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Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Persian.


Naan Panir Sabzi $7.00 fresh herbs & feta cheese served with bread.
Kookoo Sabzi $6.00 fresh herbs quiche garnished with barberries
Dolmeh (Leaf) $8.00 mix of ground beef, rice, split peas & herbs wrapped in grape leaves
Kashk-E Bademjan $7.00 seasoned roasted eggplant, garnished with sun-dried yogurt sauteed-onion, roasted garlic, mint flakes & saffron
Mirza Ghasemi $7.00 smoked eggplant, tomato, garlic and seasoning

Soup & Salad $6

Soup- E Jo barley soup
Soup- E Lahoo beet soup
Adasi lentil soup
Salad- E Kahoo mix of lettuce, tomato, cucumber & pepper tossed with olive oil and lime dressing
Salad- E Shirazi

Main Course

Kabab Koobideh $14.00 two skewers of mix ground beef & lamb with saffron seasoning, served with rice or bread
Joojeh Kabab $14.00 chicken breast & thigh (with or w/o bone) marinated in lime, olive oil & saffron seasoning, served with rice or bread and vegetables
Kabab Shashlik $26.00 five lamb chops brushed with saffron seasoning, lime & spices, served with rice or bread
Kabab Barg $22.00 filet of lamb marinated with garlic, onion, and lime juice, served with rice or bread
Kabab Soltani $27.00 1 skewer of kabab koobideh & 1 skewer of kabab barg
Koobideh/Joojeh $19.00 1 skewer of kabab koobideh & 1 skewer of kabab barg
Akbar Joojeh $15.00 whole fried cornish served with rice and pomegranate sauce on side
Sabzi Polo- Mahi $21.00 fried salmon, served with rice and herbs
Khorak-E Mahi $21.00 fired salmon, served with vegetables on side
Fesenjan $19.00 chicken with ground walnut cooked in sour sweet pomegranate sauce served with rice
Ghorme Sahzi $17.00 sauteed parsley, green onion, spinach and persian herbs with beef served with rice.
Zereshk Polo $17.00 rice with barberries, served with chicken spiced with onion, garlic and tomato paste
Ghalle Kade (Dish Of Vegetables) $12.00 zucchini, tomato, sauteed onion, served with yogurt

Dish Of The Day

Baghali- Polo $15.00 rice mixed with broad beans served with lamb shank
Loobia- Polo $15.00 rice mixed with green beans & spices
Adas- Polo $15.00 rice mixed with lentil, raisins & ground beef.
Gheymeh Bademjan $15.00 lean beef simmered in tomato sauce with roasted eggplant & yellow split peas served with rice.
Fesenjan $17.00 chicken with ground walnut cooked in sour- sweet pomegranate sauce served with rice.
Halim $7.00 wheat and turkey breast mixed with butter and sugar and cinnamon served with sangak bread.


Mast $3.00 yogurt
Mast O Khiar $4.00 yogurt with cucumber & spices
Mast O Bademjan $4.00 yogurt with eggplant & spices
Mast O Esfenaj $4.00 yogurt with spinach & spices


Shole- Zard $4.00 sweet saffron rice pudding
Shir- Berenj $4.00 sweet milk rice pudding
Faloodeh $4.00 cold dessert consisting thin vermicelli noodles mixed in semi-frozen syrup made from sugar and rose water
Cake $2.00


Soft Drinks $2.00
Mineral Water $4.00 – $2.00
Doogh $3.00
Pomegranate Juice $3.00
Lemonade Juice $3.00
Coffee $2.00
Tea $2.00 served with baklava or date palm

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