Amatsu Sushi & Sake

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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


Organic Brown Rice An Additional $2.50 Per Roll Additional $0.50 Per Nigiri.
Rainbow Cucumber Wrap $15.00 tuna, salmon, escolar, asparagus, scallion, masago served with ponzu citrus
Mini Chirashi $18.00 8pcs of sashimi on top of rice bed
Hamachi Jalapeno $15.00 served with a garlic citrus sauce
Truffle Ahi Tartar $16.00 yellow-fin tuna masago, micro shiso sprout mixed in a truffle kimchee sauce served with lotus root chips
Seared Ahi Tataki $13.00 served with ponzu sauce
Classic House Salad $7.00 mixed greens served with ginger soy dressing
Miso Soup $6.00 seaweed, scallion, tofu, and enoki mushrooms
Wakame Seaweed Salad $7.00

Basic Maki

Negi Hamachi Roll $6.50 hamachi, scallion s/o
Spicy Tuna Roll $6.50 ground tuna, spicy mayo, scallions, and masago s/o
Avocado Roll $4.50
Eel Roll $6.50 bbq eel, cucumber s/o
Tekka Maki $6.00 tuna roll
Salmon Roll $6.00
Veggie Roll $7.00 asparagus, cucumber, kempyo, carrots, watercress s/o

Nigiri & Sashimi Platter

Nigiri Platter $25.00 tuna, salmon, white fish, shrimp, and a california roll
Sashimi Moriwasi $30.00 chef choice of fresh fish of the day
Vegetarian Platter $16.00 vegetable nigiri and a vegetable roll
Maki Mono Combo $18.00 spicy tuna roll, salmon roll and negi hamachi roll
Chefs Choice Platter $50.00 miso soup, nigiri (6pcs), sashimi (9pcs), and a signature roll

Signature Rolls

Amatsu Roll $18.00 snow crab dynamite, masago, cream cheese,asparagus, tempura flakes, i/o seared tuna with avocado on top served with a garlic butter eel sauce
Westin Paradise Roll $18.00 pink soy paper, tempura soft shell crab, frisee, spicy mayo avocado and shrimp on top
Kamikaze Roll $18.00 hamachi, jalapeno, scallion, avocado i/o spicy tuna with tempura flakes on top
Spicy Toro Roll $25.00 spicy tuna, scallion, tempura flakes, radish sprouts i/o topped with toro & tobiko
Maria?s Roll $18.00 ahi tuna, hamachi, scallion, asparagus, i/o with avocado on top
American Dream Roll $16.00 shrimp tempura, cucumber, watercress, scallion, spicy mayo topped with avocado and sundried tomatoes
Mango Tango $15.00 scottish salmon, scallion, cucumber, avocado i/o top with mango, and green tobiko
California Roll $18.00 crab, cucumber, avocado i/o masago sesame seeds
Dragon Roll $18.00 shrimp tempura, cucumber, asparagus, japanese mayo i/o, eel with avocado on top
Salmon Skin Roll $8.00 crispy salmon skin, scallion, cucumber i/o sesame seeds
Lava Roll $18.00 cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, i/o topped with conch dynamite
Jb Roll $9.00 scottish salmon, cream cheese, scallion i/o sesame seeds
Rainbow Roll $16.00 california roll, on top with tuna, salmon, white fish, and avocado
Spider Roll $16.00 tempura soft shell crab, asparagus, tobiko, cucumber, avocado, japanese mayo s/o

Hand Roll $5.50

Salmon Skin
Spicy Tuna
Negi Hamachi

Ala Carte

Nigiri Or Sashimi
Escolar $4.00
Crab $3.50
Blue-Fin Toro $8.00
Hamachi Belly $5.50
Salmon Belly $4.50
Salmon $4.00
Hamachi $4.50
Tobiko $4.00
Conch $3.50
Tamago $2.50
Eel $4.50
Ikura $4.50
Ebi $3.50
Veggie $2.50
Tuna $4.50

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