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Up to date Aloha Island Grille prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Appetizers (Pupus)

Lomi Salmon $3.25 Hawaiian style ceviche: Salmon, Tomato and Onions.
Ahi Poke $6.50 Sashimi grade Ahi with Aloha shoyu, Sesame Oil & Onion.
SPAM Musubi $2.25 Grilled SPAM on a bed of rice and wrapped with nori (seaweed).
Cone Sushi $1.75 Seasoned rice and vegetables in a sweet tofu pocket.
Manapua $2.75 Char Sui Pork in a sweet dumpling bun.
Coconut Prawns $6.50 Served with a sweet chili dipping sauce.
Vegetable Croquette $3.75 Two crispy Veggie cakes with Katsu dipping sauce.


Tossed Salad $4.50 choice of Sesame Vinaigrette, Papaya Seed Dressing or our low-fat Miso Dressing.
Chinese Chicken Salad $6.50 Grilled Chicken Teriyaki on a Sesame dressed salad topped with crispy rice noodles.
Chinese Prawn Salad $8.50 Grilled Teriyaki Prawns on a Sesame dressed salad topped with crispy rice noodles.
Seasonal Fruit Salad $4.50
Seaweed Salad $3.25
Chinese Chicken Salad $50.00 – $100.00
Garden Salad $40.00 – $80.00
Macaroni Salad $40.00 – $80.00
Seasonal Fruit Salad $45.00 – $90.00


Ramen style noodles in a hot delicious broth with Shitake Mushrooms, fresh Napa Cabbage, Hardboiled Egg and small kine kamaboko (fishcake). Served with your choice of:
Teriyaki Chicken, Beef, Spam, Veggies or Prawns (add$1) $8.00


All come on a soft bun with Lettuce, Tomato and Onion Served with French Fries (sub Sweet potato fries for $.75) Add Cheese $1
Teriyaki Beef $7.00
Teriyaki Chicken $7.00
Chicken Katsu $7.00
Kalua Pork $7.50
Mahi Mahi $8.00
Wiki Wiki Burger $7.50 Jus’ like back in the old days, topped with grilled Pineapple!
Teriyaki Burger $7.50 Our fresh burger topped with teriyaki sauce.
Boca Burger $7.50 Soy based vegan burger.


Haupia (Hawaiian style Coconut pudding $2.50
Maui Style Banana Bread $3.00
Aloha Macadamia Nut Brownies $2.75
Haupia Hawaiian $40.00 – $80.00 coconut pudding
Aloha Brownie Bites $45.00 – $90.00 Fudge and Macadamia nut brownies

Big Kine/ Small Kine plates

Big Kine plates come with two scoops rice and one scoop mac salad Small Kine plates with one scoop rice, one scoop mac and half the entree! (substitute green salad or fruit salad +$.50 Brown Rice add $1/$.50)
Kalua Pig and Cabbage $8.00 A Hawaiian Luau favorite. Slow roasted smoked Pork with Hawaiian salt.
Kal-bi Ribs $9.00 Grilled Korean style Beef short ribs.
Grilled Beef Teriyaki $6.50 Marinated thin sliced Sirloin Tip.
Grilled Chicken Teriyak $6.50 Aloha Island Grille’s Secret recipe.
Chicken Katsu $6.50 Crispy fried Chicken breast coated in Japanese breadcrumbs.
Grilled Mahi-mahi $8.50 Fresh Island Mahi-Mahi from our Charbrolier.
Mahi-mahi Katsu $8.50 Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) coated and deep fried.
Tiger Prawn Plate $8.50 Served Grilled or Coconut style!
Grilled Teriyaki Vegetable Plate $6.50 Teriyaki Kabobs with Bell Pepper, Onion, Mushroom and Pineapple.

Combination plates

Combination plates come with two scoops rice one scoop mac salad.
2 choice combo plate $9.50
3 choice combo plate $10.50

Aloha Specialties

Served with two scoops rice and one scoop mac salad
Loco Moco $8.50 Rice topped with two grilled Sirloin patties, two Eggs and Gravy.
Hamburger Steak $9.00 Grilled Sirloin patties with Sauteed Onions, Mushrooms and Gravy.
Chicken Cutlet $9.00 Katsu style chicken topped with Sauteed Onions, Mushrooms and Gravy.
Lemon Chicken $8.00
Teriyaki Tofu Stir Fry $8.00 Plump morsels of firm Tofu and seasonal veggies stirfried and topped with our Teriyaki glaze.


Macaroni Salad $1.75
French Fries $2.00
Sweet Potato Fries $2.75
Rice $1.50
Organic Brown Rice $2.50
Kim Chee $1.75
Poi (Taro) $2.00
Just Kalua Pig (approximately 1lb) $5.00
Teriyaki Sauce $0.25
Steamed Rice $30.00 – $60.00
Organic Brown Rice $40.00 – $80.00
Kim Chee $10.00
Poi (Taro) $2.00


Hawaiian Sun $1.50
Fountain Drink $2.00
Bottled Water $1.50
Beers $3.50 – $4.50
Draft Beer $5.00 – $12.00
House Wine $5.50 – $18.00


Lomi Salmon $65.00 – $130.00
Ahi Poke $
Mini SPAM Musubi $50.00 – $100.00
Teriyaki Kabobs (Beef or Chicken) $55.00 – $110.00
Coconut Prawns $75.00 – $150.00
Cone Sushi $40.00 – $80.00


Kalua Pig & Cabbage $60.00 – $120.00 A Hawaiian Luau favorite. Slow roasted smoked pork with Hawaiian salt.
Chicken Teriyaki $60.00 – $120.00
Beef Teriyaki $75.00 – $150.00
Kal-Bi Ribs $90.00 – $180.00 Broiled Korean style Beef short ribs.
Grilled Mahi-Mahi $
Grilled Prawn Kabobs $75.00 – $150.00
Teriyaki Vegetables StirFry $60.00 – $120.00 Fresh Seasonal Vegetables topped with our tasty teriyaki sauce. Add Tofu upon Request.


Wire Chafing rack with Sterno heat $10.00
Serving Utensil $2.50

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