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Cuisine: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian.


Organic Hummus $8.50 – $5.95 (gf). cooked chickpeas (garbanzo beans) dip with tahini.
Baba Ghanoush $8.95 – $6.50 (gf). baked eggplant dip with tahini.
Burek $4.95 cigar shaped egg roll stuffed with seasoned beef. served with honey ginger sauce and garnished with organic mixed greens.
Organic Falafel $4.95 – $6.95 (gf). seasoned chickpeas deep-fried and garnished with organic mixed greens.
Dolma $5.50 – $6.95 (gf). stuffed grape leaves with seasoned rice and vegetables. garnished with organic mixed greens.
Potato Chop $3.95 – $7.50 (gf). mashed potatoes stuffed with vegetables. garnished with organic mixed greens.
Potato Kibbeh $3.95 – $7.50 (gf). stuffed mashed potatoes with seasoned lamb and beef. garnished with organic mixed greens.
Spinach Pie Appetizer $4.50 – $6.95 baked fresh spinach and feta pie.
Feta & Olives $5.50 – $7.95
Combination Appetizer $7.95 hummus, falafel and a spinach pie.
Combination Dip Sampler $10.50 hummus, baba ghanoush, harissa and patata.


Lentil Soup 100% vegetarian.
Avgolemono Soup chicken, lemon and rice.


Greek Salad $4.50 – $6.95 fresh iceberg & romaine lettuce with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peperoncini, olives, feta cheese and greek dressing.
Andies Chopped Salad $4.95 – $7.75 chopped romaine & iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and red & green peppers with a lemon lime dressing.
Tabouli Salad $4.95 – $7.25 bulgur wheat, mint, sliced baby spinach, parsley, onions and tomatoes with olive oil and fresh lemon dressing.
Fattoush Salad $4.50 – $7.50 romaine and iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, onions and toasted pita with olive oil and lemon dressing.
Skinless 1/2 Greek Chicken With Greek Salad $10.95

Kabobs & Rotisserie

Chicken Kabob $12.95 two skewers of marinated, skinless chicken breast.
Filet Mignon Shish Kabob $13.95 two juicy skewers, marinated cubes of beef tenderloin.
Grilled Shrimp Kabob $15.95 8 jumbo shrimp, seasoned and grilled.
Beef Kefta Kabob $12.95 two skewers of ground beef and lamb, char-broiled.
Chicken Kefta Kabob $12.95 two char-broiled, seasoned ground chicken kabobs.
Gyros Platter $10.95 served with basmati rice or fries.
Chicken Gyros Plate $10.95 chicken breast strips seasoned and grilled with onions and red & green peppers.
Shawarma $11.95 hand sliced sirloin steak marinated over night and grilled with onions & spices.

Kabob Combinations

Filet Mignon & Chicken Kabob $14.95
Filet Mignon & Kefta Kabob $14.50
Jumbo Shrimp & Filet Mignon Kabob $15.95
Chicken & Kefta Kabob $14.95
Combination Kabob $17.95 three kabobs. filet mignon, chicken and kefta.

Couscous Entrees

Curry Chicken Couscous $13.95 boneless chicken breast sauteed with garbanzo beans, raisins, red & green peppers, onions and a mild curry tomato sauce.
Lamb Couscous $14.95 boneless pieces of lamb sauteed with fresh vegetables and marinara sauce.
Beef Couscous $13.95 sirloin sauteed with fresh vegetables and marinara sauce.
Shrimp Curry Couscous $15.95 sauteed with garbanzo beans, raisins, red & green peppers, onions and a mild curry tomato sauce.
Vegetarian Couscous $12.95 sauteed with garbanzo beans, raisins, red & green peppers, onions and a mild curry tomato sauce.

Chef’s Suggestions

Tender Braised Lamb Shank $15.95 seasoned with carrots, onions, garlic, spices, oven roasted potatoes and marinara sauce.
Potato Kibbeh Entree $15.50 three mashed potatoes stuffed with seasoned beef and lamb.
Mediterranean Basil Chicken $13.95 sauteed with fresh vegetables and tomato basil sauce.
Half Greek Chicken $11.95 char-broiled, served with basmati rice or french fries.
Stuffed Breast Of Chicken $15.50 with spinach and mozzarella, topped with marinara sauce.
Chicken With Spinach & Portobello Mushrooms $14.50 fresh spinach, portobello mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes.
Moroccan Chicken With Apricot $14.50 breast of chicken grilled with red & green peppers garbanzo beans, moroccan spices and apricot sauce.
Tunisian Chicken & Artichokes $14.95 sauteed breast of chicken with artichokes and lemon sauce.

Vegetarian Entrees

Three Cheese Vegetable Mousaka $12.95 spinach, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes, gorgonzola, parmesan, and mozzarella.
Spinach Pie Entree $9.75
Sauteed Spinach $10.75 sauteed fresh spinach and feta cheese garnished with garbanzo beans, chopped red onions and tomatoes.
Portobello Over Lentil & Rice $9.95 lentils cooked in wine with onions, carrots and portobello mushrooms.
Vegetarian Potato Chops $13.50 three mashed potatoes stuffed with vegetables.
Mediterranean Stuffed Artichokes $11.95 with spinach, feta & mozzarella cheese.
Moroccan Eggplant $12.95 eggplant with cilantro, tomatoes and garbanzo beans.

Vegetarian Combinations $12.95

Vegetarian Combination #1 choose any 4.
Vegetarian Combination #2 hummus, falafel, tabouleh, baba ganoush, jajiki saucesauce, feta cheese and black olives.


Signature Almond Crusted Tilapia $14.95 served with fresh vegetables and white wine cream sauce.
Fresh Blackened Salmon $15.95 grilled 8 oz. lightly seasoned, served with fresh vegetables of the day.


Chicken & Spinach Rotini $12.95 sauteed with tomatoes, served with creamy dill sauce.
Rotini With Spinach & Portobello Mushrooms $10.95 with tomato caper sauce.

Classic Sandwiches

Gyros Sandwich $5.95
Gyros Sandwich Deluxe $7.85
Chicken Gyros Sandwich $5.95
Chicken Gyros Sandwich Deluxe $7.85
Shawarma Sandwich $5.95
Shawarma Sandwich Deluxe $7.85
Falafel Sandwich $4.50
Falafel Sandwich Deluxe $6.50


Falafel Avocado Wrap $6.45 – $7.95
Chicken Cilantro Wrap $6.95 – $8.95


Giant 1/2 Lb. Cheeseburger $5.95 – $7.85
Turkey Burger $4.50 – $6.45
American Lamb Burger $6.95 – $8.75 all natural.


French Fries $1.95
Seasonal Fresh Vegetables $2.95
Oven Roasted Potatoes $2.75
Rice $6.95 – $3.50
Dill Rice $6.95 – $3.50
Couscous $7.50 – $3.95
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $3.95
Pita Bread $2.50 (gf).
Tzatziki Sauce $0.65 yogurt sauce.
Tahini Sauce $0.55
Hot Sauce $0.60
Regular Pita Bread $0.65


Baklava $2.95
Baklava With Ice Cream $4.50
Cheesecake $4.50
Flourless Chocolate Cake $5.50
Tiramisu $4.95
Ice Cream $3.95 chocolate, vanilla


Soda $4.95 – $0.95 choice: coke, diet coke, sprite, root beer, ginger ale

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