Alo Boba

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Tapioca Milk Tea

Tapioca Milk Tea
Original Milk Tea $3.95
Thai Tea $3.95
Taro Milk Tea $3.95
Honeydew Milk Tea $3.95
Lychee Milk Tea $3.95
Strawberry Milk Tea $3.95
Kiwi Milk Tea $3.95
Banana Milk Tea $3.95
Papaya Milk Tea $3.95
Durian Milk Tea $3.95
Pineapple Milk Tea $3.95
Raspberry Milk Tea $3.95
Passion Fruit Milk Tea $3.95
Peach Milk Tea $3.95
Almond Milk Tea $3.95
Almond Roca Milk Tea $3.95
Hazelnut Milk Tea $3.95
Cinnamon Milk Tea $3.95
Salted Caramel Milk Tea $3.95
Vanilla Milk Tea $3.95

Green Tea

Green Tea
Strawberry Tea $3.50 No milk.
Lychee Tea $3.50 No milk.
Mango Tea $3.50 No milk.
Peach Tea $3.50 No milk.
Pineapple Tea $3.50 No milk.
Raspberry Tea $3.50 No milk.
Banana Tea $3.50 No milk.
Almond Roca Tea $3.50 No milk.
Hazelnut Tea $3.50 No milk.
Cinnamon Tea $3.50 No milk.
Salted Caramel Tea $3.50 No milk.
Vanilla Tea $3.50 No milk.
Passion Fruit Tea $3.50 No milk.


Taro Slushie $4.25
Mango Slushie $4.25
Peach Slushie $4.25
Passion Fruit Slushie $4.25
Honeydew Slushie $4.25
Kiwi Slushie $4.25
Lychee Slushie $4.25
Strawberry Slushie $4.25
Pineapple Slushie $4.25
Raspberry Slushie $4.25
Banana Slushie $4.25


Strawberry Smoothie $4.50
Mango Smoothie $4.50
Banana Smoothie $4.50
Peach Smoothie $4.50
Banana and Peach Smoothie $4.50
Banana and Strawberry Smoothie $4.50
Strawberry and Mango Smoothie $4.50
Strawberry and Peach Smoothie $4.50
Mango and Peach Smoothie $4.50


Chicken Wings $6.95 – $10.95
French Fries $3.95
Onion Rings $3.95
Fried Calamari $6.95
Vegetable Egg Roll $3.95 Four pieces.
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $3.95 Four pieces.
Coconut Shrimp $6.95 Five pieces.
Butterfly Shrimp $5.95 Five pieces.
Shrimp Tempura $5.95 Five pieces.
Popcorn Shrimp $5.95

Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Coconut Ice Cream $3.50
Green Tea Ice Cream $3.50
Vanilla Ice Cream $3.50

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