13. Japanese Style Spicy Soft Tofu $13.50
SP14. Fish Porridge $20.90
SP15. Taro $14.00 w/beef stips
SP16. Black Bean Sauce Clams $13.99
SP17. Steamed Egg $14.00 w/clams
SP18. Steamed Crab $29.90 w/sticky rice
SP19. Spicy Tangy Chicken Wings $14.95

Clay Pots

CL01. Braised Fish Head In Clay Pot $15.00
CL02. Nu Shi Style Pork Spareribs In Clay Pot $13.95
CL03. Pepper Chicken And Pig Maw Pot $16.99
CL04. Salted Fish $13.50 w/chicken & tofu
CL05. Braised Eggplant $12.50 w/spiced garlic sauce in clay pot
CL06. Broccoli Oysters $14.50 w/roast pork in clay pot
CL07. Simmered Lamb Stew $28.00 w/curry sauce clay pot
CL08. Frog & Clams $15.50 w/ginger & onion in clay pot
CL09. House Special Seafood Clay Pot $15.50
CL10. Beef Stew In Broth $19.99
CL11. Braised Lamb Stew And Tofu Skin In Clay Pot $28.00
CL12. OX Tail $14.50 w/wine sauce in clay pot

Shark Fins Specialties

SH01. Deluxe Abalone Soup $28.00
SH02. Braised Birds Nest $29.00 w. crab meat
SH03. Braised Chicken $20.00 w. scallop
SH04. Braised Mexican Abalone $38.00
SH05. Mini Seafood & Fowl Cooked Casserole $48.00 reserve
SH06. Braised Mexican Abalone $45.00
SH07. Braised Bird Nest $29.99
SH08. Braised Yo Shi-Hama Abalone 12 Count $79.00
SH09. Fish Maws Over Tender Greens $38.00
SH10. Braised Yo Shi-Hama Abalone 12 Count $59.99

Seafood Choice Cooking Style Selection

SE01. Geoduck Clam sashimi, stir fry, deep fry w/salt and pepper in congee or simmered
SE02. Giant Clam stir-fry, deep fry w/salt and pepper, in congee, simmered or steam
SE03. Goral Shrimp broil stir-fry, deep fry w/salt and pepper, in congee, simmered or steam
SE04. Oyster stir-fry, deep fry w/salt and pepper, in congee, simmered or steam
SE05. Lobster & Crab deep fry, sauteed, braised
SE06. Frog steamed, sauteed, stew, soup or deep
Salt & Pepper Crab
Szechuan Spicy Crab
Crab w/salty egg yolk

Fried Noodle, Mein & Rice

FR01. Curry Seafood Over Fried Rice $13.50 gravy
FR02. Home Style Rice Noodles $13.50
FR03. Basil Shrimp & Chicken Fried Rice $13.50
FR04. House Chow Mein $12.99
FR05. Three Delight Seafood Rice Noodle $13.00
FR06. Soy Sauce Chow Mein $10.99
FR07. Curry Shrimp Chow Mein $13.95
FR08. Beef Chow Fun $12.99 dry
FR09. Singapore Rice Noodles W/Shrimp And BBQ Pork $12.99 w/curry
FR10. Seafood Chow Fun $13.99 gravy
FR11. Salted Fish And Diced Chicken Fried Rice $13.50
FR12. Fried Rice $13.95 w/dried scallop and egg white
FR13. Fu Jian Style Fried Rice $14.50 gravy
FR14. Braised Noodle $12.99 w/dried scallop and enoki mushroom
FR15. Braised E-Fu Noodle $13.99 w/yellow chive and crab meat
FR16. Pan Fried Noodles $30.95 w/lobster
FR17. Malaysian Style Chow Fun $13.00
FR18. Pan Fried Rice Noodles $30.95 w/lobster
FR19. Mongolian Beef Chow Mein $13.95
FR20. Pan Fried Noodle $13.50 w/seafood
FR21. Shredded Chicken & Prawn In Tomato Sauce Over Fried Rice $13.50


SF01. Honey Walnut Shrimp $17.90
SF02. Vegetable Prawns $14.95
SF03. Kung Pao Prawns $12.95
SF04. Black Bean Sauce Squid $12.95
SF05. Cashew Shrimp $13.95
SF06. Sweet Shrimp $13.99
SF07. Sweet And Sour Prawns $14.99
SF08. General Chao’s Lobster
SF09. Salt And Pepper Crab
SF10. Sweet & Sour Fish Cubes $15.99
SF11. Prawns $13.99 w. lobster sauce.

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