Amour de Miami

Up to date Amour de Miami prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Hot Drinks

Cortadito $1.95
Espresso $1.95
Noisette $2.10
Coffee $2.30
Decaf Coffee $2.00
Cappuccino $3.80
Hot Chocolate $2.80
Chocolate Viennois $4.20
Cafe Viennois $4.20
Hot Tea $2.95
Herbal Tea $2.85


Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice $4.95
Iced Tea $2.25
20 oz. Smartwater $3.25
20 oz. Coke $2.80
20 oz. Diet Coke $2.80
20 oz. Sprite $2.80
20 oz. Fanta $2.80
Perrier $3.00
Liter of Evian $5.95
Fuse Ice Tea Lemon $3.20
Fuse Ice Tea Strawberry $3.20
20 oz. Minute Maid Apple Juice $3.95
20 oz. Minute Maid Orange Juice $3.95
20 oz. Minute Maid Tropical $3.95
20 oz. Minute Maid Cranberry $3.95
Powerade $3.20 Red.
20 oz. Minute Maid Raspberry $3.95


Classic Benedict Eggs $15.95 2 poached eggs, English muffin, Hollandaise sauce and Canadian bacon.
French Steak and Eggs $14.95 2 poached eggs, minced beef and Hollandaise sauce.
Eggs a la Coque $9.95 Served avec mouillettes semi salted butter with ham.
Classic Scrambled Eggs $11.95
Italian Style Scrambled Eggs $13.95 Scrambled eggs on a ciabatta bread, pesto vegetables and Serrano ham.
Sunny Side Up Eggs with Bacon $7.95
Smoked Salmon Bagel $10.95 Homemade cream cheese with herbs with cucumber.
Curry Chicken Bagel $9.95 With homemade honey mustard.
Pancakes $6.00
Waffles $6.00
Crepes $6.00
Chocolate Croissant $3.50
Ham and Cheese Quiche $10.25
Vegetables Quiche $10.25
Surprises du Verger $5.95 Fruit salad.
Half a Baguette with Marmalade $6.95

Breakfast Combos

Parisian Combo $6.50 Croissant or chocolate croissant, half baguette, marmalade, butter, fresh squeezed orange juice or American coffee.
Eggs Combo $9.95 Eggs of your choice a la coque, poached or omelet, bacon, pastries, half baguette, marmalade, butter, fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee.
Zen Combo $8.95 Granola cereal, yogurt or white fromage, fruit salad, coffee or orange juice.
The Big 1 $20.00 Eggs of your choice, coffee or fruit juice, a pastry of the day, cereal, yogurt, marmalade, fruit salad. and choice of crepes, pancakes or waffles.
Salad Combo $17.95 1 salad of choice, any drink of choice and 1 fugal.
Soup Combo $14.95 French onion soup, french tartine, any drink of your choice.


Classic Omelet $10.95
Serrano Omelet $12.95
3 Cheese Omelet $11.95 Cheddar, havarti and Brie.


French Onion Soup $6.00


Ocean Salad $14.95 Shrimp tempura, mango, tomatoes confite and avocado spring mix with citrus dressing.
Beef Salad $13.95 Minced beef, arugula, onions confite, Parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad $10.50 Chicken, Parmesan, Caesar dressing, homemade croutons and tomatoes.
Vegetable de i’Eden Amour Salad $15.00 Lobster, avocado and mango beets vinaigrette a la raspberry.
Warm Goat Cheese Salad $12.95

French Hot Dog

Guedille de Homard $16.95 Poached lobster, lettuce, mayonnaise, celery and lime.
Le Basque $12.95 Sausage piperade eggs and fried onions.

Club Sandwich

Club Chicken Sandwich $10.95 Chicken, eggs, salad, tomatoes and mayonnaise a la old mustard.
Croque Monsieur $10.95 Pain de campagne, Bechamel, ham and cheese.
Croque Madame $11.95 Pain de campagne, Bechamel, ham and cheese with eggs on top.


The Veggie Burger $9.95 Tomatoes confites, champignons, peppers, fried onions, spring mix, green pesto and Parmesan. Served with choice of side.
Amour Burger $12.95 Double hamburger, apple, smokey bacon, old cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mustard sauce. Served with choice of side.
French Burger $14.95 Beef, Brie, sliced apple, red onions and cinnamon. Served with choice of side.
Le Franchouillard Burger $12.95 Beef, raclette, homemade cream of chives and onions confit. Served with choice of side.


Crispy Chicken Wrap $12.95 Breaded chicken breast, iceberg, lettuce, tomato confite and homemade mayonnaise.
Beef Wrap $11.95 Minced beef, fried onions, tarter sauce and arugula.
Tataky Wrap $14.95 Tuna tataky, spicy mayo, carrot, cucumber and lettuce.
Florilege du Jardin Vege Wrap $10.95 Sweet potato confite, cheddar, spinach and homemade herb cream cheese.

The Entrees

Tuna Tataky $27.95 Served with sweet mashed potatoes.
Ivresse de Roi $18.95 Strip loin steak, homemade french fries and Amour sauce.
Beef Tartar $14.95 With homemade french fries and tartar sauce.
Amoureux des Rivieres $25.95 Salmon fillet with white butter sauce with smashed potatoes with herbs.


Le Puit D’Amour $7.50 Homemade chocolate lava cake with white chocolate center with mixed red fruits.
Le Trone des Amoureux $5.95 Homemade pannacotta with red fruits.
Homemade Cheesecake $7.00
Charette de nos Paturages $10.00 Cheese platter.
Le Prelude Gourmand $10.95 1 cup of coffee with pastries selection.

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