Allegro Romano

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Cuisine: Italian.


Bruschetta Alla Romana $3.50 grilled italian bread with garlic & tomatoes, prepared roman style
Beef Carpaccio Alla Romana $13.50 kobe style black angus thinly sliced w/shaved aged parmesan cheese, arugula & truffle oil
Asparagus Alla Parmigiana $10.50 fresh asparagus with aged pecorino & parmesan butter sauce
Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese Style $12.50 with sliced tomatoes, basil-olive & truffle oil vinaigrette
Fresh Prosciutto And Melon $12.50 with aged balsamic-truffle reduction
Crepes Al Caviar And Salmon $12.50 crepes filled w/smoked salmon, creme fraiche with caviar in a dill herb & truffle sauce
Mushrooms Trifolati $10.50 sauteed chanterelle mushrooms over sauteed baby spinach with garlic chips
Organic Spring Mixed Salad $6.50 with aged balsamic & olive oil vinaigrette
Classic Caesar Salad $10.50 with fresh dungeness crab meat
Soup Of The Day

Pasta Course

Rigatoni All?amatriciana (Willie Brown’s Favorite) $15.00 rigatoni with pancetta(italian bacon) in a fresh tomato and aged pecorino sauce
Fettuccine With Wild Boar Bolognese And Porcini Mushrooms $15.00 homemade fettuccine with wild boar ragu & porcini reduction
Rigatoni Pasta $18.00 with foie gras, black truffles & old madera wine
Homemade Lobster Ravioli $18.50 with vodka pink sauce
Fettuccine $18.50 with white truffle sauce, from piedmont, italy
White Truffle Tortellini In Basil Pesto Sauce $18.50 homemade tortellini stuffed with white truffle in a white truffle-pesto sauce
Linguine Al Aglio & Oglio & Bottarga (Dried Mullet Caviar) $18.00 linguine in spicy olive oil-garlic with dried mullet roe, caviar, no cheese
Risotto With Scallops In Black Ink And Fig-Balsamic Sauce $18.50 risotto with seared scallops and black calamari ink in bell pepper-fig balsamic bisque

I Secondi

Meat & Fish
Petto Di Pollo Al "Allegro Romano" $16.50 sauteed chicken breast over sauteed spinach & mashed potatoes in picatta sauce
Scaloppine With Porcini Mushrooms (A Piece Of Heaven) $18.50 scaloppine with fresh porcini mushrooms in a barolo-port reduction demi-glace
Scaloppine Saltimbocca Alla Romana (Tre Scalini-Style) $18.50 scaloppine topped with thinly sliced prosciutto & sage in pinot grigio-white wine sauce
Dover Sole $18.50 with picatta-caper sauce over black olive risotto
Filet Of Pacific Halibut Alla Puttanesca $22.00 pacific halibut, tomato-black olive sauce over spinach
King Salmon $18.50 with bell pepper-pesto bisque over baby spinach
Filetto Ai Porcini And Barolo Sauce $25.50 black angus filet mignon with porcini mushrooms & barolo red wine sauce
Veal Osso Buco $24.00 veal osso buco over gorgonzola mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach

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