Amorelia Mexican Cafe

Up to date Amorelia Mexican Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee, Mexican.


Guacamole $7.00 Freshly made to order.
Queso Fundido $8.00 3 cheeses, pico, cilantro, bacon, chorizo, and guacamole.
Ceviche $12.00 Shrimp, pico, lime, lemon, cucumber, and avocado.
Mini Sopes Chicken, beef, shrimp, beans, pico, cheese.
Jalapenos Rellenos $11.00 Crispy jalapenos, stuffed with crab meat, chicharron, cheese, herbs, cilantro and red pepper dipping sauce.
Calamari Frito $9.00 Steak calamari, chipotle aioli, cotija cheese, side of seerano and limon.
Camarones Amorella $12.00 Roasted shrimp, capers, lemon, garlic butter and bread crust.
Tamales $8.00 Freshly made pork tamales served with corn relish and chile de arbol sauce.

Ensaladas y Sopas

Ensalada Cesar $6.00 Traditional remain hearths, croutons, parmesan shaved cesar dressing.
Ensalada De Betabel $10.00 Beets, tomatoes, onions, basil queso fresco, house red wine dressing tamarindo drizzle.
Gloria’s Salad $14.00 Grilled chicken, grilled mushroom, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and mix greens. tossed with our unique house dressing.
Mango Asada Salad $14.00 Grilled steak, mix greens, mango salsa, pecans, cheese, balsamic vinaigrette.
Pozole Rojo or Verde $9.95 Hominy chicken soup, made with spices, seasoning and toppings.
Sopa De Albondiga $8.00 Traddicional Mexican meat ball soup with vegetables.
Caldo De Pollo $9.00 Freshly made signature chicken soup, carrots, potatoes, calabacita and toppings.

Especiales De La Casa

Pollo A La Chipotle $16.00 Organic jidori chicken, chipotle cream sauce, portabella, onions and rice.
Las Carnitas $16.95 Prime natural pork, pico, onions, crema fresca and guacamole.
Salmon Al Ajillo $20.00 Grilled atlantic salmon, roasted garlic, grilled asparagus, and white rice.
Fideo De Marisco $20.00 Fideo pasta, scallops, shrimp, black mussels, white wine lemon sauce, tomatoes and crushed peppers.
Tacos Al Pastor $9.50 Tender pork, pineapple, onions, cilantro, red achiote sauce, served with avocado tomatillo sauce.
Ribeye Tacos $10.50 Sauteed 6oz ribeye sliced mushroom, onions and cheese.
Mole A La Morella $16.00 Choice of verde or poblano. Organic jidori chicken, roasted resume seeds, rice and beans.

Las Enchiladas

Enchiladas Suizas $11.95 Pulled chicken, green tomatillo sauce, crema fresca, cheese, avocado, rice and beans.
Enchiladas De Mole Verde $12.95 Pulled chicken, cheese, sesame seeds, onions, green mole, rice and beans.
Enchiladas Poblanas $12.95 Pulled chicken, mole, crema fresca, queso cotija, sesame seeds, onions, rice and beans.
Enchiladas A La Diabla $16.00 U -15 Shrimp, bell peppers, corn, chile de arbol, crema fresca, cotija, white rice.
Enchiladas De Marisco $16.00 Shrimp, crab, scallops, fish, topped with a spicy la diabla sauce, rice and beans.

100% De Morelia

Pollo Moreliano $16.00 Organic jidori chicken, stuffed with jicama, side of mini enchiladas, carrots & potatoes.
Enchiladas Placeras $13.50 Pulled chicken, salsa placera, crema fresca, queso cotija, onions, avocado, carrot and potatoes.
Chile Relleno $12.95 Poblano chile stuffed with queso fresco, topped with green and red sauce, creama fresca, quesa cotija, white rice and black beans.
Filete De Trucha Al Coco $16.00 Trout, coconut, aguacate y serano cream, spinach, white rice.
Pollo Purepecha $16.00 Stuffed organic jidori chicken with huitlacoche, spinach, queso fresco, covered with crema de elote, and white rice.
Sopa Tarasca $8.00 Our traditional soup made from scratch. crema fresca, avocado, veggies and tortilla strips.

Mar Y Tierra

Camarones A La Diabla $16.00 U-15 Mexican shrimp, bell peppers, corn, sauteed in a spicy chile de arbol sauce and white rice.
Pescado Veracruzano $14.00 Grilled fish, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, yellow peppers, olives, greens and white rice.
Linguini A La Diabla $16.00 U-15 shrimp, a la diabla sauce, asparagus, carrots, cotija, on a bed of linguini.
Tacos Con Mahi $9.50 Sauteed or breaded pico, cabbage, avocado and salsa.
Pescado A La Parrilla $14.00 Grilled fish, topped with tomato and mushroom sauce, greens and white rice.
Fajitas De Casa $17.00 Choice of: Prime Skirt Steak, grilled onions, pico, guacamole, red cheese enchilada, rice and beans.
La Tampiquena $15.95 Grilles Prime Skirt Steak, grilled onions, pico, guacamole, red cheese enchilada, rice and beans.
Asada Con Verduras $14.95 Grilled Prime skirt steak, sauteed potatoes, onions, garlic, calabasitas and mushroom.
Asada Al Pastor $14.95 Grilled prime steak, topped with al pastor sauce, pineapple, onions, guacamole, served with rice and beans.
Chile Colorado $17.50 Braised short ribs, guajillo red sauce, cilantro, onions, served with white rice and black beans.
Las Costillitas $18.00 Full rack of baby back ribs, guajillo bbq sauce, corn on the cob, frijoles rancheros, chorizo, bacon and pico.


Includes white rice and beans
Enchiladas De Espinacas $9.00 Spinach, green tomatillo sauce, crema fresca, cheese, avocado.
Guisado De Calabacitas $9.00 Mexican zucchini, tomatoes, grilled corn, crema fresca, red rice.
Morisqueta De Vegetales $9.00 Sauteed mix veggies, fried rice, red salsa.
Enchiladas De Rajas $9.00 Mix veggies, spicy rajas sauce, and avocado.
Lettuce Wrap Veggies Tacos $9.00 Pico de gallo, avocado, salsa de arbol.


Cafe De Olla $4.50 A Mexican tradition! Coffee, sugar cane and cinnamon, boiled in a pot.
Chocolate Caliente $4.50
Mocha Mexicano $5.00
Cappuccino $3.50
Latte $3.50
Americano $2.95
Macchiato $3.25
Cafe Regular (Brewed Coffee) $2.25
Cafe De Ollia $3.50 A delicious mexican tradition! Mexican coffee, sugar cane and cinnamon, boiled in a pot!
Chocolate Caliente $4.50
Moko Mexicano $5.00
Cappuccino $3.00
Latte $3.00
Americano $2.95
Macchiato $3.00
Cafe Regular $1.95 Brewed coffee
Mimosa $5.00
Bloody Mary $6.00
Michelada $5.00


Jasmine $2.25
Chamomile $2.25
Peppermint Herbal $2.25
Green Tea $2.25
Earl Grey Black $2.25
Wild Raspberry Herbal $2.25
Pomegranate Raspberry $2.25


Coke $2.50
Diet Coke $2.50
7up $2.50
Ice Tea $2.85
Mexican Coca Cola $3.95
Sangria Senorial $3.00


Agua De Horchata $3.50
Limonada (lemonade) $3.50
Bottled Water $2.00
Sparkling Water $4.00


Horchata Smoothie $4.50
Strawberry Smoothie $4.50
Mango Smoothie $4.50


Flan Napolitano $7.00
Flan De Coco $7.00
Churros Con Cajeta $5.00
Tres Leches $6.00

Lunch Special

Chile Relleno $9.95 poblano chile stuffed with queso freso, topped with green and red sauce, served with white rice and black beans.
Chile Verde $8.95 slowly cooked braided pork in spicy green tomatillo sauce, white rice, cilantro and onion.
Chicken Fajitas $8.95 sauteed mix vegetables, 6oz chicken, salsa de arbol, guacamole, crema fresca.
Steak Fajitas $8.95 sauteed mix vegetables, 5oz skirt steak, salsa de arbol, guacamole, crema fresca.
Torta $7.95 your choice: asada, chicken, shredded chicken, or shredded beef. beans, lettuce, red salsa.
Enchiladas $7.95 your choice: red or green mole, monterrey jack cheese. your choice of chicken or beef.
Chipotle Chicken Sandwich $8.95 bun, 6oz chicken breast, chipotle aioli, lettuce, tomato, bacon, bermuda onion and guacamole, side of crispy potatoes.
Grilled Burrito $7.95 your choice: steak, chicken, shredded beef or carnitas.
Cesar Salad $4.95
Soup of the Day $4.50

Los Tacos

include rice and beans.
Tacos Al Pastor $8.50 tender pork, pineapple, onions, cilantro, red achiote sauce, served with avocado tomatillo sauce.
Ribeye Tacos $8.95 sauteed 6oz ribeye sliced, mushrooms, onions and cheese.
Tacos Con Mahi $8.50 sauteed or breaded, pico, cabbage, avocado and salsa.
El Trio $8.95 papa taco, picadillo taco, tinga taco.


Amorelia Omelette $9.50 Eggs, spinach, mushroom, cheese and hash browns.
Omelette Mexicano $9.50 Eggs, tomato, onion, serrano chile, cheese and hash browns.
Chorizo Omelette $10.95 Eggs, and chorizo (mexican sausage) and hash browns.
Machaca Omelette $10.95 Eggs, shredded beef, tomato, onion, and hash browns.


A La Moreliana $10.95 Eggs, tomato, onions, serrano chiles on a bed of hash browns.
Vegetariana $10.95 Eggs, mushrooms, onions, tomato, bell peppers on a bed of hash browns.


Chilaquiles $9.50
Red or Green Strips of fried corn tortillas simmered and scrambled with eggs, salsa, and cheese. Add steak or chicken $2.
Huevos Rancheros $9.00 Two fried eggs served over two corn tortillas and topped with red salsa.
Huevos Con Chorizo $9.25 Three eggs scrambled with mexican sausage.
Huevos a La Mexicana $9.25 Three eggs scrambled with onions, chile serrano and tomatoes.
Machaca $9.95 Scrambled eggs, shredded beef, tomatoes, onions, serrano.
Papas Con Chorizo $9.25 Potatoes mixed with eggs and mexican sausage.
Burrito Mexicano $9.95 Eggs, tomatoes, onions, serrano chiles, pinto beans, cheese and a side of hash browns.
Breakfast Burrito $7.50 Eggs, ham, potatoes, bacon and cheese
Mexican Hot Cakes $6.00 Two big fluffy pancakes.
Pan Frances $8.95 Four slices of french toast, topped with fried banana and cajeta.

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