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Up to date Alligator Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee.

New Orleans Starters

Fried Green Tomatoes $6.99 Hand battered and fried to perfection.
Boudin Balls $6.99 Braised pork, rice, spices and herbs battered and fried to perfection.
Calamari $7.99 Thinly sliced, battered and flash fried.
Fried Pickles $7.99 Hand- battered pickle chips.

Fresh Salad

House Salad $4.99 – $7.99 Romaine lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, celery, tomato, black olives and homemade croutons.
Caesar Salad $4.99 – $7.99 Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons and homemade caesar dressing
Greek Salad $8.99 Romaine lettuce, greek olives, capers, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, fets cheese and lemon herb vinaigrette.
Muffaletta Salad $8.99 Romaine lettuce topped with ham, salami, provolone, croutons and olive salad. Add chicken &3.00, shrimp $4.00, cafish $4.00, crawfish $5.00, salmon $8.00

Specialty Entrees

Catfish Ponchartrain $10.99 Fried or blackened topped with crawfish in our creamy pontchartrian sauce and served over white rice.
Atchafala ya $10.99 Blackened or fried catfish fillets topped with choice of crawfish or shrimp etouffee and served over white rice.
Shrimp And Grits $10.99 Cheesy stone ground grits topped with shrimp, andouile sausage, criminis mushrooms and tomatoes in a rich shrimp cream sauce.
Crawfish Enchiladas $13.99 Grilled vegetables, crawfish tails and jack cheese stuffed in corn tortillas and topped with red pepper cream sauce served with dirty rice and red beans.
Shrimp Or Crawfish Etouffee $13.99 Generous portion of shrimp or crawfish, pureed vegetables and fresh berb in a rich sauce over rice.
Jambalaya $13.99 Chicken, andouille sausage, tomatoes, bell pepper, red onion, celery and green onion tossed in creole sauce with white rice.
Red Beans And Rice With Boudin $9.99 A combination of camellia red beans, holy trinity, ham hocks and spices served with white rice and authentic louisiana boudin.
Blackened Tilapia W/ Shrimp Sauce $14.99 Fresh tilapia blackened with our signature spice and topped with lots of shrimp in a rich and creamy shrimp sauce served over white rice.
Shrimp Or Fish Tacos (2) $9.99 Blackened or fried served on flour to rtillas with lettuce, tomato, jack cheese and spicy mayo. Served with one side.
Bourbon Street Pasta $11.99 Chicken, mushrooms, parmesan and shallots tossed with penne past in bourbon cream sauce.
Blackened Or Grilled $11.99 – $13.99 Served with dirty rice and choice of any side item.

Sandwiches & Burgers

Served with french fries.
Muffaletta $6.99 – $10.99 Ham, salami, mortadella, provolone cheese and house made olive salad. Served warm & toasted.
Joe’s Smash Burger $10.99 Mixture of fresh brisket and ground chuck served on a classic bun with mayo, lettuce and sweet pickles. Add cheese $1.00
Louisiana Chicken Melt $9.99 Spicy fried chicken breast w/ sauteed peppers, onions cajun mayo & melted provolone cheese.
Deep Ellum Club $10.99 Grilled chicken, ham & american cheese on french bread with lettuce, tomato, pickles & cajun mayo.
Fried Oyster Blt $10.99 Fried oysters served on texas toast with bacon, lettuce, tomato and tarter sauce.
Blgt & Pc $10.99 Bacon, lettuce, fried green tomatoes, and homemade pimiento cheese on texas toast.
Muffaletta & Po’boy Combo $9.99 1/2 muffaletta or 1/2 po’boy & cup of gumbo, etuffee or house salad.


Always mad in – house with quality fresh ingredients.
Shrimp $5.99 – $8.99
Crab & Oyster $5.99 – $8.99
Chicken & Sausage $5.99 – $8.99


On french bread with lettuce, tomato, pickles & mayo served with french fries.
Chicken Or Catfish $9.99
Fried Oyster $11.99
Shrimp $11.99
Fried Crawfish $11.99
Alligator $11.99
Crawfish $11.99

Fried Seafood

Served with french fries & hushpuppies.
Catfish Filleters (2) $11.99
Catfish Nuggets $7.99
Shrimp (6) $12.99
Coconut Shrimp (6) $12.99
Alligator Tail $12.99
Crawfish Tails $12.99
Oysters $12.99
Catfish Fillet (1) And Shrimp (3) $10.99

Chicken Tenders

Cajun Or Regular $8.99 Your choice: hand- battered chicken strips or cajun strips tossed in our hot sauce. Served with french friesh & bleu cheese or ranch dressing.

Combo Meals

Crawfish Combo $13.99 Crawfish erouffee & fried crawfish
Cajun Combo $13.99 Cup of red beans & rice, gumbo & erouffee

Fresh Side Items

French Fries $2.99
Fried Corn Nuggets $2.99
Coleslaw $2.99
White Rice $2.99
Fried Okra $2.99
Hushpuppies (5) $2.99
Blackened Red Potatoes $2.99
Red Beans & Rice $2.99
Dirty Rice $2.99
Collard Greens $2.99
Garlic Green Beans $2.99
Side Salad $2.99


12 Years and under served with french fries & a small drink.
Chicken Nuggets (Hand Battered) $5.99
Corn Dog $4.99
Kraft Mac & Cheese (no French Fries) $3.99


Bread Pudding With Whiskey Sauce $5.99
Banana Pudding $4.99
Chocolate Yum Yum $5.99


Sweet & Unsweet $2.59
Iced Tea $2.59
Soft Drinks $2.59
Community Coffee $2.59

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