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Cuisine: Cocktails, Brunch.


Provencale $15.00 lavender infused gin stirred with herbs de provance infused french (dry) vermouth and dashes of cointreau. served up with orange twist
Manhattan $15.00 rye whiskey blended with italian vermouth and grand marnier, finished with bitters and lemon twist
Malena $16.00 rye whiskey stirred with campari, ruby port, drops of orange blossom water, and orange bitters. served on the rocks with an orange half-wheel garnish and a dusting of freshly ground cinnamon
Analogue $15.00 spiced dark rum and bourbon with ginger and lime cordial stirred into perfection. served in a rocks glass that is rinsed with all spiced rum


Matahari $14.00 cognac shaken with homemade chai infused italian (sweet) vermouth, fresh lemon, and pomegranate juices. served up with a garnish of dry rose buds
New Yorker $14.00 bourbon shaken with lemon juice and simple syrup served on the rocks with a float dry red wine and an orange ;flag; garnish
Anejo Sour $16.00 anejo tequila shaken long with fresh lime juice, agave nectar, absinthe bitters, and egg whites, served up with peychaud bitter drops
The W8 $14.00 lemon infused vodka shaken with mint, lemon juice, and simple syrup. served up with a splash of club soda

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