Up to date Amitabul prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Healthy, Korean, Vegetarian.


Mandoo Vegan Dumpling $7.95
Mandoo Plus Veggies $8.95
Spicy Kimchi Maki $8.95 kimchi, spinach, carrot
Steamed Tofu With Veggies $8.95
Jade Maki $8.95 cucumber, avocado, and spinach
Energy Maki Roll $8.95 various herbs and roots


Tofu Miso Soup $3.00
Seaweed Mushroom Soup $3.00
Seaweed Miso Soup $3.00
Mild Wonton Soup $8.95
Flu Soup $8.95


Seaweed Veggie Salad $8.95
Seaweed Fruit Salad $8.95
Cold Buck Wheat Noodle Salad $11.95
Spicy Kimchi Tofu Salad $8.95
Tofu Veggie Salad $8.95

Stew $9.95

Spicy Rice Cake Stew
Mild Tofu Mushroom Stew
Spicy Potato Stew
Spicy Dr.K?s Stew
Spicy Energy Healing Stew

Amitabul Specials

Maha Pyogo $11.95 steamed stirred shitake, oyster, and button mushroom nixed with many green veggies served with mellow garlic sauce over brown rice
Buddha?s 3 Luck $10.95 sweet and minty flavor of maple and wild sesame leaf base sauce mixed with chewy brown rice cake and mystic asian veggies served over brown rice
Tempeh Veggie Stir $11.95 6 pieces of tempeh with super healthy veggies tumbled all over tibetan curry and chef dave?s special sauces to bring complete choi of cooking
Green And Greener Nirvana $10.95 heavenly green veggies, chunks of tofu and seaweed tumbled with a mellow mild every green in your heart!.
Yin And Yan $10.95 please do not order this dish if you can not handle the heat. spicy brown rice cake stir with heavenly veggies served over white or brown rice
Wolfman?s Dream Treats $11.95 super energy pumping dish with large chunks of chestnut sweet potato, potato, and radish with touch of mixed nut and many health veggies (mild, medium, or spicy)
Buddha Bop $11.95 wonderfully balanced herbs and roots steamed stirred with many veggies and special flavor. umm it?s good
Hello Dolly And Bill $10.95 super steamed stirred veggies mixed in a special flavor of chef dave?s secret sauces
Chef?s Combo Special Platter $19.95 includes soup, tea, dessert and surprise entree

Amitabul Healing Noodle Soup $11.95

Dr. K?s Cure All Noodle Soup dr. linda krinsky of chicago ?s favorite spicy noodle soup with heavenly veggies, seaweed, and tofu served with wheat or rice noodle. it?s good for cold, flu, hangover, and sore throats
Kimchi Noodle Soup tangy and spicy amitabul kimchi with tofu, veggies that will help you with healing energy that will heal colds and flu?s. a lot of sweating too!
9 Ways To Nirvana Noddle Soup soothing mellow flavor of 12 year aged miso base broth with tofu, seaweed, and veggie goodies will take you 9th way to nirvana
Steve?s Super Shitake Wonder Noodle Soup mushroom base mild broth with sliced brown rice cake with seaweed, three kinds of mushroom and veggies that will turn your days into a higher fantasy
Mandoo Noodle Soup mild cabbage broth and 6 pc. of veggies dumplings mixed with tofu and many healthy veggies
Healing Energy Noodle Soup complete list of many healing herbs, veggies with tofu that will kick one step higher for your inner level of energy

Amitabul Bi Bim Bop $10.95

Heavenly Tofu Bi Bim Bop
Spicy Kimchi Tofu Bi Bim Bop
Fresh Salad Bi Bim Bop
Mushroom Bi Bim Bop
Amitabul Herb Bi Bim Bop

Amitabul?s Tofu Young Patties $11.95

Amitabul Original Veggie Tofu Young
Spicy Kimchi Tofu Young
Ocean Seaweed Tofu Young
Energy Herb Tofu Young

Steamed Stir Veggies

Chop Chae Bop $11.95 steamed sweet potato noodle with three kinds of mushroom, gathered with many health veggies. (mild, medium, or spicy)
Tibetan High Noon $10.95 spicy tibetan curry and chef dave?s special seasoning creates excellent tasting noodles tumbled all over with special asian veggies that will kick you higher of high noon in your inner heart. (mild,
Amitabul Energy Nut $11.95 thick whole-wheat noodles steamed with wonderfully flavored veggies and various tasting nuts that will provide energy for your body
Dark Side Of The Moon $11.95 heavenly oyster mushroom with shitake mushrooms steamed stir with mystic asian veggies noodles all mixed over rice noodle and aged chef dave?s black bean miso sauce will take you to the dark side of
Zesty Noodle $10.95 spicy and tangy citrus flavor of zesty noodles with our healthy veggies that will zest up your taste bud. choice of rice or wheat noodle. (mild, medium, or spicy)
Kimchi Tofu Stir Noodle $11.95 spicy and tangy flavor of amitabul?s original kimchi steamed stirred with chunks of healthy tofu and veggies to fulfill your desire of a s spicy noodle dish. choice of rice or wheat noodle
Sweet Curry Noodle $11.95 mild mahajian curry flavor meet with apple and pear tumbled all over steamed stirred noodles and many healthy veggies

Amitabul Dry Grilled Pancakes $10.95

Soy Pancakes
Amitabul Original
Spicy Kimchi Pancakes
Black Pearl Pancakes
Energy Pancakes

Amitabul Special Services

3 Day Fiber Fasting $65.00
One Day Three (3) $29.95 meal package (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Amitabul Program $11.95 individual meal

Monthly Meal Plan

1 Meal Plan $300.00
2 Meal Plan $500.00
3 Meal Plan $700.00


Sweet Red Bean Rice Cake $2.00
Ice Cream $3.00
Chestnut Cookie $2.00
Energy Bar $4.95
Giant Read Bean Cake $5.95

Tea $3.95

Energy Tea
Green Tea
Date Tea
Ginger/Energy Tea
Ginger Tea
Citron Tea
Ginger/Citron Tea

Juices $4.95

Green Heaven $4.95 kiwi, line, orange, pineapple, spinach, cucumber
Energy Shake $4.95 tofu, mixed nuts, orange, apple, pear
Awakeing Energy $4.95
Sunset Smoothie $14.95 tofu, apple, strawberry, mango, orange
Ginger – Apple $4.95 super energy pumping dish with large chunks of chestnut sweet potato, potato,and radish with touch of mixed nut and many health veggies (mild, medium, or spicy)

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