American Way Market

Up to date American Way Market prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Fountain Soda $1.50
Vintage Soda $2.00
Italian Soda $3.00 – $3.50
Spindrift Soda $2.50
Apple Juice $2.00
Hot Chocolate $3.50
Espresso Double Shot $2.50
Cappuccino $3.50
Latte $3.50 – $4.50
Mocha $3.50 – $4.50
Macchiato $3.50
Americano $3.00 – $4.00
Coffee $2.50 – $3.50


Cheddar Ale Soup $3.50 – $6.00 Served with bread.
Smoked Tri-Tip Chili $3.50 – $6.00 Served with bread.

Handcrafted Salads

American Harvest Salad $7.00 Roasted butternut squash, beets, pumpkin seeds, pecans, feta cheese and greens tossed in a champagne vinaigrette.
Chicken Caesar Salad $8.00 Sliced chicken breast, romaine lettuce, croutons and Parmesan cheese tossed in Caesar dressing.
BLT Salad $8.00 Bacon, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion and feta cheese tossed in a buttermilk dressing, served with sourdough bread.
Spinach Salad $7.00 Dried cranberries and apricots, spiced candied pecans, goat cheese and spinach with a side of poppy seed dressing.
Asian Chicken Salad $9.00 Diced chicken breast, Mandarin oranges, almonds, red bell pepper, cucumber, slaw mix, romaine and crispy noodles with a side of Thai vinaigrette.

From the Smokehouse

Pulled Pork Sandwich $7.50 Smoked the American way and served on a brioche bun from in-house bakery. Topped with tangy slaw and house BBQ sauce.
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $7.00 Smoked chicken with house BBQ sauce and topped with Monterey Jack cheese and tangy slaw. Served on a brioche bun from our in-house bakery.
Smoked Tri-Tip Sandwich $8.00 Smoked tri-tip, Monterey Jack cheese and house made chimichurri sauce served on sliced sourdough bread.
Smoked Egg Salad Sandwich $6.00 Hard boiled eggs, smoked, then mixed with celery and red onion served with spring mix on fresh sourdough bread.
Smokehouse Turkey $7.00 House smoked turkey breast topped with spring mix and a slice of
peppadew Havarti with dill aioli, served on hand crafted sourdough bread.


Cuban Club Sandwich $9.00 Smoked pork or chicken, deli ham, turkey, bacon, Havarti horseradish cheese and dill pickle served with Cajun aloli on a ciabatta roll.
Curry Chicken Salad $7.50 Diced chicken in a special curry sauce with celery, onion, apple and spinach, served open faced with slices of fruit and nut ciabatta.
Tuna Salad Sandwich $6.50 White tuna, celery, onion, pickle and lemon zest aioll served on a bed of spring mix with sourdough bread,


1/2 Sandwich and 1/2 Salad $7.50
1/2 Sandwich and Cup of Soup $7.50
1/2 Salad and Cup of Soup $7.50

Flatbread Pizzas

Margherita Pizza $7.00 Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and herbs.
Pepperoni Pizza $7.50 Roma tomato sauce, pepperoni and cheeses.
BBQ Chicken Pizza $8.00 BBQ sauce, chicken, red onions, cheeses and cilantro.
Mushroom Trio Pizza $8.00 Olive oil, balsamic glaze, a trio of mushrooms, truffle oil and cheeses.


Chips $1.00
Extra Meat $2.00
Potato Salad $2.00
Side of Bread $1.50
Side Salad $4.00
Slaw $2.00

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