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Samosa $4.00 Deep fried crispy pastry turnover filled with mashed potato and peas served with tamarind chutney.
Mirchi $5.00 Stuffed chilli peppers cut and deep fried in chickpea flour.
Pakoda $5.00 Sliced onions dusted in gram flour and deep fried to crisp.
Idly $5.00 Steamed rise and lentil cakes. Served with chutney and sambhar.
Medhu Vada $6.00 Fried lentil doughnut served with chutney and sambhar.
Gobi 65 $8.00 Fried cauliflower florets are tossed in red andhra curry sauce.
Mushroom Pepper Salt $8.00 Fried button mushrooms tossed in chef’s special sauce.
Gobi Manchurian $8.00 Fried cauliflower tossed in Manchurian sauce.
Paneer Tikka $9.00 Diced homemade Indian cottage cheese marinated in yogurt and cooked in tandoor oven.
Paneer 65 $9.00 Fried cottage cheese tossed in yogurt based special andhra sauce.
Chilli Paneer $9.00 Fried cottage cheese cubes are tossed with soya chilli sauce.
Chole Batura $9.00 A giant white puffed bread with chole masala.
Assorted Veg Appetizer Platter $10.00

Non-veg Appetizers

Non-veg Appetizers
Chicken 65 $9.00 Fried boneless chicken cubes tossed in yogurt based special andhra sauce.
Garlic Chicken $9.00 Boneless chicken cubes tossed in hot garlic sauce.
Chicken Manchurian $9.00 Batter fried chicken cubes tossed in Manchurian sauce.
Tandoori Chicken $9.00 Chicken marinated in creamy yogurt sauce and cooked in a clay oven for smoky flavor.
Chicken Tikka $9.00 Juicy chicken chunks marinated in spicy Punjabi blend and cooked in a clay oven.
Malai Kabab $9.00 Boneless chunks of chicken marinated in cream and cheese.
Chicken Sheekh Kabab $12.00 A perfect blend of grounded chicken with Punjabi spices roasted in a clay oven.
Chilli Chicken $12.00 Batter fried chicken cubes coated in red chilli sauce.
Chilli Fish $14.00 Batter fried fish cubes coated in red chilli sauce.
Chilli Shrimp $14.00 Batter fried shrimp cubes coated in red chilli sauce.
Goat Pepper Fry $12.00 Pieces of goat cooked in traditional south Indian style with freshly ground black peppers and spices.
Goat Sukka $12.00 Very unique preparation from south part of India.
Apollo Fish $12.00 Batter fried fish chunks tossed in Persis special sauce.
Jhinga (Shrimp) Tandoor $12.00 A combination of jumbo shrimp and saslic vegetables are marinated in creamy yogurt sauce.

Vegetarian Entrees

Vegetarian Entrees
Chana Masala $9.00 A combination of whole chickpea in onion and tomato gravy with spices.
Daal Bukhara $9.00 A perfect blend of kidney beans, black gram and tomatoes simmered in cream.
Daal Tadaka $9.00 Yellow lentil cooked and tempered with onion, tomato and red chilli.
Aloo Gobhi $10.00 Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in a blend of tomato and cumin flavor curry sauce.
Malai Kofta $11.00 Homemade cheese and vegetables simmered in mint flavored cream sauce with perfect spice touch.
Bhindi- Do- Piyaz $10.00 Cut okra simmered in double onion and tomato masala.
Navrathan Korma $10.00 Mixed fresh vegetables with nuts simmered in a creamy sauce laced with spices.
Mirchi Ka Salan $10.00 Long hot peppers cooked in sesame based curry sauce.
Guthi Vankaya Kura $10.00 Fried eggplant stewed in pepper flavored curry.
Paneer Saagwala $11.00 Homemade Indian cottage cheese cooked with spinach and mild spices topped with cream.
Kadai Paneer $11.00 Homemade Indian cottage cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes and peppers in kadia masala.
Paneer Makhini $11.00 Homemade Indian cottage cheese cubes cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with blend of spice and sweet.

Non-vegetarian Entrees

Non-vegetarian Entrees
Chicken Korma $11.00 Pieces of chicken cooked in mildly spiced coconut milk and finished with cilantro and cream.
Chicken Vindaloo $11.00 Goan specialty curries flavored by red wine, vinegar, cumin and red chilies.
Methi Chicken $11.00 A mildly spiced chicken preparation flavored by methi leaves.
Chicken Tikka Masala $12.00 Cubes of chicken roasted in a clay oven and cooked with mildly spiced creamy tomato gravy.
Chicken Chettinad (Chef’s Special) $13.00 A very special unique spice preparation from Chettinad region.
Butter Chicken $12.00 Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a rich tomato sauce and sweetened by honey and topped with cream and butter.
Lamb Rogan Josh $13.00 Lamb chunks are stewed in brown onion and cooked with yogurt till rogan floats on top.
Lamb Vindaloo $13.00 A Goan specialty, lamb curry flavored by red wine, vinegar, cumin seeds and red chili.
Goat Curry $13.00 Pieces of goat (with bone) cooked in a traditional Indian curry.
Nellore Cheppala Pulusu (Fish Curry) $14.00 Fish chunks are simmered in tamarind pulp and spiced to your taste.
Malabar Fish Curry $14.00 A delicious, tangy fish curry from Kerala.
Shrimp Vartha Curry $14.00 Selected shrimp are sauteed in hand pounded south Indian masala.

Rice Dishes

Rice Dishes
Chicken Biryani (With-bone) $12.00 A unique layered Hyderabad biryani (Persis) cooked in a traditional way of nawabi.
Goat Biryani (With-bone) $13.00 Persis prime biryani prepared in secrecy of traditional way of hyderabadi cooking.
Shrimp Biryani $14.00 A unique shrimp biryani cooked in dum style, with garden fresh vegetables that are perfectly matched with Punjabi basmati rice.
Egg Biryani $9.00
Vegetable Biryani $9.00
Fried Rice $9.00
Chilli Garlic Fried Rice $10.00
Hakka Noodles $10.00

Indian Bread

Indian Bread
Naan $2.00 It is leavened bread made from all purpose flour.
Garlic Naan $2.00 It is leavened bread made from all purpose flour.
Butter Naan $2.00 It is leavened bread made from all purpose flour.
Roti $2.00 Whole wheat bread cooked in tandoor.
Kulcha $3.00 Stuffed bread cooked in a clay oven.
Lacha Paratha $3.00 Layered bread made out of duram wheat.
Aloo Paratha $3.00 A unique potato stuffed paratha from our griddle.
Poori Bhajji $9.00 Deep fried puffed bread served with mashed potato masala.

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