Altstadter Weinstube & Biergarten

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Cuisine: German.

Soups & Salads

Soup of the Day $5.00
Hungarian Stew $7.00 A hearty stew filled with tender beef and potatoes cooked with a blend of traditional herbs, spices, and red wine, served with a brotchen.
Sausage, Cheese, And Pasta Salad $8.00 A cold sausage, swiss cheese and spatzle salad, tossed with onion and gherkins in an oil vinegar dressing, served with hearty german bread.
Altstadter House Salad $8.00 Enough for two, this mixed green salad is tossed in our cranberry vinegrette and topped with crumbled gorgonzolo cheese, candied pecans and grape tomatoes.
Herring Salad $8.00 Imported herring marinated in wine sauce, served chilled on a bed of lettuce with laveche cracker bread.


Sausage & Roll $8.00 Choose one: Bauernwurst, bratwurst, knackwurst, rindswurst, smoked bratwurst, or weisswurst, served with a brotchen, spicy mutard, and our own onion marmalade.
Sausage & Sauerkraut $10.00 Sliced rindswurst served over riesling kraut with a brotchen and spicy mustard.
White Veal Sausage $10.00 A southern gertman favorite featuring a white veal sausage served with brezel and bavarlan mustard. This dish is typically prepared and eaten before the church bells toll noon.
Sausages $16.00 Choice of 3 sausages served with a large pretzel and spicy mustard.

Small Plates

Breads $6.00 A variety of seasonal fresh fruits.
Fruit Plate $6.00 Variety of seasonal fresh fruits.
Quiche $9.00 From the alsace region of the french alps; made with applewood smoked bacon and swiss cheese, served with fruit.
Sausage Gravy And Bread $9.00 A bowl of edelweiss breakfast sausage gravy served with two brotchen, garnished with fresh fruit.
Breakfast Sandwich $9.00 Toasted ham and cheesen on a brotchen, served open face with champagne mustard, garnished with fresh fruit
Smoked Salmon & Bread $10.00 Our own smoked salmon with a brotchen, served with cream cheese, garnished with capers, champagne mustard, and red onions.
Smoked Trout Mouse & Bread $10.00 A hearty portion of chef don hazen’s smoked trout mouse with a brotchen, garnished with capers, champagne mustard, and onions.
Traditional German Breakfast $15.00 Includes german cold cues, cheese, fresh fruit, two brotchen, jam and butter.
French Fries $4.00 Potato fries with your choice of ketchup, curry ketchup, or malt vinegar.
Potato Salad $4.00 Germany’s southern style cold potato salad.
Sauerkraut $4.00
Olives & Pickles $4.00 A variety of imported & domestic olives with german gherkins.
Pretzel $5.00 A large bavarian style soft pretzel served warm mustard.
Sweet Potato Fries $6.00 Sweet potato fries perfectly seasoned and served with gorgonzola cheese sauce.
Currywurst $9.00 The original german fast food features a cooked bratwurst, sliced and covered in curry ketchup, served with a brotchen.
Trout Spread $10.00 The altstadter’s signature dish created by chef don hazen, served with lavache cracker bread.
Fenberry Pie $10.00 A medieval chicken and pork pie with just the right blend of fresh herbs and dried fruit. Excellent with the altstadter spiced wine.
Minted Lamb Pie $10.00 With chicken and lamb, flavored with fresh mint.
Pig Wings $10.00 Two succulent fall off the bone pork wings, cooked just so and covered in applebutter barbeque sauce.
Cheese Plate $12.00 Includes chef’s choice imported and domestic cheeses, garnished with fresh fruit and served with lavache cracker bread.
Pork Schnitzel $12.00 A new twist on an old favorite.A great dish to share.
Mountain hunter’s Plate $12.00 This hunter’s plate features a pair of landjagar dried german sausage sharp cheese, and a large soft pretzel.
Mountain Farmer’s Plate $12.00 The alpine farmer’s mid-day meal includes a variety of cold cuts, cheeses, and german breads, served with spicy mustard and our own onion marmalade.
Cold Cuts Plate $12.00 Includes a selection of housemade cold cuts from our sausage kitchen at the edelweiss, served with a large soft pretzel and spicy mustard.
Smoked Meat Plate $10.00 – $20.00 We select the finest meats available, season and slow smoke them with different types of woodsmoke to create just the right flavor, and serve them cold with brotchen and champagne mustard. Includes s

Little Pizzas

Gypsy $8.00 An individual pizza is topped with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and curry ketchup.Named for the bold and colourful gypsy.
Black forest $8.00 This pizza is topped with shencken black forest ham and riesling kraut.
Munich $8.00 An oktoberfest favorite featuring bratwurst, riesling kraut and curry ketchup.
Cheese $8.00 Cheese, cheese and more cheese.


Apple Pastry $5.00 Ours is homemade with apples, pecans, raisins and spices baked in a delicious pastry crust, served warm with whipped cream.

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