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Cuisine: South American, Venezuelan.

CYO Breakfast $5.99

1. Select Your Eggs eggs perico, scrambled eggs or egg whites.
2. Select Your Cheese handmade cheese, guayanes cheese, shredded or grilled queso blanco, shredded gouda cheese.
3. Select Your Protein chicken, beef, pork, bacon, salmon or tuna.
4. Select Your Veggies lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapenos, sweet pepper and spinach.
1. Select Your Spread classic butter. corn or cheese (nata)
2. Select Your Eggs eggs perico, scrambled eggs or egg whites.
3. Select Your Veggies lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapenos, sweet pepper and spinach.


Arepa Wedges & Dips $3.95
Arepizza $3.95
CYO Arepa Sampler $9.99 3 units
Baked Plantains $2.95 with shredded queso blanco


Cup $2.99 / Bowl $4.99. Jr. Naked Arepa Included.
Chicken Chupe
Amaize Homemade Style
Roasted Pepper & Gouda
CYO Create Your Own Arepa $6.49 with your favorite proteins, cheeses and veggies!
CYO Create Your Own Arepa $7.48 make it a combo with: soup, salad, baked plantains or black beans.

Specialty Arepas

Specialty Arepas Combo With: Soup, Salad, Baked Plantains Or Black Beans.
Mechado Mix Combo $8.68 shredded beef, black beans, baked plantains & shredded white cheese
Mechado Mix Combo $7.69 arepa only
Beauty Queen Combo $7.68 avocado chicken salad
Beauty Queen Combo $6.69 arepa only
Asado Negro Combo $8.68 caramelized blackened roasted beef
Asado Negro Combo $7.69 arepa only
Domino Combo $7.68 black beans & shredded white cheese
Domino Combo $6.69 arepa only
Caprese Latina Combo $7.68 guasaca, spinach, guayanes cheese & tomato
Caprese Latina Combo $6.69 arepa only
Shaggy Combo $7.97 pulled beef with gouda cheese
Shaggy Combo $6.69 arepa only
Portobello-Tofu Combo $7.68 grilled portobellos & tofu with truffle olive oil
Portobello-Tofu Combo $6.69 arepa only
Salmon Salad Combo $8.68 fresh salmon salad
Salmon Salad Combo $7.69 arepa only
Cachapa Combo $8.64 classic cachapa with hand-made cheese
Cachapa Combo $7.65 cachapa only

Double Power

Add Extras To Your Arepas Or Cachapas:
Cheese Or Sliced Avocado $0.49
Proteins And Guacamole $1.29

Amaize Mains $7.89

Make It A Combo With Baked Plantains. Latin Cole Slaw Salad Or Soup $0.99. Indulge With Our Cachapa Delight! With Your Choice Of: Chocolate, Nutella, Dulce De Leche. Banana Or Strawberry. Cream.
Open Face Cachapa black beans, your choice of proteins, guasaca and topped with shredded queso blanco.
Mechados white rice, baked plantains, black beans and your choice of any protein or grilled veggies.
Saladmaize lettuce, kernel corn, mozzarella, your choice of any protein or grilled veggies and topped with guasaca sauce.

Kids $3.98

CYO (Create Your Own)
Classic Cachapa Kids with handmade cheese


Quesillo $1.99
Tres Leches $1.99
Chocolate Marquesa $1.99
Cachapa Delight $2.99 with your choice of: chocolate, nutella, dulce de leche, banana or strawberry, cream.

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