Andryannis Greek Bistro

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All appetizers are served with grilled pita bread-
Dolmades Five delicious grape leaves hand rolled with rice, served with tomato & feta
Hummus $5.00 Mediterranean dip made from a blend of chick peas tahini, lemon juice and garlic
Grilled Feta Cheese $6.00 Topped with oregano, red pepper flakes & olive oil
Grilled Goat Cheese $6.00 Slice tomatoes, fresh mint
Spanakopita $5.00 Spinach pie made with 3 cheeses cheese
Combo Appetizer $9.00 Dolmades, tabouleh, hummus, melizanosalata & tzatziki


Add grilled chicken, gyro meat or grilled falafel $3.00
Yannis Greek $7.00 Mixed greens, Kalamata olives, tomato, feta cheese, cucumber, red onion bell pepper,pepperocini, dolmada and greek balsamic vinegrette
Tabouleh Salad $7.00 Refreshing mix of bulgur cracked wheat, onion, herbs, tomatoes, virgin olive oil & lemon over mixed greens. Vegan
Andreannas Bistro $7.00 Fresh mixed fruit, raisins, mixed nuts, feta cheese raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing over mixed greens. Vegan
Ceasars $7.00 Romaine, parmesan, Caesar dressing and croutons
Gentile $9.00 Grilled veggies & feta over mixed greens salad
Porcini Mista $9.00 Turkey bacon, mushroom, stringbeans,& feta over mixed greens salad
Gastronomia $13.00 Wild alaskan grilled salmon, sundried tomatoes, capers & feta over mixed greens salad


All platters are served with greek potatoes, greek salad, & pita bread
Gyro Platter $9.00 Grilled sliced beef & lamb blend served with tzatziki
Greek Grilled Chicken Platter $9.00 Grilled chicken breast, grilled onion, tomato, and green pepper served with tzatziki
Falafel Platter $9.00 Grilled soft, patties of ground chickpeas vegetables & spices served with tzatziki
Greek Spanakopita $9.00 Greek spinach pie baked with three cheeses.
Andryannis Greek Platter $10.00 Beef-lamb gyro and chicken gyro, spanakopita, and tzatziki sauce
Wild Alaskan Salmon $13.00 With homemade honey mustard dill sauce

Greek Pita Pizzas

7 Inch pitas breads baked in the oven. Make it a combo with side greek salad or greek potatoes $2.00
Athena $7.00 Spinach, feta, tomato, olives, tomato sauce & cheese
Mykonos $7.00 Gyro meat, feta, tomato, olives tomato sauce & cheese

Open Face Greek Pita Breads

We use real greek pita bread on all pitas, and theyre topped with greek salad & sprinkled with feta
Gyro Pita $7.00 Beef with lamb blend grilled and with Greek salad & tzatziki sauce on a pita
Chicken Gyro Pita $7.00 Marinated fresh grilled chicken breast & greek salad& tzatziki sauce on a pita
Falafel Pita $7.00 Grilled tasty ground chickpea & veggie patties wrapped with greek salad & tzatziki on a pita
Grilled Chicken Ceasar Pita $7.00 Marinated grilled chicken breast topped with caesar salad on a pita

Lunch Pita Combo

Add greek potatoes $1.00, add soda, bottled water or ice tea $1.00, add cup of soup $2.00
Soup of the Day 16oz. Bowl $4.00
Soup and Sandwich Combo $9.00
Soup and Side Greek Salad Combo $9.00

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