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Cuisine: Sushi.

Sashimi Ala Carte

sliced raw fish-5 pieces
Sake $6.50 fresh salmon
Smoked Salmon $6.50
Saba $6.50 marinated mackerel
Tako $6.50 octopus
Shiro Maguro $6.50 white tuna
Maguro $7.50 tuna
Hamachi $7.50 yellowtail
Katsuo Tataki $7.50 bonito with ponzu sauce
Hirame Usuzukuri $7.50 thinly sliced halibut
Tai Usuzukuri $7.50 thinly sliced red snapper

Nigiri Sushi

2 pieces per order
Inari $2.50 sweet bean curd
Tamago $2.50 egg omelet
Saba $3.80 marinated mackerel
Shiro Maguro $3.80 white tuna
Suzuki $3.80 seabass
Smoked Salmon $3.80
Tako $3.80 octopus
Ika $3.80 squid
Sake $3.80 fresh salmon
Kani $3.80 crab meat
Hotate $3.80 scallop
Ebi $3.80 shrimp
Tobika $3.80 flying fish roe
Hokigai $3.80 surf clam
Maguro $4.00 tuna
Hamachi $4.00 yellowtail
Hirame $4.00 halibut
Katsuo $4.00 bonito
Tai $4.00 red snapper
Unagi $4.00 fresh water eel
Ikura $4.00 salmon roe
Uni $5.00 sea urchin
Amaebi $5.00 sweet shrimp
Anago $5.00 sea water eel
Kampachi $5.00 amberjack-seasonal

Hosomaki Or Temaki

seaweed roll or hand roll
Kappa Maki $3.25 cucumber
Oshinko Maki $3.25 pickled radish
Avocado Maki $3.25
Umekyu Maki $3.25 pickled plum & cucumber
Kanpyo Maki $3.25 cooked gourd
Asparagus Maki $3.25 with bonito flakes
Mushroom Maki $3.25 sweet mushroom
Gobo Maki $3.25 burdock root
Horenso Maki $3.25 spinach
Tekka Maki $3.80 tuna
Negihama Maki $3.80 yellowtail & scallion
Sake Maki $3.80 fresh salmon & scallion
Gari Saba Maki $3.80 mackerel & ginger
Ume Hirame Maki $3.80 halibut & plum paste
Negi Shiro Maguro Maki $3.80 w-tuna & scallion

Futo Maki

large seaweed roll
Half Futo Maki $4.50 4 pieces dried fish, egg & vegetables
Half Hana Sushi $4.50 4 pieces bonito flakes, eel, shrimp, egg & vegetables
Futo Maki $8.00 8 pieces dried fish, egg & vegetables
Hana Sushi $8.00 8 pieces bonito flakes, eel, shrimp, egg & vegetables
Deluxe California Maki $8.00 8 pieces flying fish roe, avocado, crab meat & cucumber
Shrimp Tempura Maki $9.50 4 pieces shrimp tempura, tobiko, cucumber & kaiware
Spider Maki $9.50 4 pieces soft shell crab, cucumber & kaiware
Rainbow Maki $9.50 5 different kinds of fish, crab meat & avocado
Caterpillar Maki $9.50 eel, cucumber, avocado & tobiko
Dragon Maki $9.50 eel, shrimp tempura & avocado
Tiger Maki $9.50 eel, shrimp, avocado, cucumber & tobiko
49Er’s Maki $9.50 fresh salmon, sliced lemon, avocado & tobiko
Cherry Blossom $9.50 tuna, yellowtail, cucumber, avocado & kaiware
Golden Dragon $9.50 california maki topped w/fresh salmon, lemon & ponzu sauce
Fire Dragon $9.50 california maki topped w/spicy tuna, tobiko & scallions
Shrimp Tempura Rainbow Maki $11.00 5 different kinds of fish, shrimp tempura & cucumber
Amberjack Special $11.00 california maki topped with eel & tobiko

Uramaki Or Temaki

inside out seaweed roll or hand roll
Smoked Salmon Maki $4.25 with avocado
New York Maki $4.25 shrimp & avocado
Ebikyu Maki $4.25 shrimp & cucumber
Unakyu Maki $4.25 fresh water eel & cucumber
Rock’n Maki $4.25 fresh water ell & avocado
Spicy Scallop Maki $4.25 with tobiko
Salmon Skin Maki $4.25 grilled salmon skin & scallion
Shrimp & Asparagus Maki $4.25 w/bonito flakes
Spicy Tuna Maki $4.25 spicy tuna with scallion
Spicy Hamachi Maki $4.25 spicy yellowtail with scallion
Spicy Salmon Maki $4.25 spicy fresh salmon with scallion
California Maki $4.25 fresh crab, avocado & cucumber
Tekkyu Maki $4.25 tuna with cucumber
Tuna & Asparagus Maki $4.25
Tuna Kamikaze $4.25 yellowtail with avocado, scallion & tobiko
Yellowtail Kamikaze $4.25 yellowtail with avocado, scallion & tobiko
Salmon Kamikaze $4.25 fresh salmon with avocado, scallion & tobika

From The Sushi Bar

served with miso soup
Sashimi Regular $12.00 9 pieces of chef’s choice raw fish, served with steamed rice
Sashimi Deluxe $15.00 12 pieces of chef’s choice raw fish, served with steamed rice
Nigiri Sushi Regular $12.00 1 tuna roll & 5 pieces of chef’s choice nigiri
Nigiri Sushi Deluxe $15.00 1 california roll & 8 pieces of chef’s choice nigiri
Chirashi $13.50 assorted raw fish over sushi rice
Tekka Don $13.50 sliced tuna sushi rice
Hamachi Don $13.50 sliced yellowtail over sushi rice

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