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Cuisine: Italian.


Arancini $12.00 black truffle, parmesan
Shrimp Spiedini $16.00 speck, tarragon
Castelvetrano Olives $6.00 orange zest, red pepper flakes
Spiced Pistachios $6.00
Avocado Crostini $10.00 pickled pearl onions, basil, grilled country bread
Chicken Liver Crostini $9.00 pickled plums, hazelnuts
Arancini $12.00 black truffle, parmesan


Tuna Tartare $17.00 cerignola, kizami wasabi, preserved tomato
Hamachi Crudo $19.00 carrot, pepperoncino, soy
Roasted Carrots $15.00 ricotta, ginger vinaigrette, cumin
Market Salad $13.00 greens, seasonal pickles, white balsamic miso
Farro Salad $15.00 local corn, market beans, manouri cheese
Kale Salad $12.00 tofu cesar dressing, walnuts, mint
Carrots $15.00 ricotta, ginger vinaigrette, cumin
Stracciatella $15.00 market apples, salsa verde, grilled sourdough
Clams Casino $15.00 pancetta, panko, parsley
Salad $14.00 market greens, seasonal pickles, white balsamic miso


Bucatini $32.00 smoked uni, spicy bread crumbs
Spaghetti $24.00 peekytoe crab, citrus, tarragon
Cavatelli $19.00 ricotta, spicy tomato, basil
Lumache $24.00 aged duck ragu, treviso, chocolate
Ramen $17.00 parmesan dashi, porchetta, brussels sprouts
Short Rib Sandwich $19.00 fontina, pickled peppers
Risotto Tartufo $65.00 sake lees, parmesan, white truffles
Grilled Dorade $27.00 pancetta, cauliflower, capers
Seafood Salad $26.00 calamari, prawns, cranberry beans
Roast Chicken $23.00 panzanella, market vegetables
All’Onda Burger $17.00 truffle cheese, treviso, caramelized onions

Sides $9

Parmesan Potatoes mustard seeds, fonduta
Brussels Sprouts candied pancetta, bottarga, sesame
Japanese Eggplant yuzu kosho, almond oil
Polenta miso-cured egg yolk, wild mushrooms
Kabocha Squash agrodolce, pine nuts
Japanese Eggplant yuzu kosho, almond oil
Brussels Sprouts candied pancetta, bottarga, sesame


Castelvetrano $6.00 orange zest, red pepper flakes
Polenta Chips $9.00 baccala montecato
Crostini $9.00 chicken liver, pickled asian pear, hazelnuts
Arancini $12.00 black truffle, parmesan
Spiced Pistachios $6.00 brown sugar
Shrimp Spiedini $16.00 speck, tarragon


Crudi Tasting chef’s selection of three
Spanish Mackerel pickled pearl onion, pine nuts, fennel
Hamachi $19.00 broccoli, pepperoncino, soy
Tuna $17.00 cerignola, kizami wasabi, preserved tomato


Mezzaluna $24.00 braised veal, fontina, red wine glaze
Pansotti $23.00 butternut squash, anchovy, sage
Garganelli $24.00 peekytoe crab, citrus, tarragon
Risotto Astice $23.00 lobster, saffron, fennel
Risotto Tartufo $49.00 sake lees, parmesan, black truffle
Cavatelli $19.00 ricotta, spicy tomato, basil
Lumache $24.00 aged duck ragu, treviso, chocolate
Agnolotti $25.00 soppressata xo, sicilian pistachios
Bucatini $32.00 smoked uni, spicy bread crumbs


Branzino $72.00 colatura, lemon, fine herbs
Short Rib $62.00 saffron risotto, tomato mostarda
Dorade $32.00 pancetta, cauliflower, capers
Wreckfish $35.00 smoked mussel broth, fregola, matsutake
Scallops $34.00 maitake, citrus gremolata, smoked miso yogurt
Chicken $25.00 lemon puree, braised kale, pan sauce
Porchetta $27.00 seaweed salsa verde, cipollini agrodolce
Veal Chop $45.00 grilled romaine, zabaglioni
Eggplant $21.00 miso, parmesan, tomato


Market Salad $13.00 greens, seasonal pickles, white balsamic miso
Farro Salad $15.00 local corn, market beans, manouri cheese
Kale Salad $12.00 tofu cesar dressing, walnuts, mint


Frittata $20.00 fingerling potatoes, onions, mixed greens
Soft Scrambled Eggs $13.00 grilled country bread
Polenta $17.00 poached egg, mushroom, soy
Pork Sausage Ragu $18.00 fried egg, market apples, grilled country bread
Eggs A Piacere $16.00 preserved tomato, romaine salad, choice of sausage, pancetta or bacon, parmesan potatoes or toast


Egg And Cheese $13.00 fontina, pancetta, country white bread
Mozzarella En Carozza $16.00 tomato soup
All’Onda Burger $17.00 sottocenere, treviso, caramelized onions
French Toast $12.00 poached apple, saba, sage

Pasta And Rice

Bucatini $32.00 smoked uni, spicy bread crumbs
Carbonara $20.00 spaghetti, pecorino, egg, pancetta
Cavatelli $19.00 ricotta, spicy tomato, basil
Cacio E Pepe $20.00 black pepper, pecorino
Black Truffle Risotto $49.00 sake lees, parmesan, black truffle
Ramen $17.00 parmesan dashi, porchetta, brussels sprouts

Draught Beer

Birra Moretti, Italy $6.00 crisp, pale lager with a fruity background and a very clean finish
Sixpoint Bark Ale, USA $7.00 a sessionable ball-park style amber ale, made exclusively for bark hot dogs and featured here for a limited time only
Sixpoint Global Warmer, USA $7.00 an imperial red ale, rich toasted malts for a ;warming; feel
Sierra Nevada Celebration IPA, USA $7.00 a fresh hopped ipa for the winter season, lots of citrus hoppy flavors
Greenport Harbor Black Duck Porter, USA $7.00 english style porter, dark as night, bitter chocolate, coffee and caramel notes
Alphabet City Brewing Company Easy Blonde, USA $7.00 kolsch style ale, crisp, light bodied and golden in color

Bottled Beer

Cisco, Sankaty Light, USA $8.00 light-bodied lager
Birra Del Borgo, Re Ale Extra, Italy $12.00 beautifully balanced, fruity, ipa
Birrificio Del Ducato, Nuova Mattina, Italy $14.00 spicy, saison / farmhouse style ale
Kiuchi Hitachino Nest White Ale, Japan $11.00 refreshing white ale
Kiuchi Hitachino Nest Red Rice, Japan $11.00 brewed with an ancient japanese red rice
Grado Plato, Strada S. Felice, Italy $18.00 amber ale, brewed with chestnuts
Great Divide, Hoss, USA $8.00 spicy, subtle, rye lager
Birra Del Borgo, Perle Ai Porci, Italy $12.00 medium-bodied english style oyster stout


All’Onda Spritz $13.00 cappelletti aperitivo, prosecco
Anafesto Collins $14.00 greenhook gin, pernod, fennel, lemon
Ramazotti Smash $14.00 ramazotti amaro, maraschino, mint, lemon

Light Spirited

Basil Gimlet $14.00 ford’s gin, lime, basil syrup
Ruby’s Sour $14.00 greenhook beach plum gin, lemon, egg white, rhubarb bitters
Shiso Fly $15.00 reyka vodka, shiso infused dolin dry vermouth, cucumber
Tormenta $15.00 espolo’n reposado tequila, punt e mes, grapefruit, peychaud’s bitters, regans’ orange bitters

Dark Spirited

Clint Dempsey $14.00 famous grouse, tamarind syrup, lemon, ginger beer
Verrazanno $15.00 michter’s rye, cocchi vermouth di torino, paolucci amaro ciociaro, regans’ orange bitters, angostura bitters
Monkey’s Blood $15.00 monkey shoulder scotch, blood orange infused rittenhouse rye, cocchi vermouth di torino, grapefruit
697 $14.00 old forester bourbon, honey, regans’ orange bitters, angostura bitters, amaro rinse


Bellini $13.00 nettare di pesca, prosecco
Pepino $14.00 cimarron tequila blanco, lemon, egg white, cucumber
The Godfather $14.00 grant’s scotch, caffo amaretto
El Presidente $14.00 bacardi superior rum, carpano bianco, dry curaaao, grenadine


La Serenissima $14.00 togarashi spiced espolo’n tequila, lemon, honey
The Hat-Trick $14.00 del maguey vida mezcal, agave, orange bitters, chili vinegar
Japanese Milk Punch $15.00 mizu shochu, snow leopard vodka, lemon twist
Stay Puft $15.00 marshmallow & nutella infused grant’s scotch, cruzan blackstrap rum, xocolatl mole bitters
Alessandro $14.00 brugal xv, varnelli cafe moka, cream, nutmeg


A Red Red Rose $16.00 black grouse scotch, carpano antica vermouth, angostura bitters, reganis orange bitters (barrel aged 30 days)


Prosecco Cantina Progettidivini, Veneto $10.00 dry and crisp with hint of melon and subtle spice on the finish
Ferrari Rose, Trentino $32.00 superb rose’ from high up in the hills of trentino, an elegant blend of pinot nero and chardonnay, a perfect half bottle to share!
Lambrusco Reggiano ;Suoli Cataldi; Podere Giardino, E.Romagna $12.00 certified organic, dry, deep red colored lambrusco, with floral and wild fresh fruits

Vini Bianchi

Gru?ner Veltliner Sudtirol Eisacktaler Valle Isarco, Alto Adige 2013 $12.00 rare example of gru?ner, bright and refreshing with hints of white pepper
Bianchetta Genovese ;U Pastine; Bisson, Liguria 2013 $14.00 literally ;special product;, this rare white grape is only found in liguria and is delicate, lively and satisfying, filled with vibrant minerality
Pigato Riviera Ligure Di Ponente A Maccia, Liguria 2012 $11.00 delicate, with layers of citrus and tropical fruit, from the maritime alps near genova
Sauvignon ;800; Thurnhof 2011 Alto Adige $15.00 very mineral clean sauvignon fruit with great clarity and elegance
Soave Classico Pra, Veneto 2013 $12.00 fresh and balanced with a zingy acidity, great with sweet or rich dishes and excellent with fish!
Chardonnay Hartmann Dona, Alto Adige 2012 $15.00 fresh chardonnay, emphasizing clarity and crispness. lots of fresh apple and pear fruits
Lugana ;Les Creete; Ottella, Veneto 2013 $14.00 50 yr old vines in white clay soil, bright green apple fruit with intense wet slate on the finish
Albana Di Romagna ‘Santa Lusa’ Ancarani 2012 E.Romagna $14.00 bright figs married to citrus fruit, honey and soft tannins, charming and eminently drinkable

Vini Rossi

Barbera Vinspina, Piemonte 2012 (Draught) $11.00 elegant and approachable barbera, fruit driven with refreshing acidity
Pinot Nero Calatroni 2012 Lombardia $14.00 from oltrepo pavese, perhaps the finest italian pinot i have ever tasted for the price. soft red fruits
Dolcetto D’Alba Sandrone, Piemonte 2012 $14.00 a floral bouquet of plums and hibiscus, ripe fruits on the palate and beautiful freshness, spectacular
Vermentino Nero Terenzuola, Tuscany 2013 $12.00 extremely rare from the colli di luni which overlaps tuscany and liguria. dark cherry fruit with great length
Barbaresco Reserva Terre Del Barolo 2007 Piemonte $17.00 a demanding barbaresco with velvety and elegant tannins. aged in slavonian and french oak for a year
Lagrein J.Hofstatter, Alto Adige 2012 $14.00 rich fruit with a full, but pleasantly rustic feel and subtly spicy on the finish
Cabernet Sauvignon La Vigne I Sera, Alto Adige 2010 $15.00 a deep, rich cabernet, with notes of plum and cassis, potent and full bodied
Rosso Piceno Superiore "Il Brecciarolo" Velenosi, Marche 2011 $13.00 hearty montepulciano and aromatic sangiovese produce a refined wine with beautiful structure
Valpolicella Ripasso Stefano Accordini, Veneto 2012 $15.00 forest berry and fragrant wild strawberry, with oak aromas of spice and nutmeg, smooth and silky

Coravin Wines

Ros Di Rol Sant’Elena, Friuli 1998 $19.00 merlot blend with cabernet and cab franc. the weight and style of a pomerol
Sangiovese ;Pruno; Drei Dona, E.Romagna 1998 $27.00 brunello like aged sangiovese redolent of black cherries, smoke and leather
Amarone Della Valpolicella Ca Del Monte, Veneto 2000 $30.00 classic full bodied venetian wine made from partially dried grapes, this is drinking just beautifully right now
Syrah ;Case Via; Fontodi, Tuscany 2001 $42.00 giovanni manetti’s syrah is packed with dense smoky black fruit, hints of white pepper and chalky tannins
Wine Of The Week a different wine open weekly, speak with our sommelier to see what is available

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