Andolini’s Pizzeria

Up to date Andolini’s Pizzeria prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


House Made Fresh Mozzarella $7.00
Salumi Misti $8.00 – $14.00 Capicola, sopressata, speck, prosciutto, Pecorino Romano, smoked mozzarella,fresh mozzarella
Arancini $9.00 Crispy fired risotto stuffed with cheese and basil


Limoncello $6.00 – $9.00 Field greens, arugula, mint, capers, red onion, limoncello dressing
Gennaro $5.00 – $8.00 Field greens, sliced Brie, Granny Smith apples, candied walnuts, honey vinaigrette

Pizza Sizes

Pizza $14.00 – $22.00
White Label Member?s Only Toppings Extra cheese, ground beef, red onions, pineapple, pepperoni, genoa salami, bell peppers, spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, jalapenos, canadian bacon, black olives, sliced tomatoes. 14 inch $1.75,
Black Label Admiral?s Club Toppings Italian sausage, meatballs, feta cheese, kalamata olives, san marzano, tomatoes, house made fresh mozz, grilled chicken, eggplant, prosciutto, capicola (tulsa only), gorgonzola, ricotta cheese, pastr

The Pizzas

Andolini?s Combination $19.00 – $29.00 Pepperoni, Genoa salami, mushrooms, red onions, green bell peppers, black olives, ground beef, Italian sausage
Tenbysimmo $19.00 – $29.00 Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Genoa salami, pastrami, ground beef, Italian sausage
Vegetarian $17.00 – $25.00 Mushrooms, red onions, sliced tomatoes, green bell peppers, black olives
The Clemenza $18.00 – $27.00 Meatballs, Genoa salami, Italian sausage
White Pizza $17.00 – $25.00 Ricotta, garlic
S.P.Q.R. $18.00 – $27.00 Ricotta, garlic, Italian sausage, prosciutto
Marzano Pesto $17.00 – $25.00 Pistachio pesto, mozzarella, diced San Marzano tomatoes
Frederico $18.00 – $27.00 Alfredo, baby spinach, speck, mushrooms
Pizza Genco (Vegan) $18.00 – $27.00 Eggplant, roasted red peppers, portobello mushroom, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic
Vesuvio $18.00 – $27.00 Smoked mozzarella, marinated chicken
Florentine $17.00 – $25.00 Olive oil, garlic, baby spinach, shredded Parmesan, artichoke hearts
Tuscan $17.00 – $25.00 Olive oil, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts
Roasted Garlic $17.00 – $25.00 Roasted garlic, garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella and red rock salt
The Athenian $18.00 – $27.00 Kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onions, garlic, olive oil, shredded Parmesan, sausage
Maccheroni $18.00 – $27.00 Penne pasta, cream, garlic, romano, basil
BBQ Chicken $18.00 – $27.00 House made smoked apple BBQ sauce, house made smoked mozzarella,chicken breast, crispy onion strings
Portuguese $18.00 – $27.00 Roasted garlic, garlic infused extra virgin olive oil, linguica, soppressata
Lejeune $18.00 – $27.00 Roasted garlic, pastrami, house made smoked mozzarella

Purple Label Luxury Pizzas

Wild Mushroom $20.00 Seasonal mushrooms, house made fresh mozzarella with a garlic butter base and red rock salt
Chicken Picatta (14 Inch) $19.00 Chicken, Capers, butter, garlic, mozzarella, served with lemon wedges
Santino Colazione (14 Inch) $19.00 Pancetta, Parmesan, chives, sage sausage, Canadian bacon, red onions, mozzarella, egg
Upper East Side (14 Inch) $19.00 Roasted garlic infused olive oil, brie, toasted walnuts, honey glaze,topped with fresh Granny Smith apples
Red Potato Rosemary (14 Inch) $19.00 Sliced red potatoes, alfredo, ricotta, mozzarella, rosemary


Choose any additional toppings from the pizza section
Traditional $15.00 Pepperoni, Genoa salami, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, mozzarella
Combination $16.00 Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Genoa salami, Canadian bacon, black olives, red onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, mozzarella


Caldecott (Vegan) $15.00 Eggplant, portobello mushroom, roasted red peppers, artichokes
Pentangeli $17.00 Ricotta, sliced meatballs, sopressata, mozzarella

Sandwiches & Strombolicchios

Served with Andolini?s garlic strings
Fresco Pane (Vegetarian) $7.00 Pesto, roasted red peppers, portobello mushrooms, fresh house made whole milk mozzarella
1/2 lb. Pastrami & House made Smoked Mozzarella $9.00


Penne & Pistachio Pesto $12.00
San Marzano Primavera (Vegan) $12.00 Eggplant, Artichoke hearts, portabello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, san marzano tomatoes

Baked Pastas

Also available with gluten free penne as a substitute.
Penne Pomodoro $13.00 Marinara, garlic, butter, cream, Pecorino Romano, basil, mozzarella
Opulant Mac & Cheese $13.00 Penne, pecorino romano, cream, mozzarella, shredded parmesan.

Kid?s Menu

Kid?s Fredo Mac & Cheese $5.00
Kid?s Mini Pizza with one Topping $5.00

Homemade Desserts

Oreo Cheesecake Brownie $7.00 Decadent Oreos mixed with chocolate and cream cheese, served with whipped cream and strawberries
Italian Butter Cake $7.00 A delicious fusion of poundcake and cheesecake, served with whipped cream and cherries
Canella Knots $7.00 Cinnamon knots encrusted with a drizzle of honey

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