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Cuisine: Indian.


Trolley Chaat $9.00 With your choice of crisped spinach, aloo papdi and bhel puri.
Samosa Jaislmer $7.00 Crisp fried dumplings, combo of spiced potatoes and peas, cheese-spinach and moong dal.
Khyber Mushroom $8.00 Stuffed, marinated cheese and lychee papaya sauce.
5 Spice Paneer $9.00 Hung paneer, marinated and finished in griddle, chimichurri sauce.
Tikki Trio $8.00 Combo, beetroot, spiced fruits and goat cheese patties.
Subz Fritters $7.00 Artichoke, spinach, green chili, cauliflower and panch puran tomato relish.
Lasuni Cauliflower Manchurian $8.00 Battered pan-Asian style with sweet chili garlic sauce.
Dahi Ke Kabab $8.00 Spiced hung yogurt, sesame coriander and mint relish.
Chowk Ki Tikki $7.00 Pan seared pea and potato cakes, tamarind and coriander chutneys.
Black Pepper Chicken $8.00 Pan-Asian style with spring onion and soy chili sauce.
Khujrao Chicken $9.00 Tandoor cooked tenders, onions seed, hung yogurt and chili soy tomato relish.
Awadhi Galoti Kebab $10.00 Smoked lamb, infused with spices and mace.
Wasabi Crusted Crab Cake $10.00 Alaskan crab lumps, arugula and Dijon paprika sauce.
Crusted Divers Scallops $12.00 Tamarind glazed, cumin and roasted pepper puree.
Pepper Calamari $10.00 Crispy cherry peppers, ginger and aioli.
Spiced Coconut Shrimp $10.00 Jumbo shrimp with coconut and almond crunch.
Monk Fish Tikka Ajwaini $9.00 Carum infused, bay leaf and peri-peri sauce.

Soups and Salads

Soups and Salads
Crunchy Okra Salad $8.00 Kuchumbar citrus salad with spiced cilantro lime vinaigrette.
Mango Walnut Mesculan Salad $9.00 Fresh greens, grated paneer and ginger red curry dressing.
Sprouted Moong and Radicchio Salad $8.00 Tear drop tomatoes, red onions and tamarind vinaigrette.
Garlic Tomato Soup $7.00 Fresh herbs, roasted garlic and croutons.
Roasted Makai Shorba $7.90 Fresh corn kernel soup, served with or without shrimp.
Coriander and Lemon Soup $7.90 Baby Bella mushrooms and ginger, served with or without chicken.

Tandoori Entrees

Tandoori Entrees
Subz-E-Bahisht $12.00 Seasonal vegetables, marinated, herbs and spices.
Paneer Mango Mint $15.00 Mustard seeds, bell peppers and red onions.
Murgh Tandoori $16.00 Punjabi style and tikka spices, with your choice of bone-in or tikka pieces.
Murgh Ke Kebab $16.00 Minced chicken skewers, fresh garlic and coriander seeds.
Rosemary Makhmali Murgh $17.00 Tenderloin meat, star anise and delicately spiced.
Kakori Kabab $18.00 Minced lamb skewers, tandoor smoked, ginger, nutmeg and khus-khus.
Mysore Chops $26.00 French lamb, papaya, ginger, crushed garlic and roasted herbs.
Chilean Sea Bass Tandoori $24.00 Natural yogurt, paprika, cumin and coriander seeds.
Lobster 2 Ways $28.00 Smoked with yogurt, ginger, garlic and kokam sauce.
Pomegranate Tequila Shrimp $20.00 Rock shrimp, pomegranate kernels and coriander chili tomato dipping sauce.

Non Vegetarian Signature Entrees

Non Vegetarian Signature Entrees
Chilguza Dum Kokur $17.00 Bone-in chicken, pine nuts and home style curry.
Murgh Jugalbandi $18.00 Stuffed chicken and sikhandari sauce.
Oh Calcutta Chili Chicken $17.00 Chicken chunks and blended chili powder stir fried with pan Asian flavors.
Nalli Ghazla $24.00 Braised lamb shank, dark rum, star anise and chili vinegar.
Rajasthani Mutton $20.00 Bone-in goat, kashmiri chillies and whole coriander seeds.
12 Spice Pathani Lamb $22.00 Sliced lamb loin, marinated overnight with our chef’s special sauce.
Tawa Machli $24.00 Pan-seared halibut, coarse grain mustard, red chillies, cumin seeds and basil-mint gravy.
Maccher Jhol $20.00 Amiya’s version of the Bengali household fish curry.
Konju Pappas $22.00 Kashmiri chili shrimp, cocum seeds, fenugreek powder and coconut milk.
Shrimp Balchao $20.00 Coconut milk gravy, fenugreek seeds, tamarind pulp, white vinegar and curry leaves.
Lobster Ratnagiri $26.00 Mustard seeds, tamarind and coconut milk.

Non Vegetarian Classic Entrees

Non Vegetarian Classic Entrees
Chicken Tikka Masala $15.00 Traditional tomato and garlic gravy.
Goan Curry $18.00 Shrimp or fish and coconut gravy.
Old Delhi Style Butter Chicken $15.00 Traditional makhni gravy.
Kashmiri Rogan Josh $17.00 Boneless lamb, peppercorn, bay leaves and cardamom.
Vasco Vindaloo $15.00 – $17.00 Chicken or lamb with roasted and ground spices, onions and spiced potato.
Dhansak Chicken $15.00 Mustard seeds, curry leaves and finished with coconut milk.
Korma Chicken $15.00 White poppy seeds, sliced or grated coconut and large dried red chillies.
Bhuna Hyderabadi Goat $17.00 Whole spices, ginger, garlic, coriander and cayenne pepper.
Nilgiri Kurma Lamb $17.00 Boneless lamb chunks, coriander and poppy seeds.

Vegetarian Signature Entrees

Vegetarian Signature Entrees
Diwaan-D-Haandi $15.00 Marinated vegetables, paneer and masala gravy.
Malai Asparagus Kofta $15.00 Stuffed croquets and mustard tadka.
Bharwhan Bhindi $15.00 Stuffed full okra, mustard seeds, turmeric and roasted coconut gravy.
Kalonji Baigan $15.00 Nigella seeds stuffed with baby eggplants, and spiced with cashew peanut sauce.
Sesame Paneer $16.00 Pan-asian flavor, ginger, garlic, soy-oyster and spring onions.
Paneer Bagh-e-bahr $16.00 Stuffed paneer and cashew nut apricot gravy.

Vegetarian Classic Entrees

Vegetarian Classic Entrees
Amiya Paneer $14.00 Farmer’s cheese, tomato and onion gravy.
Kashmiri Dum Aloo $14.00 Scooped potatoes, marinated cheese filling and kashmiri sauce.
Palak Paneer $14.00 Fresh spinach, cheese cubes, Indian herbs and spices.
Tilwale Aloo Gobhi $13.00 Cauliflower florets, roasted potatoes and sesame seeds.
Mattar Paneer $14.00 Hung cheese, petite peas and delicately creamy sauce.
Channa Pindi $13.00 Chickpeas and masala gravy.
Vegetable Manchurian $14.00 Vegetable dumplings, minced onion, ginger, garlic and cilantro sauce.
Dal Tadka $12.00 Yellow lentils and aromatic spices, finished with clarified butter.
Amritsari Dal Makhni $13.00 Slow cooked black lentils and garnished with cream.
Achari Aloo $13.00 Deep fried potatoes and pickled spices.
Korma Vegetable $14.00 Fresh vegetables and creamy cashew nut sauce.
Khoya Kaju $14.00 Crumbled cottage cheese, blanched cashew nuts and delicately sweetened sauce.

Rice, Bread and Accompaniments

Rice, Bread and Accompaniments
Parda Amiya Biriyani $15.00 – $14.00 Old Delhi style dum pukht basmati rice with Indian herbs. With your choice of meat, vegetable or paneer.
Hakka Noodle $12.00
Hakka Fried Rice $12.00
Tandoori Roti $3.50 Fresh Indian style bread prepared in tandoor using whole wheat flour.
Green Chili and Kalonji Roti $4.50
Paratha $5.00 Aloo (marinated potatoes), lachha (layered) or pudina (mint).
Ajwani Roti $4.50 Fresh Indian style bread prepared in tandoor using refined flour. Roti coriander garlic.
Naan $4.00 – $4.50 With your choice of flavor.
Kulcha $5.00 Stuffed (chickpeas and potatoes) onion and paneer.
Bread Basket $10.00 Your choice of paratha, kuilcha, and naan or roti.
Raita $4.50 With your choice of flavor.
Masala Papad $5.00 Lentil crisp topped with fresh salsa with lemon vinaigrette.
House Dinner Salad $5.00 Sliced onion, tomatoes, radish, cucumber with lemon juice and chaat masala.
Coriander Garlic Roti $4.50 Fresh Indian style bread prepared in tandoor using refined flour.

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