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Cuisine: Mexican, Peruvian.


Tropical Rice & Arugula Salad $9.50 radish, tomato, celery, plantains, grilled radicchio & ginger lime aji amarillo dressing
Chicken, Pork, Turkey $10.50
Shrimp $11.50
Pulled Turkey & Dried Cherries $12.50 green apples, walnuts, white cheddar, evoo & lime-mustard vinagrette
Street Stand Raw Vegetables $6.50 jicama, raddish, cucumber, chile-limon, salt
Chicken & Greens $12.25 – $7.75 grilled chicken, mixed greens, jicama, raddish, cucumber, celery, avocado, tomato, bacon, lime-mustard vinagrette
Berros & Calamares $12.00 watercress, arugula, crispy calamari aji amarillo dressing
Pollo & Espinaca $12.00 chicken, baby spinach, mushroom, goat chese, red onion, sesame seed, bacon-lime vinaigrette


Share family style
3 Cheese Queso Verde $3.00 – $7.50
Butter – Corn Rice $3.95 basmati rice, butter, white corn, lime
Green Rice $3.95 basmati rice, tomatillo
Frijoles Charros Or Refried $4.95 whole stewed or refried pinto beans
Sweet Plantains $4.95 ripe sauteed plantains
Vegetables $4.95 today?s selection
Rajas Con Queso $4.95 poblano & red peppers,cream, cheese
Chiles Toreados $3.95 seared serranos,onions, cilantro
Salchipapas Con Queso O Rosacrema $4.95 potatoes, sausage,cheese or pink sauce
House Salad $4.95 mixed greens,house vinaigrette
Cebollitas De Cambray $3.95 grilled green onions, salsa arriera
Guacamole $4.95 with chips lime – avocado classic
Chifle, Green Plantains $3.95 crispy green plantains with mango salsa, free refills
Yucca Fries $3.95 steamed then crisped yucca
Camote Or Potato Fries $3.95 sweet potato fries or potato frittes
1/3 White Corn On The Cob $1.95 dressed with cream, cotija cheese & chile
Arepa Crusted Crispy Calamari $7.75
Sauteed Calamari $7.75 calamari, clams, garlic, parsley, wine
Guiso De Hongos $7.75 plancha grilled mushrooms with garlic and herbs
Tortillas $1.25 2 hand made large flour tortillas
Chips And Salsa $2.50 free refills
Salsas borracha, mango, pineapple, tomatillo cruda, roasted tomatillo, no charge with food

Bites – Volcanes

Baked corn tortilla, avocado, beans, salsa, asadero cheese and choice of meat
Lobster $9.75
Shrimp, Pork $7.75

Bites – Peruvian Tiraditos

Thinly sliced fish with peruvian sauces
Hamachi Yellow Tail Or Tuna $7.50

Bites – Peruvian Cebiche

Lime, aji marinated diced fish
Today’s Chef’s Choice $8.50

Bites – Peruvian Potato Causas

Smoked Salmon $9.75 smoked salmon, escabeche
Shrimp $9.75 grilled shrimp, escabeche
Crispy Calamari $8.75 arepa crusted calamari, escabeche
Mixed $10.25 one of each

Bites – Anticuchos

Peruvian brochette with complementing sauce
Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Breast $8.95
Shrimp $9.75

Bites – 3 Flautas

Thin rolled crispy tortillas served with sauces & avocado
Roasted Chicken, Potato $7.25
Duck Confit $9.25

Bites – Tacos De Canasta

3 corn or 2 flour tacos served in a napkin basket
Today?s Guiso $8.75
Beef Tenderloin, Cheese & Avocado $12.75
Pork Carnitas $9.75

Bites – Gringas

Menonita cheese and choice of filling
Ribeye & Wild Mushrooms $11.95 2 flour or 3 corn grilled tortillas
Chicken, Grilled Onions, Spinach, Goat Cheese $9.75 flour tortillas only
Shrimp $10.75 3 corn tortillas

Bites – Sarten Enchiladas

Choose a sauce: enmoladas, mole sauce, verdes, roasted tomatillo enfrijoladas, pinto bean sauce. add rice & beans $3.50
Chicken $9.75
Chicken & Shrimp $11.75
Lobster $13.00
Lobster & Shrimp $15.50

Bites – 3 Crispy Tacos

Pineapple pico de gallo, cabbage, jicama
Beef Picadillo $7.25
Tempura Crispy Shrimp $9.75

Bites – Burritos / Wraps

Veggies, Beef Picadillo $8.50
Cheese & Bean, Deshebrada Pulled Pork $8.50

Bites – Asadas

Served on an iron skillet. add rice & beans $3.50
Cordero $16.50 lamb chops with camote fries
Pescado today?s fish
Arrachera $17.50 prime skirt steak
Chuleta today?s cut
Tablitas $15.50 thinly sliced beef ribs
Pollo $14.75 chicken breast & cheese rajas
Parrillada $38.50 chicken breast, prime skirt steak tablitas, pork sausage, salsas & tortillas

Bites – Discada Nortena

Served with special salsas, tortillas & garnishes
Ribeye & Wild Mushrooms $16.50

Bites – Peruvian Saltados

Peruvian stir-fry, choice of potato frittes, yucca or rice
Beef Tenderloin, Pork, Chicken $13.50
Seafood $23.00 saltado macho

Bites – Aji De Gallina

Stewed Chicken $13.50 aji amarillo sauce, basmati rice, potatoes & walnuts

Bites – Chaufa Chino Latino Rice

Peruvian fried rice served in a banana leaf
Pork, Chicken, Vegetables $9.75
Mixed, Seafood $12.75

Cafe Espresso

Drip Coffee $2.50 european blend of latin coffee beans
Espresso Con Crema O Cortado $3.25 espresso with whipped cream or dash of froth
Cafe Alo $3.95 espresso blended with frothed milk, mixed table side
Espresso Short Or Long $2.75 your choice of espresso shot
Espresso Doble $3.95 double shot of espresso
Eurocoffee $3.50 full cup of light espresso
Carajillo $5.75 espresso, dash of froth and 1/2 oz of liquor
Mocca $3.95 espresso, frothed milk, and belgian chocolate
Cappucino Caramelo $3.95 espresso, frothed milk and dulce de leche
Hot Chocolate $5.25 hot milk and melted chocolate ganache
Iced Cappucino $3.95 espresso, ice, cold and frothed milk
Iced Chocolate Truffle $5.50 melted chocolate ganache, assorted cocoas, half and half
Extra Espresso Shot $1.25 added to your espresso beverage
Hot Tea $2.75 hot silk tea bags
Liquor For Coffee $3.75 1/2 oz

Dulce Sweet – Cakes & Tarts

Add one scoop of ice cream $2.75 vanilla, toasted coconut, roasted banana white chocolate, dulce de leche, pistachio strawberry, chocolate truffle, almond, pecan
Cakes & Tarts $7.75 famous berry 4 leches cake
Cakes & Tarts $7.75 roasted banana tort & chocolate truffle, charlies crusted
Cakes & Tarts $7.75 chocolate truffle mousse & orange bavarian cream, toasted puff pastry milhojas
Cakes & Tarts $7.75 pear tart with caramel ice cream & dulce de leche
Cakes & Tarts $7.75 rum infused warm belgium chocolate pecan tart home made ice cream
Cakes & Tarts $7.75 josefina, hazelnut caramelized sugarpastry, vanilla bavarian cream & berries
Cakes & Tarts $7.75 warm milk chocolate cake pudding vanilla cake baked in milk chocolate custard served with vanilla bean ice cream, homemade chocolate syrup, arequipe caramel, raspberry sauce and pecan crocante

Dulce Sweet – Ice Cream Bowls

Ice Cream Bowls $7.75 alo cup, chocolate – apricot melba, banana, coconut & white chocolate ice creams, roasted nuts
Ice Cream Bowls $7.75 cookies & ice cream, choose 3 flavors
Ice Cream Bowls $7.75 fudge cup sundae, rum – tart cherry – chocolate hot fudge, vanilla, strawberry & white chocolate ice creams, with berry & marshmallow sauces
Ice Cream Bowls $7.75 crepe ribbons, dulce de leche chocolate syrup, homemade ice cream & caramelized pecans
Ice Cream Bowls $7.75 sipping belgium hot chocolate with home made vanilla ice cream float
Ice Cream Bowls $3.75 single scoop of ice cream and cookie

Dulce Sweet – Cookies

Cookie Bar $1.76 – $4.76

Dulce Sweet – Confections

Milk Or Dark Chocolate Clusters Cookie $3.75 pecan, almond, hazelnut

Dulce Sweet – Beverages & Affter Dinner Drinks

Pellegrino & Pana $6.00 – $3.50 regular or large
Latin Gaseosas & Bottled Sodas $2.75 jarritos mandarin or tamarind, apple sidral inka kola, orangeata, squirt
Alo Decaf Iced Tea, Chicha Marada, Agua De Jamaica, Emoliente $2.75
Freshly Pressed Ades $3.25 lemon-lime, berry, orange, lime-mint, mango
Liquors $9.00 amaretto, grand marnier, kahlua, baileys sambucca, drambui, frangelico, liquor 43 tuaca, soho lyche, pama
Ports Tawny $9.00
Ruby $7.50
Vintage $13.00


Cava Bellinis & Mimosas $7.50 freshly pressed
Alo Mary $9.50 roasted tomato, lime juice, jicama
Freshly Pressed Juices $4.25 – $15.00 Orange, grapefruit, sun blend
Acapulco Conga $4.25 orange, grapefruit, pineapple & grenadine
Pellegrino & Pana $3.50 – $6.00
Latin Gaseosas & Bottled Sodas $2.75 jarritos mandarin & tamarind, apple sidral inka kola, orangeata, squirt
Alo Decaf Iced Tea, Chicha Morada Agua De Jamaica $2.75
Freshly Pressed Ades $3.25 lemon-lime, berry, orange, lime-mint, mango

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