All Star Cupcakes

Up to date All Star Cupcakes prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


French Vanilla Cupcake $4.00
Dark Fudge Chocolate Cupcake $4.00
Red Velvet Cupcake $4.00
Smores Cupcake $4.00
Rocky Road Cupcake $4.00
Coconut Mounds Cupcake $4.00
Almond Joy Cupcake $4.00
Twinkie Cupcake $4.00
Devil Dog Cupcake $4.00
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake $4.00
Flutter Nutter Cupcake $4.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake $4.00
Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcake $4.00
Twix Cupcake $4.00
Snickers Cupcake $4.00
Chocolate Chip Cupcake $4.00
Sprinkles Cupcake $4.00
Coconut Cupcake $4.00
Oreo Cupcake $4.00
Golden Oreo Cupcake $4.00
M&M Cupcake $4.00
Pretzel M&M Cupcake $4.00
Whoppers Cupcake $4.00
Pumpkin Cupcake $4.00
Boston Cream Cupcake $4.00
Carrot Cupcake $4.00
Heath Bar Cupcake $4.00
Cookies and Cream Cupcake $4.00
White Chocolate Cupcake $4.00
Banana Cupcake $4.00
Cherry Maraschinos Cupcake $4.00
Orange Creamsicle Cupcake $4.00
Strawberry Cupcake $4.00
Strawberry Toblerone Cupcake $4.00
Key Lime Cupcake $4.00
LimonBerry Swirl Cupcake $4.00
Pineapple Cupcake $4.00
Chocolate Sundae Cupcake $4.00
Dulce Du Leche Cupcake $4.00
Maple French Toast Cupcake $4.00
Apple Cinnamon Cupcake $4.00
Lemon Zinger Cupcake $4.00
Lemon Twist Cupcake $4.00
Caramel Chocolate Chip Cupcake $4.00
Mocha Espresso Bean Cupcake $4.00
Mocha Bailey’s Cupcake $4.50
Mocha Kahlua Cupcake $4.50
Triple Chocolate Chunk Cupcake $4.50
Vanilla Raspberry Cupcake $4.50
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake $4.50
Chocolate Banana Cupcake $4.50
Root Beer Float Cupcake $4.50
Pina Colada Cupcake $4.50
Margherita Cupcake $4.50
Vanilla Rum Cupcake $4.50
Chocolate Rum Cupcake $4.50

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