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Cuisine: Sandwiches.


Tonawanda Boneless Chicken ;;Wings;; spice rubbed marinated chicken breast meets panko and unites as one in the deep fryer and then we toss ’em with butter hot sauce. served with a homemade garlic mayo dip.
Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Dumplings warm baked apples cooked in a sweet & tangy sauce, placed into a puff pastry dough and baked until flaky, then served with a cinnamon sauce and whipped cream.


The Chicago (17 sandwich) juicy slice of meatloaf topped with mozzarella and tomato slices, on fresh italian bread with chicago red sauce.
The Philly (mood) philly shaved steak oozing with our famous philly cheese sauce & mozzarella cheese on a fresh french baguette.
The New Orleans (bubba bob wrap) local shrimp and fried okra, loaded into a wheat wrap, laced with sauteed onion and pepper, and finally smothered in a rich gumbo sauce.
The NY (tantalizer wrap) club breaded stacked high with thick and juicy chunks of strip steak and grilled vegetables, dripping with our scrumptious tantalizer sauce.
The San Franciscan steamed broccoli, carrot, and cauliflower enriched with warm sour kraut and swiss cheese, and then placed on a hot sourdough roll.
The Wisconsin (stuffed) braunschweiger liverwurst on a sourdough, with a white cream dressing melted swiss cheese red onion and sour kraut.
The Baltimore (pinched me) fresh and local crab combined with a beautiful array of seasoning making the perfect crab cake, served with crunchy cabbage and a creamy dipping sauce.
The Delmonico (as in new york) delmonico steak ground into a lean and awesome tasting mega-steakburger placed on a buttered kaiser roll, smothered in mushrooms and balsamic mayo.
The New England (chowda) a delicious, traditional cream-based clam chowder, enriched with potatoes and onion in a creamy bacon base.
The Louisiana (po’ boy) hot roast beef & fresh breaded shrimp doused with a remoulade and fresh vegetables served on a baguette.
The Tijuana (enchilada denada) thin slices of shaved beef cooked with jack cheese, topped with our very own home grown hot chili sauce, tightly snug in a flour tortilla.
The L.A. (galbi) braised beef short ribs marinated for 24 hours in our homemade bbq sauce then slow baked with a medley of sweet vegetables, served over a plate of fluffy long grained rice.
The Alamo (corn-dog) foot long fat dog dipped in our homemade corn battered with a hint of jalapeno, deep fried till crispy and served with dijon mustard.
The Lobster Roll chunks of tender, sweet cooked lobster meat barely napped in a thin coating of mayonnaise and seasoning, all stuffed into a buttered white-bread bun.


Pennsylvania Shoo-Fly Pie a delicious combination of buttery crisp pastry and a rice, dense, and chewy filling that is loaded with toasted pecans and molasses.
Boston Cream Pie a classic combination of rich chocolate and custard cream filling, sandwiched between a buttery white cake then covered in chocolate.

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