Andrzej Grill

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Cuisine: Polish.


Appetizer $7.50 – $5.00 your choice. comes with sour cream and fried onions.
Nalesniki $6.50 crepes. your choice of 3 pieces. comes with sour cream and powdered sugar. for multiple portions of one of the items please notate in the special instructions box.
Placki Ziemniaczane $6.50 potato pancakes. 4 pieces. comes with sour cream and apple sauce or mushroom sauce.
Kopytka $7.50 potato dumplings. comes with mushroom sauce and dill.
Kielbasa Kontraktora $7.50 polish sausage. comes with boiled potatoes, sauerkraut and horseradish. serwowana ziemniakami, kiszona kapusta i chrzanem.

Kanapki $8.50

Sandwiches & Salad
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich kanapka z piersi kurczaka.
Kanapka Z Kotletem Schabowym breaded pork sandwhich
Salata Szefa Kuchni chef’s salad
Salata Szefa Kuchni dressing selection: italian dressing, ranch dressing, french dressing, vinegar & oil dressing.

Dania $10.50

Dinner. All Dinners Come With Your Choice Of Potatoes And Your Choice Of Three Vegetable Sides.
Polish Combo 3 pierogis, stuffed cabbage and polish sausage polski mix.
Placek Po Tarnowsku stuffed potato pancakes dinner
Kotlet Z Kury W Sosie Pieczarkowym chicken polonez dinner
Kotlet Mielony pork meatloaf dinner
Golabki stuffed cabbage dinner
Bitki Wolowe W Sosie Wlasnym swiss steak dinner
Kotlet Zawijany Z Kury De Volaille chicken kiev dinner
Kotlet Schabowy breaded pork cutlet dinner
Paprykarz z Kury chicken paprikas dinner
Zeberka Cielece veal ribs dinner
Klopsiki W Sosie Pieczarkowym meatballs with mushroom sauce dinner
Golonka boiled pork shank dinner
Watrobka Z Drobiu chicken livers dinner
Ryba W Panierce breaded white fish dinner


Rosol Z Kury $2.25 chicken noodle soup
Kapusniak $2.25 sauerkraut soup
Flaczki $5.00 tripe soup
Czwartek – Pieczarkowa I Ogorkowa $2.25 thursday – mushroom & pickle soup.

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