Americano Deli and Grill

Up to date Americano Deli and Grill prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Green $4.99 Lettuce, tomatoes, onions and balsamic vinegar
Greek $5.99 Tomatoes, onions, peppers, feta, olive oil and vinegar with balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Caesar $7.99 Grilled chicken, lettuce, bread crumbs, parmesan and caesar dressing
BBQ Chicken $7.99 Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bread crumbs and BBQ sauce with balsamic vinaigrette dressing


All burgers come with small fries
Burger $5.99 1/2 lb. Patty
Cheeseburger $6.99 1/2 lb. Patty with choice of cheese
Pastrami Burger $7.99 1/2 lb. Patty with pastrami
Bacon Burger $7.99 1/2 lb. Patty with bacon
Wild West Burger $8.99 1/2 lb. Patty bacon, onion rings and BBQ sauce
Sunny Burger $7.49 1/2 lb. Patty with egg and cheese
The Burger $7.49 1/2 lb. Patty with jalapeno and cheese
Americano Burger $7.49 1/2 lb. Patty with gluten free, mob, slow and cheese
Honey Boo Boo $8.99 Double cheeseburger
4th of July $7.99 1/2 lb. Patty with jalapeno peppers.
Mountain Burger $7.99 1/2 lb. Patty with swiss, bacon & mushrooms
California Burger $8.99 1/2 lb. Patty with avocado and swiss


Skinny Chick $7.99 Chicken breast topped with mushrooms, avocado, provolone and godfather sauce
Cheesy Napoleon $7.99 Ham is coupled with gruyere & brie
Lil’ Piggy Went to Dinner $7.49 Ham & bacon stuffed in toasted loaf with cheddar and mob sauce
Magellan’s Catch $7.49 Tuna salad combined with cheddar & godfather sauce
The Breakup $8.49 Pastrami, corned beef topped with americano slaw, fries & godfather sauce
Friday I’m in Love $8.49 Pastrami & turkey topped with godfather sauce, americano slaw & swiss cheese.
Americano $8.49 Salami, prosciutto, mortadella capicola with cheese & godfather sauce
The Hangover $7.99 Bacon, capicola, tomato, lettuce, cheese & godfather sauce
Southern Bell $7.99 All natural turkey, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing topped with bacon
Old Country $7.99 Roast beef & corn beef topped with americano slaw. Godfather sauce & cheese
Shut the Front Door $7.99 Bacon & ham topped with over easy eggs & fries
It’s Complicated $8.49 Pastrami, corned beef, spinach, swiss cheese topped with over easy eggs
Just Friends $8.49 Bacon, cappicola & fries topped with mozzarella, havarti & mob sauce
The Hike $8.49 Black forest ham & brie topped with mob sauce & americano slaw
Quebecois $8.49 Turkey & ham topped with brie havarti and mob sauce
Deuces $8.49 Bacon, capicola, salami, topped with mozzarella & fries
BLTA $7.99 Bacon, lettuce, tomato & avocado
Tiger Woods $8.49 Ham, bacon, turkey, covered in provolone, lettuce, tomato and mob sauce
Sunday Dinner $8.49 Turkey, roast beef, americano, slaw and fries
Californian $8.49 Turkey, avocado, swiss and americano slaw
San Mateo $8.49 Roast beef, turkey, avocado, havarti and americano slaw
The Bobby 5 $7.99 Ham, turkey and bacon, topped with cheddar, mozzarella and americano slaw
Healthy Chick $7.49 Over easy egg, avocado, with americano slaw and havarti
Green Eggs n Ham $7.99 Avocado, over easy egg and ham
Veggie Delight $7.99 Americano slaw, over easy egg, avocado, mozzarella and brie
Just Joshing $8.99 Grilled chicken, bacon, brie cheese, ranch dressing and godfather sauce
Charlie Sheen $8.99 Roast beef, corned beef, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno peppers & godfather sauce
The Big Moose $8.99 Grilled chicken, pepper jack cheese jalapeno peppers & mob sauce
The Bomb $9.99 Euro pita bread stuffed with grilled chicken onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese & godfather sauce
The Big Kevin $8.99 Chicken, ham, avocado, gluten free, mob and cheddar
Mr. Fred $7.99 Pastrami, gluten free and slaw, swiss
The Ringer $8.49 Bacon, ham, onions rings, mob
Farm Ville $8.49 Mushrooms, spinach, avocado, grilled peppers, grilled onions, gluten free and provolone
King Kong $8.99 Roast beef, turkey, ham, avocado, gluten free, mob, jalapeno peppers, provolone & slaw

Savory Crepes

Zeus $6.49 Spinach, mushrooms, feta, ricotta, cheese and godfather sauce
Bari $7.49 Chicken breast with mushrooms, tomatoes, provolone and godfather sauce
Winnie the Pooh $7.99 Smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers
Piglet $7.99 Ham, bacon and pepper jack cheese
Walk of Shame $7.99 Philly cheesesteak, pepper jack, jalapenos, peppers, onions and avocado
Richard Simmons $7.99 Chicken, mozzarella, mushrooms, avocado and godfather sauce


Philly Cheese $7.99 Steak, cheese, grilled onions and peppers
Chick A Philly $7.99 Chicken, cheese, onions and peppers
Giuseppe’s Masterpiece $8.49 Steak, cheese with lettuce, tomato, onions and peppers
Bay Cheesesteak $8.99 Steak, cheese, avocado, grilled onions and peppers
Forrest Steak $8.49 Steak, cheese mushrooms, grilled onions and peppers

Sweet Crepes

Willy Wonka $4.99 Nutella
Americana $5.75 Nutella and strawberry
Jungle Fever $5.50 Nutella and banana
Mi Amante $6.50 Nutella, strawberry and banana
Cupid’s Dream $6.50 Nutella, strawberry, bananan and almonds

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