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Cuisine: Middle Eastern.


All Are Served With Pita Bread
1. Hoummos $4.95 crushed chicken peas and tahina
2. Baba Ghannouj $5.50 baked and diced eggplant with sesame seed puree
3. Foul Mudammas $5.25 crushed fava beans and tahina
4. Eggplant Salad $5.25 eggplant marinated in a vinaigrette dressing with tomatoes, peppers, lemon, and garlic
5. Tabouli $5.25 bulghur wheat mixed with finely cut marinated vegetables
6. Labani $5.25 homemade thick yogurt served with olive oil and paprika
7. Feta Cheese And Olives $5.25
8. Middle Eastern Combo $11.95 hoummos, baba ghannouj marinated mushrooms, carrots and eggplant, mixed salad, feta cheese, olives and tabouli, tahina & fresh tomato sauce.

Soups $3.75

Lentil Soup
Soup Of The Day


All Are Served With Mixed Salad, Hoummos, Sesame Seed Sauce (Tahina), Fresh Tomato Sauce, And Pita Bread
9. Grilled Zucchini $10.95
9. Grilled Zucchini $0.75 with crushed feta cheese
10. Falafel And Hoummos $9.95
11. Spinach And Mushroom Pie $9.95
12. Grape Leaves $9.95 vine leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables
13. Kibbi $10.95 deep fried bulgar wheat patty stuffed with ground meats, spices and pine nuts
14a. Chicken Shish Kabab $11.95
14b. Beef Shish Kabab $12.25
14c. Lamb Shish Kabab $14.25
15. Kefta Kabab $12.25 patties of ground lamb and beef, mixed with onions parsley, and middle eastern spices
16. Alyan’s Mixed Grill $13.25 skewer of lamb, beef, chicken and kefta kabab
17. Shawarma $11.95 marinated lamb and turkey, rotisserie broiled
17a. Chicken Shawarma Marinated Thighs $11.50
18. Shnetzel $11.95 middle eastern chicken cutlet
19. Rib Eye Steak $14.95 broiled over charcoal grill


20. Couscous Or Rice $12.50 with chicken served with mixed vegetables
21. Couscous Or Rice $12.75 with beef served with mixed vegetables
22. Lamb $14.25 with couscous or rice served with mixed vegetables


All Are Served In Pita Bread With Mixed Salad
23. Grilled Zucchini $6.50
24. Hoummos $5.25
25. Baba Ghannouj $5.50
26. Falafel $5.50
27a. Falafel & Hoummos $5.75
27b. Falafel & Baba $6.25
28. Kibbi $6.75
29a. Chicken Shish Kabab $7.25 your choice of beef or chicken cubes
29b. Beef Shish Kabab $7.50
29c. Lamb Shish Kabab $9.25
30. Kefta Kabab $7.50
31. Alyan’s Mixed Grill $8.50
32. Shawarma $7.25
32a. Chicken Shawarma $6.95
33. Shnetzel $7.25
34. Rib Eye Steak $9.50
35. Alyan’s Burger $6.50 100% beef in pita bread with topping
36. Alyan’s Cheeseburger $6.95

Side Orders

37. Alyan’s Fries $5.25 – $3.95 with potatoes mixed with hot peppers and onions
38. Kibbi $5.25 served with tahina sauce and lemon
39. Spinach And Mushroom Pie $5.25
40. Six Falafel Patties $5.25 served with tahina sauce
41. Fattoush Salad $6.50 crispy pita with mixed salad and house dressing
42. Arabic Salad $6.95 finely cut vegetables
43.Greek Salad $6.50 – $7.50 mixed salad with feta cheese olives and house dressing
44.. Cucumber Yogurt Salad $5.25
45. Grape Leaves $4.95
46. Mixed Pickles $3.95
47. Rice $3.25
48. Grilled Zucchini $6.25
49. Chicken Salad $9.95

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