Andy’s Kitchen & Sushi Bar

Up to date Andy’s Kitchen & Sushi Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Fresh Lemonade $2.50
Mango Iced Tea $2.50
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $2.50
Thai Iced Tea $2.50
Hot Tea $2.00
Coffee $2.00
Vietnamese Coffee $3.50 French press.
Soy Milk $2.50
Juice Squeeze $2.50 Berry.
Soda $2.50
Sparkling Water $2.50
Boba $3.50 Tapioca drink.
Fresh Orange Juice $2.50


SP1. Miso Soup with Tofu $2.00
SP2. Miso Soup with Crab $9.00
SP5. Mushroom Soup $7.00 3 kinds of mushroom in seaweed broth.
SP9. Spicy Thai Coconut Soup $8.00 Spicy.


SD1. House Green Salad $2.50 – $4.50
SD2. Seaweed Salad $4.50
SD3. Tuna Poki Salad $13.00 Tuna, tobiko and seaweed salad with spice sauce. Spicy.
SD4. Andy’s Salad $8.00 Spring mix, cucumber, fuji apple and candied walnut with ginger carrot dressing.
SD5. Cucumber Salad with Seaweed $4.50 Sweet vinegar dressing.
SD6. Cucumber Salad with Crab $9.00
SD7. Seared Albacore Salad $14.00 With wasabi yuzu dressing.
SD8. Pickles Salad $5.50 Assorted pickles.

On the Raw Side

Oyster 1/2 Shell $3.50
Ceviche Tower $14.00 3 kinds of fish.
Tuna Tar Tar $13.00
Hamachi Carpaccio $14.00 With spicy truffle aioli. Spicy

From the Grill

Teriyaki New York Steak $11.00
Teriyaki Salmon $12.00
Teriyaki Chicken Breast $8.00
Tofu $6.50 Veggie.
Yaki Tori $7.00 Grilled chicken and green onion on skewer.
BBQ Squid $8.00
BBQ Pork $8.00
Hamachi Kama $16.00 Yellow tail collar.
Kal-Bi $12.00 BBQ Korean-style short ribs.
Garlic Chicken $9.00 Grilled chicken topped with special garlic sauce and fried garlic chips.
Ginger Chicken $9.00 Grilled chicken with special ginger sauce.

Go for Crispy

3 Piece Prawn Tempura $7.50
Lobster Meat Balls Tempura $9.00
Mixed Tempura $10.00 Shrimp and veggies.
Yasai $10.00 Mix vegetable.
Mushroom with Mango Curry Dip $8.00 Veggie.
Purple Yam Sticks $8.00 Veggie.
Coconut Crusted Shrimp $7.50 Mango curry dip.
Deep-Fried Baby Octopus $8.00
Tonkatsu $8.00 Deep-fried pork cutlet.
Sui Mai $6.50 Pork dumplings.
P-Town Wings $8.50 Fried chicken wings with house special spices. Spicy.
Vegetable Croquette $6.00 Veggie.
Agedashi Tofu $6.00 Gluten-free. Veggie.

Hot Pans and Others

Gyoza $6.50 Japanese potstickers.
Yakiniku $9.00 Stir-fried thin slices of beef and onion.
2 Steamed BBQ Pork Buns $3.00
2 Steamed Lotus Seed Paste Buns $3.00 Veggie.

Seasonal Specials

J.F.C. $7.00 Japanese fried chicken.
Jalapeno Poppers $9.00
Cha Sui Ramen $12.00 Chinese BBQ pork noodle soup.
Atomic Noodle Soup $12.00 Chicken, shrimp, veggies and udon noddle with Thai spicy coconut soup. Spicy.
Sushi Sandwich $14.00 Choose from spicy tuna and crab or spicy tuna and salmon. With avocado and cut into sandwich squares. Tempura-fried with spicy mayo, unagi sauce and tobiko. Spicy.
Marilyn Mon-Roll $8.00 Hand roll. Lobster salad, scallop, avocado, yuzutobiko and daikon spout.
Seared Prosciutto Wrapped Scallop Sushi $12.00
Lobster Tempura Roll $14.00 Tempura langostino lobster, cucumber, avocado, gobo and tobiko with wasabi creme sauce and unagi sauce.
Peking Roll $8.00 Roasted duck, cucumber, green onion and hoisin sauce.
Rebel with o Cause Roll $10.00 Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, green onion, deep fried. Top with sweet and spicy sauce. Spicy.
Seafood Rice Soup $14.00 Shrimp, crab and scallop.

Nigiri Sushi

S1. Maguro Nigiri $6.00 Tuna.
S2. Hamachi Nigiri $6.00 Yellowtail.
S3. Shio Maguro Nigiri $6.00 Albacore.
S4. Ikura Nigiri $6.50 Salmon roe.
S5. Ika Nigiri $6.00 Squid.
S7. Tako Nigiri $5.50 Octopus.
S8. Hotate Sp. Nigiri $6.50 Scallop salad.
S9. Kani Nigiri $6.00 Crab.
S10. Kani Sp. Nigiri $5.50 Crab salad.
S11. Unagi Nigiri $6.00 Fresh water eel.
S12. Anago Nigiri $7.00 Sea eel.
S13. Ebi Nigiri $5.00 Cooked shrimp.
S14. Tubugai Nigiri $6.00 Conch.
S15. Sake Nigiri $5.50
S16. Saba Nigiri $5.00 Mackerel.
S17. Amaebi Nigiri $8.00 Sweet shrimp. Raw.
S18. Tobiko Nigiri $5.50 Flying fish roe.
S19. Uni Nigiri $8.00 Sea urchin.
S20. Hotate Nigiri $6.50 Scallop.
S21. Tai Nigiri $5.50 Snapper.
S23. Escolar Nigiri $6.00 Butter fish.
S24. Lobster Salad Sushi Nigiri $7.00
S25. Inari Nigiri $4.50 Tofu pocket.
S26. Nasu Nigiri $4.50 Grill eggplant.
S27. Grilled Tofu Nigiri $4.50
S28. Wakame Nigiri $4.50 Seaweed salad.
S30. Seared Kobe Beef Sushi Nigiri $7.50
S31. Tom’s Special Nigiri $6.50 Albacore tuna top with fresh chopped garlic and ponzu sauce.
S32. Seared Tuna with Shiso Pesto Nigiri $7.00

Mono Maki

MM1. Tekka Maki $6.00 Tuna. Basic roll.
MM2. Kappa Maki $5.00 Cucumber. Basic roll.
MM3. Shiitake Maki $6.00 Mushroom. Basic roll.
MM4. California Maki $5.50 Crab and avocado. Basic roll.
MM5. Oshinko Maki $5.50 Pickle. Basic roll.
MM6. Avocado Maki $6.00 Basic roll.
MM7. Kampyo Maki $5.50 Squash. Basic roll.
MM8. Futo Maki $7.50 Basic roll.
MM9. Vegeterian Maki $7.00 Fresh and pickles. Basic roll. Veggie.
MM10. Cucumber and Avocado Maki $6.50 Basic roll.
MM11. Ume Shiso Kyu Maki $6.50 Plum paste, shiso leaf and cucumber. Basic roll.

Special Rolls

3 Stooges Roll $8.00 – $1.50 Inside: scallop, crab, cucumber. Outside: 3 kinds of fish and avocado.
49’er Roll $8.00 – $1.50 Scallop, cucumber, avocado. Top with tuna and hamachi.
Ariel Roll $7.50 – $1.50 California roll top with shrimp and spicy mayo. Spicy.
Bangkok Roll $5.00 – $1.50 BBQ pork and cucumber.
Camelot Roll $7.50 – $13.00 Inside: shrimp tempura, cucumber. Outside: scallop and avocado.
Candy Cane Roll $8.00 – $14.00 California roll top with tuna and scallop.
Carburetor Roll $9.00 – $17.00 Shrimp tempura, crab, cucumber. Top with crab.
Caterpillar Roll $6.00 – $1.50 Cucumber, unagi inside. Avocado outside.
Cherry Blossom Roll $8.00 – $13.00 Cucumber, avocado, tuna, top with tuna.
Dena’s Roll $8.00 – $1.50 California roll top with scallop, salmon and truffle oil.
Dragon Roll $7.50 – $1.50 Inside: tempura shrimp, crab, mountain carrot. Outside: unagi and avocado.
Eagle Roll $7.00 – $12.00 Stir-fried onion, beef, cream cheese. Deep-fried.
Giants Roll $8.00 – $14.00 Tempura green onion, albacore. Top with salmon and truffle.
Godzilla Roll $12.00 Regular size. Inside: shrimp tempura, crab, mix veggies. Outside: smoked salmon and avocado.
Golden Gate Roll $8.00 – $14.00 Spicy tuna roll top with scallop and avocado.
Grinch Roll $10.00 Regular size. Tuna, crab, wasabi tobiko, cucumber. Soy wrapped.
Jo Jo’s Roll $7.50 – $13.00 Spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, cucumber. Spicy.
Kabocha Tempura Roll $5.00 – $8.00 Japanese pumpkin.
Kamikaze Roll $6.00 – $1.50 Shrimp, unagi, smoked sake, cucumber and avocado.
Kobe Kim Chi Roll $10.00 Regular size. Kobe beef, kim chi and cucumber.
Las Vegas Roll $8.00 Regular size. 3 kinds of fish tempura, mix veggies.
Linda’s Roll $8.00 – $1.50 Inside: spicy crab, cucumber. Outside: scallop. Spicy.
MJ Roll $8.00 – $1.50 Tempura, crab, cucumber. Top with tempura crunch. Spicy.
New York Roll $5.00 – $1.50 Cooked shrimp, cucumber and avocado. Spicy.
Paul’s Roll $7.00 – $12.00 Tuna, crab, fried garlic and cucumber.
Philadelphia Roll $5.00 – $8.00 Smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado and cream cheese.
Rainbow Roll $7.50 – $1.50 5 kinds of fish over California roll.
Reindeer Roll $12.00 Regular size. Tempura, crab, black tobiko, cucumber and avocado.
Rock and Roll $5.00 – $1.50 Unagi, cucumber and avocado.
Roski Roll $7.50 – $13.00 California roll top with tuna and avocado.
Scallop Roll $5.00 – $8.00 Scallop, cucumber and sprouts.
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.00 – $1.50 Spicy tuna, cucumber and sprouts. Spicy.
Spider Roll $10.00 Regular size. Deep-fried soft shell crab and cucumber.
Tempura Roll $5.00 – $8.00 Shrimp tempura and cucumber.
Tri-Color Roll $13.00 Regular size. 3 kinds of fish, 3 kinds of tobiko, crab and avocado.
Volcano Roll $6.00 – $1.50 Spicy tuna roll with jalapeno chili.
Yam Tempura Roll $5.00 – $8.00
Zen Roll $6.00 – $1.50 Tempura mushroom inside. Outside with grill eggplant and zucchini top with miso dressing.


Sushi Dinner Combo $20.00 7 piece nigiri sushi and California roll.
12 Piece Sashimi Dinner Combo $20.00
Sushi and Sashimi Dinner Combo $24.00 4 piece nigiri, 8 piece sashimi and spicy tuna roll. Spicy.
Veggies Sushi Dinner Combo $18.00 7 piece veggie sushi and cucumber avocado roll.
Cooked Sushi Dinner Combo $18.00 5 piece sushi and California roll.
Maki Combo $22.00 California roll, spicy tuna roll and tempura roll. Spicy.
Unajyu Combo $18.00 BBQ eel over rice.
Chirashi Combo $20.00 Sashimi over sushi rice.

Dim Sum

Shrimp Dumpling $5.00 Ha gao.
Pork Dumpling $5.00 Sui mai.
Sticky Rice Dumpling $4.00 Noo mai kai.
2 Piece BBQ Pork Bun $3.00 Cha sui bao.
2 Piece Lotus Seed Paste Bun $3.00


Ocean Catch $13.00 Salmon, white fish, avocado, cucumber and slaw
Dragon-Rito $13.00 Crab, shrimp tempura, unagi, cucumber, avocado and slaw
Fire House $10.00 Spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, roasted jalapeno and slaw.
Chicken Run $9.00 Fried chicken, cucumber, avocado and slaw.
Yasai-Rito $9.00 Veggie tempura, cucumber, avocado and slaw.

Side Dishes

Steamed Rice $2.00
Brown Rice $3.00
Sushi Rice $3.00
Fresh Wasabi $1.00
Pickled Garlic $5.00
Kim Chee $4.50
Edamame $4.00 Regular.
Andy’s Style Edamame $4.50 Tossed with garlic sesame sauce.


Ice Cream $3.00
Mochi Ice Cream $4.00 Ice cream with rice cake wrapped outside.
Tempura Ice Cream Cake $6.00
Andy’s Banana Boat $10.00 Tempura banana, all 3 flavors ice cream (strawberry, mango and green tea), chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crusted candied walnut.
Tempura Banana $5.00
Tempura Banana with Ice Cream $7.50
Green Tea Cheese Cake $6.00
Mango Cheese Cake $6.00
Tempura Cookies $5.00
Green Tea Mousse $6.00

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