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Cuisine: American.

Main Menu

Tartare $14.00 Local fish, celery, black lime, black radish, green mango
Soft Egg $14.00 Sea scallop espuma, chive, truffle pearls, gruyere
Summer Squash $12.00 Lemon curd, tarragon, citron vinaigrette, soft feta, puffed wild rice
Okeechobee Oyster Mushroom $15.00 Smoked soy glaze, beemster gouda puree, crispy yuba, shitake salt
Bread & Beurre $8.00 Sumac & dill seed crust, umami butter
Guitara Noodles $14.00 Aromatic herbs, clams, lemon balm, burrata puree
Rangoon $13.00 Smoked mushrooms, pickled ramp mustard, sweet soy beef
Blue Crab $15.00 Peruvian aji chili, culantro, lemongrass
Leek Chorizo $21.00 Smoked paprika, turnips & greens, almond milk
Slow Braised Brisket $27.00 Peppercorn, parsley-cream corn, red plum harissa, pickled celery
Grouper Cheeks $25.00 Black rice, shoyu hollandaise, sea lettuce
Miso Swordfish $27.00 Bacon avocado dashi, shrimp gyoza, pickled chili, vegetable menage
Cape Canaveral Prawns $25.00 Tajin crust, grits, mole verde, lime crema, huitlacoche
Young Chicken $24.00 Cashew, moroccon spices, charred peach, golden beet, jus
Charcoal Strip Loin $30.00 Creamed greens, pureed potato, smoked vidalia, brown butter soy
Chef Tasting Menu – 5 Courses $65.00


Peaches $10.00 White chocolate confit, banana bread, pretzel ice cream, brown butter
Fudge $10.00 Peruvian cacao, parsnip, coconut sorbet, thyme sprig , jwb porter
Whipped Yogurt $10.00 Guanabana sorbet, red curry pina, lychee, croquante blanca
Cajeta Pot De Creme $10.00 Dulce custard, tamari-milk chocolate gelato, apricot, candied nori

Coffee by Panther

Espresso $3.00
Espresso Decaf $3.00
Tea by Lov Organic $5.00 earl grey, english breakfast, verbena mint, ginger lemon green tea, lov is zen
Double Espresso $5.00
Cappuccino $5.00
Latte $5.00

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