Andhra Bhavan

Up to date Andhra Bhavan prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Bottled Water $0.99
Soda $0.99
Indian Soda $2.49
Tea $1.99
Coffee $2.99
Salt Lassi $1.99
Sweet Lassi $1.99
Mango Lassi $2.99


Tiffin and Snacks
Idili $3.99 Three pieces.
Medu Vada $4.99 Two pieces.
Idili and Vada Combo $5.99 Two idilis and one vada.
Plain Dosa $4.99
Onion Dosa $4.99
Masala Dosa $5.99
Onion Masala Dosa $5.99
Andhra Spicy Dosa $5.99
Pesarattu $5.99
Plain Uttapam $4.99
Uttappam $6.99 With tomato, chili and onion.
Mysore Masala Dosa $6.99
Madras Masala Dosa $6.99
Cheese Dosa $5.99


Samosas $2.99 Two pieces.
Punugulu $5.99
Onion Pakoda $5.99
Spinach Pakoda $5.99
Mixed Vegetable Pakoda $5.99
Chana Batura $5.99
Cut Mirchi $5.99
Mirchi Bhajji $5.99
Poori Bhajji $5.99
Poori Chana $5.99
Samosa Chaat $6.99
Masala Vada $5.99 Six pieces.


Chicken Corn Soup $3.99
Sweet Corn Soup $2.99
Rasam $1.99

Vegetable Curries

Rasam $4.99
Sambar $5.99
Dal Fry $6.99
Chana Masala $6.99
Aloo Gobi $6.99
Aloo Palak $6.99
Pepper Gobi $6.99
Bhindi Masala $7.99
Bhindi Fry $7.99
Navratan Korma $7.99
Mirchi Ka Salan $7.99
Bagara Baigan $7.99
Donda Kaya Fry $7.99
Palak Paneer $7.99
Kadai Paneer $7.99
Malai Kofta $7.99
Paneer Butter Masala $7.99
Paneer Mutter $7.99
Malai Methi Paneer $7.99
Gongura Paneer $7.99

Seafood Curries

Fish Fry $9.99
Chapala Pulusu $9.99 Fish curry.
Turkey Club $10.00 honey-baked turkey, apples-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, on your choice of bread served with potato chips
Royala Pulusu $9.99 Shrimp curry.
Cuban Sandwich $10.00 sliced pork, sweet ham and swiss cheese with mustard and mayonnaise on cuban bread with steak fries
Shrimp Pepper Masala $9.99
New York Reuben with Corned Beef $12.00 swiss cheese, sauerkraut, & grilled on marble rye with thousand island dressing served with steak fries
Chettinadu Shrimp $9.99
Angus Cheese Burger $10.00 american, swiss, cheddar, provolone or ble cheese, lettuce and tomato, on a kaiser roll with steak fries
Tuna Salad Sandwich $9.00 albacore tuna slad, tomato and lettuce on pita bread served with potato chips
Panini Tex Mex Wrap $10.00 with spicy chicken, avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, onion, bell peppers, chipotle mayonnaise, served with french fries
Vegetarian Wrap $9.00 with lettuce, avocado, tomato, cucumebr, carrot, red & green bell peppers and water cress served with potato chips
Mahi-mahi Sandwich $12.00 blackened mahi-, sauteedonion, lettuce, tomato, mango basil mayonnaise, and steak fries
Panini Chicken Sandwich $10.00 marinated grilled chicken breast, roasted tomatoes, swiss cheese, garlic basil mayoinnaise on baguette served with french fries

Chicken and Egg Curries

Egg Masala $5.99
Andhra Chicken $8.99
Homemade Fettuccini Pasta $14.00 blue cheese, roasted pine nuts, shallots and chives in a light creamy sauce with marinated grilled chicken breast
Chicken Vindaloo $8.99
Mahi-mahi $15.00 diced tomatoes and garlic with kalamta olives, fresh herbs, grilled asparagus and rice
Palak Chicken $8.99
Omelet $12.00 roasted tomato, swiss cheese, and freshbasil, choice of mixed greens of french fries
Pepper Chicken Masala $8.99
Churrasco Steak $18.00 grilled angus skirt steak, topped with chimichurri sauce, plantains, rice and black beans
Achari Chicken $8.99
Penne Pasta Primavera $15.00 seasonal vegetables in pink sauce. (add chicken $3)
Natukodi Pulusu $8.99
Chettinadu Chicken $8.99
Chicken Fry $9.99
Chicken Tikka Masala $8.99
Butter Chicken $8.99
Gongura Chicken $9.99
Natukodi Fry $10.99 Bone in.

Lamb and Goat Curries

Palak Gosht $9.99
Goat Vindaloo $9.99
Andhra Goat Curry $9.99
Kadai Gosht $9.99
Achari Gosht $9.99
Goat Fry $10.99
Gongura Mutton $10.99
Goat Pepper Masala $9.99
Lamb Kheema $9.99
Boneless Lamb Curry $11.99

Vegetarian Indo Chinese

Indo Chinese
Gobi Manchurian $6.99 Served dry or in semi gravy.
Gobi 65 $6.99
Vegetable Manchurian $7.99 Served dry or in semi gravy.
Baby Corn Manchurian $7.99 Served dry or in semi gravy.
Baby Corn 65 $7.99
Chili Baby Corn $7.99
Chili Gobi $7.99
Chili Paneer $7.99

Non Vegetarian Indo Chinese

Ginger Chicken $7.99 Served dry or in semi gravy.
Chicken Manchurian $7.99 Served dry or in semi gravy.
Chicken 65 $7.99
Chili Chicken $7.99
Pepper Chicken $7.99
Chicken Lollypops $7.99 Six pieces.
Chili Fish $9.99
Pepper Fish $9.99
Pepper Prawns $9.99
Chili Prawn $9.99
Ginger Prawns $9.99
Fish Apollo $9.99

Indo Chinese Fried Rice and Noodles

Vegetable Fried Rice $7.99
Vegetable Noodles $7.99
Egg Fried Rice $7.99
Egg Noodles $7.99
Chicken Fried Rice $7.99
Chicken Noodles $7.99
Shrimp Fried Rice $9.99
Shrimp Noodles $9.99
Mixed Fried Rice $9.99
Mixed Noodles $9.99
Szechuan Vegetable Fried Rice $8.99
Szechuan Vegetable Noodles $8.99
Szechuan Egg Fried Rice $8.99
Szechuan Egg Noodles $8.99
Szechuan Chicken Fried Rice $8.99
Szechuan Chicken Noodles $8.99
Szechuan Shrimp Fried Rice $9.99
Szechuan Shrimp Noodles $9.99
Szechuan Mixed Fried Rice $10.99
Szechuan Mixed Noodles $10.99

Biryanis, Specialty Rice and Thails

Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani $8.99
Hyderabadi Egg Biryani $8.99
Hyderabad Chicken Biryani $8.99
Hyderabadi Shrimp Biryani $10.99
Vijayawada Boneless Biryani $10.99 Boneless chicken in special Vijawada recipe.
Hyderabad Mutton Biryani $10.99
Hyderabad Fish Biryani $10.99
Plain Rice $1.49
Bagara Rice $2.99
Pulihora $3.99
Dadojanam $3.99
Jeera Rice $3.99
Andhra Thali Vegetable $9.99
Andhra Thali Non Vegetable $10.99


Tandoori Chicken Leg $2.99 One piece.
Tandoori Chicken Breast $3.99 One piece.
Chicken Shish Kabab $4.99
Tangdi Kabab $7.99 Six pieces.
Chicken Tikka $7.99 Eight pieces.
Paneer Tikka $7.99 Eight pieces.
Chicken Reshmi Kabab $7.99 Eight pieces.
Lamb Shish Kabab $7.99
Lamb Boti Kabab $10.99 Eight pieces.
Tandoori Shrimp $10.99 Eight pieces.
Tandoori Mixed Grill $14.99


Veggie Wrap $4.99
Chicken Tikka Wrap $5.99
Paneer Wrap $5.99

Naan and Breads

Naan $1.49
Tawa Roti $1.49
Poori $1.49
Butter Naan $1.99
Tandoori Roti $1.99
Garlic Naan $2.49
Onion Kulcha $2.49
Plain Paratha $2.99
Aloo Paratha $2.99
Paneer Paratha $3.99


Double Ka Mettha $3.99
Gulab Jamun $3.99
Gajar Ka Halwa $3.99
Fruit Custard $3.99
Andhra Payasam $3.99

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