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Cuisine: Central Asian.


Pickled Herring $7.99 with boiled potatoes
Assorted Pickled Vegetables $6.99
Chim-Cha $6.50 korean style spicy cabbage
Ashlyam $7.99 fu


Shurpa $5.99 meat broth with veg
Meat Dumplings In Broth $5.99
Lagman $5.99 homemade noodles with meat, veg.
Meatballs Soup $5.99
Okroshka $6.99 on season


Greek Salad $7.50
Achichuk $5.99 tomato & onion
Fresh Salad $5.99
Fresh Salad $6.90 with sour cream dressing
Markovcha $5.99 carrot salad with garlic
Salad With Avocado $7.50
Salad Uigur Style $6.99
Caesar Salad $6.99
Caesar Salad With Chicken $7.50

Hot Entrees

Plov $7.99 made with lamb, rice, carrot
Manti $7.99 steamed meat dumpling
Bilyash $1.99 with meat
Gan-Fan $6.99 rice with meat, veg.
Fried Manti $7.99
Samsa $2.50 with meat
Chebureki $2.49 deep fried meat pie
Fried Dumplings $5.99 with meat, onions
Fried Lagman $7.99 boso
Uighur Style Lagman $7.99
Chicken ;Tabaka; $9.99
Chicken Wings $12.00 with garlic sauce
Rib Eye Steak $27.99
Chalahach $21.99


Lamb $4.50
Lamb-Ribs $4.50
Chicken $3.99
Lulya $3.99
Liver $3.99
Salmon $8.50
Liver Peculiar $6.50


Sea-Dragon Fried $13.99 with pineapple and vegetables
Salmon $14.99 with white wine sauce
Bronzini $16.99 with garnish
Fish ;Alladin; $7.99
Grilled Shrimps $12.99
Lunch Special $7.95

Side Dishes

French Fries $2.95
Potatoes Home Style $3.99 with fried onions
Home Fries $7.99 with mushrooms, garlic
Sauteed Vegetables $4.99
White Rice $2.99
Mashed Potatoes $2.99


Uzbek Style Bread $3.00


Tiramisu $6.00
Jam $3.00
Strudel $7.00 with ice-cream


Soda $1.50
Homemade Fruit Drink $7.50 – $1.50
Snapple $2.50
Black Tea $2.50
Green Tea $2.50
Coffee $3.00 with cream
Water $1.50
Mineral Water $2.00

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