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A1. Egg Rolls $3.95 Four pieces.
A2. Pot Stickers $5.95 Eight pieces.
A3. Fried Prawns $7.95 Eight pieces.
A4. Crab Butterfly $5.95 Eight pieces.
A5. Fried Oysters $7.95
A6. Deep Fried Squids $7.95
A7. Fried Chicken Wings $5.95 Six pieces.
A8. Fried Wonton $4.95 Ten pieces.
A9. Salt and Pepper Eggplant and Tofu $5.95
A10. Crispy Chicken with Salt and Pepper $7.95
A11, Pumpkin Strips and Mushroom with Salted Egg $7.95

Snacks and Bun Dumpling

Snacks and Bun Dumpling
B1. Sour Shallot $2.95
B2. Edamame $3.95
B3. Chicken Salad $5.95
B4. Spicy Beef Tondon $5.95
B5. House Special Beef $5.95
B6. Spicy Beef Combo $6.95
B7. Cucumber Salad with Garlic $3.95
B8. Curry Double Meat Balls $6.95
B9. Cucumber Salad with Peanut Sauce $4.95
B10. Braised Beef Stew Spareribs $7.95
B11. Wonton with Slice Pork and Mushroom in XO Sauce $7.95
B12. Spicy Wonton $6.95 Ten pieces.
B13. Spicy Chives and Shrimp Dumpling $6.95 Ten pieces.
B14. Shanghai Pan Fried Pork Bun $5.95 Six pieces.
B15. Green Onion Pancake $3.95
B16. Vegetable Pork Dumpling $6.95 Ten pieces.
B17. Shrimp and Chive Dumpling $6.95 Ten pieces.
B18. Vegetarian Dumpling $5.95 Ten pieces.
B19. Shrimp and Chive Dumpling $7.95 Ten pieces.
B20. Sweet Buns $2.95 Four pieces.
B21. Steam Sweet Powder Sesame Seed Buns $3.95 Three pieces.
B22. Steam BBQ Pork Buns $2.95 Three pieces.
B23. Steam Egg Custard Buns $3.95 Three pieces.
B24. Deep Fried Sesame Pancake $4.95
B25. Chinese Donut $1.95


C1. Hot and Sour Soup $6.95
C2. BQ Pork with Wonton Soup $6.95
C3. Chicken with Wonton Soup $6.95
C4. Seafood with Wonton Soup $7.95
C5. Sizzling Rice Soup $6.95
C6. Chicken Corn Soup $6.95
C7. Mixed Beef with Egg Drop Soup $6.95
C8. Hot and Sour Wonton Soup $7.95
C9. Seafood with Tofu Soup $7.95
C10. Dry Scallop and Fish Maw Soup $8.95
C11. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables Soup $6.95
C12. Seafood with Tofu Soup $7.95
C13. Tomato and Tofu with Pork Soup $6.95

Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wraps
D1. Minced Pork with Lettuce Wraps $8.95
D2. Minced Chicken with Lettuce Wraps $8.95
D3. Minced Seafood with Lettuce Wraps $9.95

Beef and Lamb

Beef and Lamb
K1. Mongolian Beef $7.95
K2. Broccoli Beef $7.95
K3. Tofu Beef $7.95
K4. String Bean Beef $7.95
K5. Orange Peel Beef $8.95
K6. Szechuan Beef $8.95
K7. Ginger and Green Onion with Beef Fillet $11.95
K7. Ginger and Green Onion with Lamb $11.95
K8. Beef with Oyster Sauce $8.95
K9. Spicy Boiled Beef $8.95
K10. Chan Style Spicy Cumin Sauce Beef $9.95
K10. Chan Style Spicy Cumin Sauce Lamb $13.95
K11. Double Mushroom with Beef $8.95
K11. Double Mushroom with Lamb $11.95
K12. Sauteed Beef and Mixed Mushroom in XO Sauce $8.95
K12. Sauteed Lamb and Mixed Mushroom in XO Sauce $11.95


L1. Sweet Sour Pork $6.95
L2. Peking Spareribs $7.95
L3. Shallot Spareribs $8.95
L4. Black Pepper and Onion with Pork Chops $7.95
L5. Mixed Mushroom with Pork in XO Sauce $8.95
L6. Shredded Pork Stir and Eggplant Fried in Garlic Sauce $7.95
L7. Slice Pork with Chili in Black Bean Sauce $7.95
L8. Jalapeno and Potato Strip with Pork $7.95
L9. Steam Mixed Pork with Black Mushroom and Salted Egg $8.95
L10. Steam Eggplant with Mixed Pork and Preserved Green $8.95
L11. Mixed Mushroom with Meat Ball in House Special Soup $8.95
L12. Steam Meat Ball with Vermcelli $9.95
L13. Sauteed Vermicelli with Slice Pork and Black Mushroom $7.95
L14. Sauteed Pork Stomach with Mixed Mushroom in XO Sauce $8.95
L15. Sauteed Pork and Mixed Vegetable with Black Mushroom $7.95


M1. Sauteed Vegetables and Fungus with Lily Bulb $7.95
M2. Sauteed String Bean $6.95
M3. Ma Po Tofu $6.95
M4. Salt and Pepper Eggplant with Bean Curd $6.95
M5. Spicy Eggplant with Minced Pork $7.95
M6. House Special Eggplant with Basil $7.95
M7. Steam Eggplant with Garlic $7.95
M8. Sauteed Potato Strips with Chili $6.95
M9. Sauteed Chinese Brocase with Rice Wine $7.95
M10. Braised Tofu with Black Mushroom $6.95
M11. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables $6.95
M12. Mushroom with Oyster Sauce $8.95
M13. Pan Fried Egg with String Bean $7.95
M14. Sauteed Pea Sprout with Garlic $12.95
M15. Braised Black Mushroom with Bok Choy $8.95
M16. Tomatoes with Scrambled Egg $7.95
M17. Crispy Egg Tofu with Dry Scallop $9.95
M18. Peking Eggplants $7.95
M19. Mongolian Tofu $6.95
M20. Celery and Ginkgo with Red Kidney Beans $7.95
M21. Sauteed Lettuce with Oyster Sauce $6.95
M22. Braised Spinach with Assorted Egg $9.95
M23. Buddah’s Feast $8.95
M24. Sauteed Pumpkin with Salted Egg $7.95
M25. Pan Fried Chili in House Special Sauce $7.95
M26. Mixed Mushroom and Fungus with Spinach in House Special Soup $9.95

Clay Pot

Clay Pot
N1. Lamb with Dry Bean Curb in Clay Pot $11.95
N2. Mixed Mushroom with Cordyceps Flowers in Clay Pot $9.95
N3. Braised Fish Fillets with Tofu in Clay Pot $8.95
N4. Spicy Seafood and Tofu in Clay Pot $9.95
N5. Combination Seafood and Tofu in Clay Pot $9.95
N6. Dry Shrimp and Mixed Pork with Vermicelli in Clay Pot $8.95
N7. Beef and Vermicelli with Satay Sauce in Clay Pot $8.95
N8. Crispy Egg Tofu and Mixed Pork in Black Pepper in Clay Pot $9.95
N9. Braised Spareribs and Chinese Sausages with Taro in Clay Pot $10.95
N10. Beef Stew with Turnips in Clay Pot $8.95
N11. Eggplants with Chicken in Clay Pot $7.95
N12. Mixed Mushroom and Bok Choy with Seafood in Clay Pot $10.95
N13. Seafood with Curry and Coconut in Clay Pot $9.95

Sizzling Platter

Sizzling Platter
P1. Sizzling Beef Fillet Platter with Black Pepper $11.95
P2. Sizzling Beef Sawed Platter with Black Bean $9.95
P3. Sizzling Combo Meat Platter $11.95
P4. Sizzling Oyster Platter with Ginger and Green Onion $11.95

Fun and Noodle

Fun and Noodle
Q1. Singapore Style Chow Rice Noodle $8.95
Q2. Sam See Chow Rice Noodles $7.95
Q2. Sam See Chow Mein $7.95
Q3. Seafood Chow Rice Noodles $8.95
Q3. Seafood Chow Mein $8.95
Q4. Sliced Pork Chow Rice Noodle with Mixed Mushroom in XO Sauce $8.95
Q4. Sliced Pork Chow Mein with Mixed Mushroom in XO Sauce $8.95
Q5. Beef Chow Mein with Black Pepper $7.95
Q6. Beef Dry Chow Fun $6.95
Q7. Soy Sauce Chow Mein $6.95
Q8. Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein $6.95
Q9. Shrimp Chow Mein $8.95
Q10. BBQ Pork Chow Mein $6.95
Q10. BBQ Chicken Chow Mein $6.95
Q10. BBQ Beef Chow Mein $6.95
Q11. Pan Fried Seafood Noodle $9.95
Q12. Mongolian Beef Pan Fried Noodle $8.95
Q15. Tomato Beef Pan Fried Noodle $8.95
Q16. Sam See Pan Fried Noodle $8.95
Q17. Sliced Pork and Preserved Green with Rice Noodle Soup $6.95
Q17. Sliced Pork and Preserved Green with Mein Soup $6.95
Q18. Hot and Sour Chicken with Rice Noodle Soup $7.95
Q19. Scrambled Egg with Prawns over Chow Fun $8.95
Q20. Beef and Mixed Mushroom in XO Sauce over Chow Fun $7.95
Q20. Chicken and Mixed Mushroom in XO Sauce over Chow Fun $7.95
Q21. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce over Chow Fun $6.95
Q21. Beef with Black Bean Sauce over Chow Fun $6.95
Q22. Shanghai Stir Fried Rice Cake with Pork $6.95
Q23. Stir Fried Rice Cake with Preserved Cabbage and Shredded Pork $6.95
Q24. House Special Clam Meat Yee Noodle $8.95
Q25. Stay Fried Braised Noodle with Yellow Leek $6.95
Q26. Chicken Curry Yee Noodle $7.95
Q27. Za Jiang Mein $5.95
Q28. Spicy Dan Dan Mein $5.95
Q29. Braised Beef Stew Noodle Soup $7.95
Q30. Hot and Sour Pork Noodle Soup $7.95
Q31. Spareribs Noodle Soup $6.95
Q32. BBQ Pork and Wonton with Noodle Soup $7.95

Fried Rice

Fried Rice
R1. Bitter Melon with Beef in XO Sauce Fried Rice $7.95
R2. Yang Chow Fried Rice $7.95
R3. Seafood and Curry Fried Rice $8.95
R4. Chicken BBQ Fried Rice $6.95
R4. Beef BBQ Fried Rice $6.95
R4. Prok BBQ Fried Rice $6.95
R5. Dried Scallop and Seafood with Egg White Fried Rice $10.95
R6. Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice $7.95
R7. String Bean and Egg Fried Rice $6.95
R8. Baked Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf $12.95
R9. Fukien Fried Rice $8.95
R10. Shrimp with Lettuce Fried Rice $7.95
R11. Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice $6.95
R12. Egg with Ginger Fried Rice $6.95
R13. Seafood Fried Rice in XO Sauce $7.95
R14. Chinese Sausages Fried Rice $7.95
R15. Mixed Pork with Ginger and Black Bean Fried Rice $6.95
R16. Steam Rice $1.25
R17. Brown Rice $1.50


S1. Preserved Egg and Pork Congee $4.95
S2. Beef with Corainder Congee $4.95
S3. Chicken with Black Mushroom Congee $5.95
S4. Dry Scallop with Ginkgo Congee $5.95
S5. Salted Spareribs with Green Mustard Congee $5.95
S6. Clam with Dry Scallop Congee $7.95
S7. Fish Fillet with Lettuce Congee $5.95
S8. Meat Ball with Watercress Congee $5.95
S9. Dry Scallop with Seafood Congee $7.95

Dinner Special

Dinner Special
No A. Dinner Special per Person $6.95 House special soup, egg roll, sweet sour pork, chicken chow mein and steam rice.
No B. Dinner Special per Person $7.95 House special soup, fried wonton, sweet and sour chicken, broccoli beef, chicken chow mein and steam rice.
No C. Dinner Special per Person $8.95 House special soup, egg roll, fried wonton, orange chicken, mongolian beef, chicken chow mein and BBQ pork fried rice.
No D. Dinner Special per Person $9.95 House special soup, crab butterfly, egg roll, lemon chicken, broccoli beef, sweet and sour fish fillet, chicken chow mein and BBQ pork fried rice.

Mu Shu Dish

Mu Shu Dish
E1. Mu Shu Pork $7.95
E2. Mu Shu Chicken $7.95
E3. Mu Shu Vegetable $7.95
E4. Mu Shu Shrimp $8.95
S5. Mu Shu Seafood $8.95

Egg Fu Yung

Egg Fu Yung
F1. Egg Fu Yung BBQ Pork $7.95
F2. Egg Fu Yung Chicken $7.95
F3. Egg Fu Yung Vegetable $7.95
F4. Egg Fu Yung Shrimp $8.95

Chef’s Special

Chef’s Special
G1. Braised Chicken with House Special Sauce in Rice Cooker $11.95 – $23.00
G2. Braised and Salted in Hakka Style $11.95 – $23.00
G3. Braised Chinese Bacon with Taro $9.95
G4. Braised Spareribs with Garlic in House Special Sauce $12.95
G5. Spicy Salt and Pepper Spareribs $7.95
G6. Pork with String Bean in XO Sauce $8.95
G7. Shallot Spareribs $8.95
G8. Steam Taro with Mixed Beef and Chinese Sausage $9.95
G9. Pan Fried Stuffed Capsicum $8.95
G10. Fish Fillet with Mushroom and Fungus in XO Sauce $9.95
G11. Braised Fish Fillet with Tofu in Clay Pot $8.95
G12. Beef Short Ribs with Black Pepper and Honey Sauce $11.95
G13. Sauteed Tender Beef with Mushroom in BBQ Sauce $11.95
G14. Deep Fried Double Meatballs with Broccoli $9.95
G15. Sauteed Clams in Hong Kong Style $11.95
G16. Sauteed Clam with Basil in House Special Sauce $11.95
G17. Sauteed Tiger Shrimp with Maggie Sauce $14.95
G18. Spicy and Crispy Prawns $13.95
G19. Pan Fried Oyster with Black Pepper in House Special Sauce $11.95
G20. Seafood with Curry and Coconut in Clay Pot $10.95
G21. Mushroom and Pumpkin with Salted Egg $7.95
G22. Whole House Special Deep Fried Squab $14.95
G23. Peking Duck $13.95 – $24.95
G24. Braised Duck with 3 Cups Clay Por $11.95


H1. Walnuts Prawns $9.95
H2. Salt and Pepper Prawns $9.95
H3. Pumpkin and Strips Prawns with Salted Egg $9.95
H4. Sweet and Sour Shrimp $8.95
H5. Scrambled Egg with Prawns $8.95
H6. Kung Pao Prawns $8.95
H7. Cashew Prawns $8.95
H8. Sauteed Prawn with Mixed Mushroom in Xo Sauce $9.95
H9. Spicy and Crispy Prawns $13.95
H10. Clams with Black Bean Beef Sauce $11.95
H11. Clams with Bok Choy in House Special Sauce $11.95
H12. Steam Clam with Egg $13.95
H13. Salt and Pepper Calamari $8.95
H14. Squids in Satay Sauce $8.95
H15. Sauteed Prawns and Squids $9.95
H16. Sizzling Seafood and Vegetable $9.95
H17. Deep Fried Flounder Fish $13.95
H18. Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet $8.95
H19. Boiled Fish Filled with Flaming Chili $10.95
H20. Fish Fillets with Tofu and Chinese Pickle Soup $10.95
H21. Fish Fillet with Tofu in Black Bean Sauce $8.95
H22. Fish Fillet with and Shrimp with Fungus and Celery $8.95
H23. Flounder Fish with Chili in Blade Bean Sauce $14.95
H24. Oyster with Meg Pepper Sauce $11.95
H25. Oyster with Black Pepper $11.95
H26. Sauteed Oyster with Ginger and Scallion $11.95


J1. Sweet and Sour Chicken with Pineapple $7.95
J2. Lemon Chicken $7.95
J3. Orange Chicken $7.95
J4. General Chicken $7.95
J5. Cashew Chicken $7.95
J6. Kung Pao Chicken $6.95
J7. String Bean and Chicken with Black Bean Sauce $7.95
J8. Double Mushroom with Chicken $8.95
J9. Black Mushroom Chicken with Mixed Vegetable $7.95
J10. Sauteed Chicken with Orange Peel $7.95
J11. Sesame Chicken $7.95
J12. Walnut Chicken $7.95
J13. Sauteed Chicken with Fungus and Mushroom $9.95
J14. Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings $7.95 Eight pieces.
J15. Spicy Deep Fried Chicken Wings $7.95
J16. Chong Qing Chili Chicken $8.95
J17. Curry Chicken $7.95
J18. Sauteed Chicken with Squid with Satay Sauce $8.95
Black Mushroom $7.95

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