Amor y Amargo

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Cuisine: Cocktails, Tapas, Spanish.

House Favorites $14

Di Pompelmo (st). a grapefruity tipple combining tequila, aperol, citron sauvage & hopped grapefruit bitters
Forgotten (ap). sharp notes of thistle. sallers, amere nouvelle, cynar, cognac.
Grandyman (af). earthy with savory bitterness. sallers, nonino amaro, scotch, white rum, creole bitters.
Diamonds & Guns (cl). herbaceous & savory. atsby vermouth, chartreuse, genever, white rum, celery bitters
My Old Piano (af). smokey and spiced. rye, mezcal, carpano antica, kummel, apple bitters
Amaris (ap). a minty blend of fernet branca, gran classico, strega, dry vermouth & burlesque bitters
Sharpie Mustache (ce). easy drinking yet potent with notes of leather and island spice. meletti amaro, bonal, rye whiskey, gin and tiki bitters.
Dismember The Pain (af). rye, palinkovac, dolin blanc, zucca, absinthe
Black Rock Chiller (st). who needs ice? suze, branca menta, reposado tequila. surprisingly quaffable for coming straight out of the bottle!
8 Amaro Sazerac (ms). eight amari take the place of rye. peychaud?s and orange bitters in a glass rinsed with green chartreuse

Bespoke Cocktails $16

Old-Fashioned spirit, bitters. on the rocks with a twist
Manhattan spirit, bitters, vermouth. stirred and served up
Negroni spirit, bitters, vermouth, amaro

Take Flight!

Fernet $16.00 menthol, earth and spice! fernet branca, jelinek, vallet
Citrus $14.00 bitter citrus and gentian. apreol, gran classico, amere sauvage
Chartruse $18.00 herbaceous and floral sweetness. green, yellow, vep green

Riffs On Classics $14

Gin & Tonic a new classic. gin, commonwealth tonic liqueur, hopped grapefruit bitters & maraschino
Citron Collins choose gin, tequila or rum combined with citron sauvage, soda and a touch of cane syrup.
Sakura (cl). cherries and pine. zirbenz, cocchi rosso, blanco tequila, gin, marischino
Chimney Sweep (cl). debating between a beer and a cocktail? – apple brandy, gran classico, montenegro, pilsner.
Casualty (ce). smooth, chocolaty negroni variation. byrrh, montenegro, blended scotch whisky, xocolatl mole bitters
Wagon Wheel (ap). rye, del capo, salers, dry vermouth, boston bittahs
Beau Du Jour (ca). a flirty combination of cognac, aperol, & absinthe accented with xocolatl mole bitters
Guatemalansquare (st). 12yr rum, sweet vermouth, rye, curacao, peychauds and angostura bitters.
Smut Peddler (af). citrusy and winter spiced winter blend – ramazzotti, becherovka, citron sauvage, rye, and tequilla
Burning Bush (st). a short fiery tipple to start the night. banks rum, campari, hellfire shrub.
Cultured Cooler (ag). winterized iced tea. applejack, cognac, bittermens amere nouvelle, & bubbly water
A L?ancienne (ag). strong and elegant – cognac, xocolatl mole bitters & burlesque bitters

Counter Culture Iced Pour Over Coffee Cocktails $9

Morning Stubble ndaroini, meletti, bonal, gin, rye, tiki bitters
Purple Drank finca nueva armenia, mezcal, zucca, lavender bitters
Nyeri Sunrise ndaroini, tequila, averna, orange citrate & mole bitters, topped with pacifico
8 Amaro Corretto ndaroini, 8 amaro blend, peychaud’s bitters, chartreuse rinse
Grandma’s Coffee finca nueva armenia, apple brandy, cognac, cocchi americano, becherovka, peychaud’s & apple bitters

Suggested Corretto Pairings $9

Ndaroini dell? erborista (herbal), gran classico (citrus), pelinkovac (berry)
Finca Nueva Armenia s. maria al monte (alpine), tosolini (earthy), strega (floral).

Cocktails $12

Di Pompelmo a grapefruity tipple of tequila, aperol, citron sauvage & hopped grapefruit bitters
Braulio-Cano braulio, cocchi rosa, orange citrate
Gin & Tonic a new classic. gin, commonwealth tonic liqueur, hopped grapefruit bitters
8 Amaro Sazerac eight amari take the place of rye. peychaud?s and orange bitters in a glass rinsed with green chartreuse
Old-Fashioned rye, angostura. on the rocks with a lemon twist
Manhattan rye, angostura, carpano. stirred and served up
Negroni gin, regans, carpano, campari. on the rocks with an orange twist


Meat Or Vegetable Quiche $12.00 with yucca fries
Scotched Pickled Egg $5.00 with smoked tomato jam
Cauliflower Deviled Eggs And Trout Roe $8.00
Chicken "In" Waffle $12.00 with spicy maple syrup
Vegemite Toast $8.00 w/ tomato and avocado
Vegemite Toast $10.00 add cheddar

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