Angelina Restaurant

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Cuisine: Latin American, Puerto Rican.

Desayuno $3

Papa Frita
Pure De Papa


Jamon Y Queso $2.50 lechuga y tomate
Queso Huevo $3.50 bacon
Pollo – Queso $5.00
Cafe $0.50
Tea $1.00
Chocolate $1.00

Carnes Seleccionads

Todos Estos Platos Se Sirven Con Arroz Y Habichuelas O Tostones O Maduros O Papitas O Ensalada
Picabera De Carne $20.00
Huga Golden Blue $12.00
Bistec A Caballo $7.00
Bistec Sirloin $16.00
Bistec T-Bone $14.00
Bistec En Salso $7.00
Bistec Sobrelo $7.00
Bistec Salte $7.00
Carne Gusada $4.00
Bistec De Higado $6.00
Higado Saltado $6.00
Bistec Empanizado $8.00
Chuleta Au Angelina’s $9.00
Chuleta Al Estilo Mexicano $7.00
Pernil $6.00
Pechuga De Pollo Al Ajillo $7.00
Pechuga De Pollo A La Parrilla $7.00
Pollo Al Horno $6.00
Pollo Frito $6.00
Pollo Al Vino $6.00
Pollo A La Parmesana $9.00
Chicharrones De Pollo $6.00

Meat Selections

All These Plates Are Served With Rice And Beans Or Green Or Yellow Plantains Or French Fries Or Salad.
Mix Beef $20.00
Breaded Chicken Golden Blue $12.00
Beef Steak $7.00 with fried eggs
Sirloin Steak $12.00
T-Bone Steak $12.00
Steak In Sauce $7.00
Shoulder Steak $7.00
Peppers Steak $7.00
Steak Mexican Style $7.00
Beef Mexican Style $7.00
Beef Stew $4.00
Liver Steak $6.00
Sauteed Beef Liver Steak $6.00
Ham Steak $6.00
Breaded Steak $6.00
Breaded Steak Napolitan Style $7.00
Pork Chop Angelina’s Style $8.00
Pork Chop Mexican Style $6.00
Roast Pork $6.00
Chicken In Garlic Sauce $7.00
Chicken Fingers $7.00
Fried Chicken $6.00
Chicken In Wine $6.00
Chicken Parmigiana $9.00
Fried Chicken Rinds $6.00


Paella Valenciana $22.00
Paella Marinera $25.00 yellow rice with seafood
Langosta Al Broccoli $20.00 lobster with broccoli
Langosta A La Parrilla $20.00 grilled lobster
Langosta Enchilada $20.00 lobster with hot sauce
Camarones Al Broccoli $10.00 shrimp with broccoli
Camarones Fritos $10.00 fried shrimp
Camarones Enchilados $10.00 shrimp with hot sauce
Camarones Al Ajillo $10.00 shrimp with garlic sauce
Coctel De Camarones $10.00 shrimp cocktail
Pulpo Enchilado $16.00 octopus with hot sauce
Pargo Rojo $14.00 red snapper
Pescado Frito $6.50 fried fish
Filete De Pescado $7.00 fillet of fish
Filete De Pescado Empanizado $8.00 fried breaded fish fillet
Pulpo Al Ajillo Cualquier Estilo $16.00 octopus with garlic sauce any style

Combinacion De Mofongo

Mofongo Combination
Caserola De Marisco $20.00 seafood casserole
Camarofango En Salsa $14.00 camarofongo with sauce
Camarofango Al Ajillo $14.00 camarofongo with garlic sauce
Camarofango Frito $11.00 fried camarofongo
Mofongo Con Langosta En Salsa $20.00 mofongo with lobster in sauce
Mofongo Con Langosta Al Ajillo $30.00 mofongo with lobster in garlic sauce
Mofongo Con Pechuga De Pollo Saltead $9.00 mofongo with breaded chicken sauteed
Mofongo Con Pechuga Al Ajillo $8.00 mofongo with breaded chicken in garlic sauce
Mofongo Con Visted Salteado $9.00 mofongo with beef steak sauteed
Mofongo Con Filete Pescado Al Ajillo $8.00 mofongo with fish fillet in garlic sauce
Pechuga De Pollo Pellena De Camarones $12.00 breaded chicken with shrimp
Pechuga De Pollo A La Francesa $7.00 breaded chicken french style
Chicharron Pollo Sin Hueso $7.00 boneless chicken chunks
Dedo De Pollo $7.00 chicken fingers
Filete De Pescado Al Ajillo $7.00 fish filet in garlic sauce
Filete De Pescado En Salsa $7.00 fish filet in sauce
Filete De Pescado Relleno Camarones $14.00 fish fillet with shrimp
Filete Al Parilla $7.00 grilled fillet
Filete Relleno De Masa Cangrejo $12.00 fillet with crabs


Tomate $1.00 tomato
Pera $1.00 pear
Pina $1.00 pineapple
Jugo De Naranja Natural $2.75 natural orange juice
Manzana $1.25 apple
Toronja $1.25 grapefruit
Limonada Natural $1.00 natural lemonade
Zanahoria Natural $2.50 natural carrot juice

Batidos $2.50

Vanilla vanilla
Fresa strawberry
Morir Sonando orange with milk
Mamey mamey
Papaya papaya


Coors Light

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