Amasia Hide’s Sushi Bar

Up to date Amasia Hide’s Sushi Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


Ankimo $8.25 steamed monk fish liver
Edamame $3.25 soy beans
Goma-Ae $5.25 spinach/sesame sauce
Gomoko Mame $5.25 cooked soy beans & veggies
Gyozo $5.25 steamed shrimp dumplings
Hijiki $5.25 seasoned seaweed & veggies
Kinpira $5.25 seasoned burdock/root & veggies
Kiriboshi D $5.25 seasoned dried daikon radish/tofu & vege
Mussel $6.25 cooked mussels with mozzarella cheese
Oshinko $5.25 japanese pickles
Takoyaki $5.25 wheat cakes with octopus
Walu Carpaccio $10.95 seared walu with special dressing


With Vinegary Dressing
Salmon Skin Salad $7.25 grilled s. skin & veggies
Seaweed Salad $6.25 mixed green/seaweed
Small Green Salad $4.25
Tofu Salad $6.25 mixed green/tofu


Vinegary Dish
Cucumber/Seaweed $4.25
Cucumber/Seafood $6.25 mackerel/octopus/shrimp


Fish Broth Soup
Asari Miso Soup $4.25 miso soup with asari clam
Miso Soup $2.50 fish broth/miso paste/scallion/seaweed/tofu
Sankai Soup $12.95 asari clam/mussels/sweet shrimp/fish/asian cabbage/scallion, strings bean/shiitake mushroom/tofu
Rice $2.50
Brown Rice $3.50

Sashimi $10.25

Slices Of Raw Fish. 5pcs A Kind
Hamachi yellow tail
Maguro tuna
Saba mackerel
Sake salmon
Tal red snapper
Tataki seared tuna
Tako octopus
Usutsukuri $9.25 thinly sliced halibut or striped bass sashimi
Hamachi Kama $13.25 grilled yellow tail cheek

Sushi Combination

Include Miso Soup
Sushi A $14.95 tuna/yellow tail/albacore/snapper/mackerel/octopus/tamago/white fish
Sushi B $17.95 tuna/yellow tail/albacore/snapper/salmon/shrimp/eel/tamago.tekka roll
Sushi Matsu $22.95 tuna/yellow tail/albacore/snapper/salmon/shrimp/salmon row/scallop/sea urchin/seared tuna/steamed monk fish liver/white fish/tamago

Sashimi Combination

Include Miso Soup & Rice
Sashimi A $14.95 tuna 3pcs./yellow tail 3pcs/salmon 2pcs.
Sashimi B $17.95 tuna 3pcs/yellow tail 3pcs./salmon 2pcs./mackerel 2pcs./ octopus 2pcs.
Sashimi C $22.95 tuna 3pcs./yellow tail 3pcs./salmon 2pcs./mackerel 2pcs./octopus 2pcs./thinly sliced white fish 5pcs.


Include Miso Soup Brown Rice Available $2 Up
Beef Don $12.95 cooled thinly sliced beef/onion over rice
Chicken Don $12.95 fried chicken/scallion over rice
Kakiage- Yasai Don $12.95 chopped shrimp & veggie tempura / vegetable with teriyaki sauce over rice
Tofu- Yasai Don $12.95 tofu/vegetable with teriyaki sauce over rice
Chirashi Don $13.95 assorted sashimi over rice
Hamachi Don $13.95 slices of yellow tail over rice
Spicy Tuna Don $13.95 spicy tuna over rice
Tekka Don $13.95 slices of fresh tuna over rice
Unagi Don $13.95 seasoned barbeque eel over rice
Castro Don $22.95 chef’s special choices sashimi over rice

Nigri Sushi

2 Pcs Per Order
Albacore $4.25 white tuna
Ebi $4.25 shrimp
Ika $4.25 squid
Hokki $4.25 surf clam
Masago $4.25 capelin roe
Saba $4.25 mackerel
Tako $4.25 octopus
Tamago $4.25 cage free egg omelet
Hamachi $4.75 yellow tail
Hirame $4.75 halibut
Hotategai $4.75 scallop
Maguro $4.75 tuna
Sake $4.75 salmon
Suzuki $4.75 striped bass
Tobiko Kuro $4.75 flying fish egg, black
Unagi $4.75 barbecued eel
Amma-Ebi $4.95 sweet shrimp
Ankimo $4.95 steamed monk fish liver
Ikuro $4.95 salmon roe
Kani $4.95 real crab
Spicy Hamachi $4.95 yellow tail
Spicy Sake $4.95 salmon
Spicy Scallop $4.95
Spicy Tuna $4.95
Tai $4.95 red snapper
Tataki $4.95 seared tuna
Walu $4.95 seared hawaiian butter fish
Toro fatty tuna. seasonal
Uni sea urchin. seasonal

Vegetable Nigiri $3.95

2 Pcs Per Order
Inari cooked bean curd
Ingen strings bean
Nasu cooked eggplant
Natto fermented soybeans
Shiitake black mushroom
Yamaimo mt. yam potato


4-6 Pcs Per Roll
Gari-Saba Roll $4.50 mackerel/ginger/scallion
Hama-Negi Roll $4.50 yellow tall/scallion
Sake-Q Roll $4.50 salmon/cucumber
Salmon Skin Roll $4.50 salmon skin/scallion
Shira- Ume $4.50 white fish/ume/shiso leag
Tekka Roll $4.50 tuna
Una-Q Roll $4.50 barbecued eel/cucumber
Alaska Roll $5.25 avocado/cucumber/salmon/outside:fish egg
Al-Hide Roll $5.25 albacore/avocado/scallion/outside:fish egg
Al-Mango Roll $5.25 albacore/mango/cucumber/outside: fish egg
California Roll $5.25 avocado/cucumber/real crab/outside: fish egg
Hama-Hide Roll $5.25 yellow tail/mango/cucumber/outside:fish egg
Ha-Mango Roll $5.25 yellow tail/mango/cucumber/outside: fish egg
New York Roll $5.25 avocado/cucumber/shrimp/outside;fish egg
Philadelphia Roll $5.25 cucumber/cream cheese/salmon/outside: fish egg
Rock’n Roll $5.25 avo/cucumber/eel/outside:fish egg
Sake-Hide Roll $5.25 avocado/salmon/scallion/outside: fish egg
Sake-Mango Roll $5.25 salmon/mango/cucumber/outside: fish egg
Sake Para Roll $5.25 asparagus/salmon/outside: fish egg
Tuna-Hide Roll $5.25 avocado/tuna./scallion/outside: fish egg
Spicy Hamachi Roll $5.50 spicy yellow tail/cucumber/scallion/outside: fish egg
Spicy Sake Roll $5.50 spicy salmon/ cucumber/scallion/outside: fish egg
Spicy Scallop Roll $5.50 spicy scallop/cucumber/scallion/outside: fish egg
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.50 spicy tuna/cucumber/radish sprout/scallion
Tempura Roll $6.95 pre-cooked shrimp tempura/avo/cucumber/radish sprout/fish egg
Firecracker Roll $8.25 jalapeno tempura/spicy hamachi/outside:flour tempura/sesame/hot sauce
Spider Roll $8.25 cooked soft shell crab/avo/cucumber/radish sprout/fish egg
Caterpillar Roll $13.25 burdock(root)/cucumber/real crab/out side:avocado/fish egg
Sake-Lemon Roll $13.25 avocado/burdock/cucumber/out side lemon/salmon/fish egg
Una-Vo Roll $13.25 burdock/cucumber/outside avocado/barbecued eel/fish egg
Amasia Roll $14.25 radish sprout/mayo/outside tuna/black tobiko
Dragon Roll $14.25 pre-cooked shrimp tempura/cucumber/burdock/outside avocado/barbecued eel/fish egg
Maguro Aburi Roll $14.25 avo/cucumber/lemon/shiso leaf/outside seared tuna/garlic sauce
Rainbow Roll $14.25 california roll/out side: albacore/avocado/salmon/shrimp/tuna/yellow tail/white fish
Walu Aburi Roll $14.25 avo/cucumber/lemon/shiso leaf/outside seared butter fish/garlic sauce

Vegetable Roll

4-6 Pcs Per Roll
Asparagus Roll $4.25 sesame
Avocado Roll $4.25 sesame
Avo-Q Roll $4.25 avocado/cucumber/sesame
Broccoli Roll $4.25 sesame
Gobo Roll $4.25 sesame
Kanpyo Roll $4.25 japanese squash
Kappa Roll $4.25 cucumber/sesame
Oshinko Roll $4.25 pickled radish/sesame
Mango Roll $4.25
Natto Roll $4.25 fermented soybeans/scallion
Shiitake Roll $4.25 black mushroom
Spinach Roll $4.25 sesame
Ume-Q Roll $4.25 plum paste/cucumber/shiso leaf
Yama-Ume Roll $4.25 mt. yam potato/plum paste/shiso leaf
Avo-Mango Roll $5.25 avocado/mango/cucumber/outside:sesame
Nasu-Hide Roll $5.25 avocado/eggplant/scallion/outside:sesame
Nasu-Phila Roll $5.25 eggplant/cream cheese/scallion/outside:sesame
Kari Saku Roll $5.25 aspara./avo./burdock/outside:flour tempura/sesame
Phila-Hide Roll $5.25 avocado/cream cheese/scallion/outside:sesame
Phila-Para Roll $5.25 aspara./cream cheese/outside:flour tempura/sesame
Take-Hide Roll $5.25 avocado/shiitake/scallion/outside:sesame
Big Vegetable Roll $6.25 apara./cucumber/burdock/spinach/shiitake/outside:sesame
Vege Caterpillar Roll $13.25 mango/cucumber/burdock/squash/out side:avocado/sesame
Vege Dragon Roll $13.25 mango/cucumber/burdock/squash/outside:avo/nasu/sesame/scallion


Wheat Flour Noodles In Fish Broth Hot Soup
Kitsune Udon $10.95 fried bean curd/scallion/seaweed
Kakiage Udon $11.95 shredded shrimp-vege tempura/scallion/seaweed
San-Kai Udon $13.95 seafood/vegetable/scallion/seaweed


Hot Sake $6.95 – $3.95
Nigori $11.00 unfiltered sake


Asahi Beer $6.95
Sapporo Beer $3.95

Wine By The Glass $5.95

Red Wine
White Wine
Plum Wine

Soft Drink

Apple Juice $3.00
Coke $2.00
Diet Coke $2.00
7Up $2.00
Mineral Water $2.00
Soda Water $3.50 s.poilegrimo
Cold Green Tea $3.50

Premium Fresh Tea $4.95

Green Tea
Grapefruit Green Tea
Sakuranboo japanese cherry. black tea
Tsugaru apple. bancha coarse tea


Amasia Cookie By Fuji San $3.50 healthy home made cookie 5 pc. used cage free eggs ask today’s flavor to your server
Baba Hera Ice With Corn $2.00 akita baba’s tradition, rainbow sherbet
Cookie & Cream $4.50 fuji san cookie & green tea ice cream
Cream Anmitsu $8.00 black soybeans/fruit/red bean jam/vegetable gelatin jelly green tea ice cream
Green Tea Cheese Cake $3.95
Green Tea Ice Cream $4.50
Green Tea Ice $5.00 with red bean jam
Mini Daifukku $4.00 rice cake with red bean jam 3 pcs
Tai Yaki Kun $4.50 japanese pancake filled with sweet red bean jam with chocolate sauce & green tea ice cream

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