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Ancora-Luci Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Ancora-Luci Antipasti Menu and Prices

Gamberi $11.00 Grilled shrimp served chilled with watermelon, cucumber, and radish
Antipasto del Giorno   Chef’s selection of antipasto of the day. Price varies
Spinaci con Burrata $11.00 Sauteed spinach and garlic served with burrata cheese and grape tomatoes
Manzo $10.00 Grilled wagyu beef served chilled with horseradish sour cream
Maiale $10.00 Duroc pork dry rubbed with mediteranean spices, slow roasted and served chilled, carpaccio style, with yellow pear tomato and oregano
Crostini $10.00 Toasted bread topped with tomato, basil, olive oil, and shaved parmesan

Ancora-Luci Bevande Menu and Prices

Cappuccino ;
Bottled Water ;
Espresso ;
Milk ;
Prezzo Fisso ;
Coffee ;
Lemonade ;
Tea ;
Soda ;

Ancora-Luci Insalata o Zuppa Menu and Prices

Insalata Cesare $5.50 – $9.00 Romaine lettuce tossed in caesar anchovy dressing with housemade croutons
Zuppa del Giorno $5.00 Chef’s selection of the soup of the day
Insalata Mista $5.50 – $9.00 Greens with pecorino toscano, tomato, and radish with dijon vinaigrette

Ancora-Luci Primi Piatti Menu and Prices

Spaghetti Aglio $12.00 Spaghetti tossed with bell pepper, sundried tomato, garlic, and hot pepper
Ravioli $13.00 Delicate, handmade ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and tossed with tomato basil and garlic
Spaghetti Bolognese $13.00 Housemade spaghetti with simmered tomato, ground veal, sofrito, demi glace, and herbs
Pasta del Giorno   Chef’s selection of pasta of the Day, Price varies
Risotto $12.00 Arborio rice simmered in saffron broth with tasmanian crab
Fettuccine $12.00 Housemade fettuccine tossed with golden beet puree and creme fraiche garnished with leeks

Ancora-Luci Secondi Piatti Menu and Prices

Manzo ai Ferri $25.00 Grilled beef ribeye with bruschetta topped with sliced tomato, burrata, and aged balsamic
Maiale alla Picatta $19.00 Grilled dry aged duroc pork rib chop served with capers, lemon white wine fried potatoes
Agnello Arosto $23.00 Pan roasted organic lamb rack served au jus with braised asparagus, scallion and mint
Pollo $17.00 Sauteed chicken breast marinated with lemon and oregano, served with salad of romaine, bell pepper, sweet peas, garlic confit, and olive oil
Manzo Brasato $18.00 Slow braised beef shortribs with roasted vegetables
Pesce del Giorno ; Chef’s selection of fish of the day. Price varies

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