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Cuisine: Italian.


Shrimp Cocktail $0.95
Fried Zucchini Sticks $7.95
Baked Stuffed Clams $8.95
Prosciutto Clams Casino (6) $10.95
Prosciutto Clams Casino (6) w/ Grilled Vegetables $12.95
Clams Cocktail (6) $8.95
Mussels in White Wine & Stuffed Mushrooms $8.95
Garlic or Marinara $10.95
Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Clams $10.95 In white wine and with fresh basil
Garlic or Marinara $11.95
Mozzarella Sticks $7.95
Garlic Bread Fried Calamari $10.95
Garlic Bread Fried Calamari w/ Melted Mozzarella $4.00
Hot Antipasto For One $16.95
Hot Antipasto Two One $27.95


Cold Antipasto for one $8.95
Cold Antipasto for two $11.95
Greek Salad for one $9.95
Greek Salad for two $12.95
Cold Antipasto Talian Style $14.95
Ceasar Salad For One $8.95
Arugala Salad for two $8.95
lnsalata Di Peperoni $10.95
lnsalata Tre Colori $10.95 Fresh roasted peppers with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice arugala, endive, radicchio, olive oil and vinegar
Chef Salad for One $9.95
Jnsalata Siciliana $0.95
Jnsalata Siciliana for two $12.95 Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, red onion
Spinach Salad $8.95 Garlic, oregano, olive oil and vinegar
Seafood Salad $12.95
House Salad for One $6.95
House Salad for Two $8.95
Shrimp and Pasta Salad $11.95 Any sm. Salad w/chicken additional 4.00 any large salad w/ chicken additional $5.00. Additional $2.50 for each shrimp


Soup of the day $5.00
Tortellini In Brodo $6.00
Italian Minestrone $5.00
Chicken Noodle $5.00


Veal Cutlet Parmiagina $17.95
Veal Cutlet Milanese $15.95 Breaded deep fried veal in tomato sauce
Veal and Peppers $16.95
Veal Scallopine Marsala and Mushrooms $17.95 Sauteed in butter and marsala wine
Veal Scallopine Pizziola $17.95 Sauteed in olive oil, onions and mushrooms in marinara sauce
Veal Scallopine Francese $17.95 Dipped in egg.andjlour, .sauteed in butter and lemon
Veal Scallopine & Peppers $17.95 Sauteed in wine sauce with fresh plum tomatoes
Veal Scallopine Mushroom & Peppers $17.95 Sauteed with wine sauce or marinara sauce
Veal Saltibocca Alla Romana $17.95 Spinach, mushrooms and prosciutto in wine sauce
Veal Cacciatore $17.95 Chunks of veal with mwhrooms, onions, and plum tomatoes
Vealalla Griglio $17.95 Grilled veal with seasonal vegetables
Veal Scallopine Sorrentino $18.95 Served with mushrooms, proscuillo, eggplant in a white wine sauce topped with melted mozzarella
Veal Cappriciosa $16.95 Breaded, pan fried and topped with onion and fresh tomatoes
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana $14.95
Chicken Paillard $14.95 Grilled chicken breast
Chicken Napoli $16.95 Chicken breasts sauteed, topped w/ eggplant, fresh chopped tomatoes, basil & fresh mozzarella cheese
Chicken Alla Romana $15.95 Boneless chicken, wine sauce, onion and mushrooms, peas and artichoke hearts
Chicken Cacciatore $14.95 Served with mushrooms, onions and marinara sauce
Chicken Scallopine Marsala $16.95 Boneless chicken sauteed in butter with marsala wine and mushrooms
Chicken Scallopine Francese $18.95 Boneless chicken dipped in egg and sauteed in butter and lemon
Chicken San Remo $15.95 Sauteed boneless chicken marinated in olive oil and basil with sundried tomatoes, topped with melted mozzarella
Chicken and Broccoli Parmigiana $15.95 Tender pieces of chicken over broccoli and topped with melted mozzarella in a light garlic and oil sauce
Chicken Alla Florentine $16.95 Served with proscuitto, spinach and mushroom sauteed in white wine sauce
Chicken Piccata $15.95 Served wilh lemon and capers
Chicken Scallopine Sorrentino $16.95 Served w/ mushrooms, proscuitto, eggplant, in white, wine sauce topped w/ melted mozzarella
Chicken Scarpariello $15.95 Sauteed with garlic, wine, lemon, butter, spices, pepperocini and mushrooms


Spaghetti, gnocchi, linguini, penne, ravioli, tortellini
Marinara Sauce $12.95
Mushroom Sauce (White or Red) $11.95
Tomato Sauce $11.95
Meatballs $12.95
Garlic and Olive Oil $11.95
Sausage $12.95
Meat Sauce $12.95
Clam Sauce (White or Red) $15.95 Ravioli tortellini $3.00 extra

Gourmet Pasta Dishes

Rigatoni Alla Vodka $13.95 In a pink sauce with a touch of vodka
Linguini Al Lido $16.95 Linguini sauteed with shrimp, basil, sundried tomatoes, fresh roasted peppers, parmigiana cheese, garlic & olive oil
Linguini Puttanesca $14.95 Served with fresh tomatoes, garlic, capers, olives and anchovies in a spicy sauce
Tortellini Alla Panna $15.95 Meat or cheese filled tortellini with prosciutto and peas in cream sauce
Cappelini Dl Angelo $15.95 Served with scallops, baby shrimps, calamari in a light marinara sauce
Fettucini Alfredo $14.95 In a cream sauce with romano cheese
Fe1tucini Portofino $15.95 Served with chicken and broccoli in a cream sauce
Pasta Primavera $14.95 Served with seasonal vegetables in a light garlic and oil sauce
Linguini Carbonara $15.95 Served with prosciutto, scallions and bacon
Rigatoniarrabiata $14.95 Served with fresh tomatoes, onions, fresh basil and ground beef
Penne Rosati $14.95 Cooked in garlic and olive oil with mushrooms, spinach and suntiried tomatoes
Penne and Broccoli $13.95 In a light garlic and oil or marinara
Rigatoni Alla Stella $13.95 Served with fresh tomato, sauteed eggplant in garlic and oil
Spaghetti Carrettiera $14.95 Spaghetti sauteed with garlic, olive oil, fresh basil, black olives, fresh spinach, roasted peppers, fresh tomatoes and pannigiana cheese
Linguini Rustica $14.95 Fresh chopped tomato, black olives, onion & basil in garlic & oil
Pappardelle Maremonte $18.95 Fresh large ribbons of pasta sauteed w/ shrimp, sliced filet mignon, white wine, fresh herbs, julienne of holland peppers, mushrooms, parigiana cheese and tomatoes
Linguini Pescatora $17.95 Linguini .sauteed with garlic, onion, olive oil, diced fresh seafood. diced tomatoes, basil, white wine and parmigiana cheese
Cappelini Del Marinaio $14.95 Angel hair pasta sauteed w/ garlic, olive oil, julienne of squd, holland peppers, diced olive oil julienne of squid, holland peppers, diced tomatoes, black olives, basil and parmigiana cheese
Cappelini Genovese $14.95 Angel hair pasta sauteed with our light and fresh peslo sauce and parmigiana cheese
Fettucini Al Filetto Dl Pomodor $14.95 Egg noodles sauteed with oniom, olive oil, proscuitto, basil, plum tomatoes and pamigiana cheese
Fettucini Al Pollo $15.95 Egg noodles sauteed with onion, sliced chicken breast, mushrooms, white wine, basil, diced tomatoes and parmigiana cheese
Fettucini Tetrazzini $15.95 Egg noodles sauteed with julienne of chicken, onions, peas, mushrooms, sheny wine, cream and parmigiana cheue
Pappardelle Con Carne $16.95 Fresh large ribbons of pasta sauteed with onion, mushrooms, sliced steak, white wine, diced tomatoes, basil little brown sauce & parmigiana cheese
Cappelini Al Gamberi $16.95 Angel hair pasta sauteed with garlic, olive oil, shrimp, white wine, marinara sauce, basil and parmigiana cheese little spicy

Baked Dishes

Additional charge for: Meat sauce $2.95. Meatballs $2.95. Ricotta $2.95. Sausage $2.95
Lasagna Primavera $14.95 Seasonal vegetables, ricotta cheese, marinara sauce topped with melted mozzarella cheese
Baked Cheese Tortellini $13.95
Manicotn Parmigiana $13.95
Cannoloni Stuffed $14.95
Lasagna Parmigiana (meat) $14.95
Baked Ziti $9.95
Baked Ziti Sicilliana $12.95
Baked Stuffed Shells $12.95 Eggplant and ricotta
Baked Stuffed Shells Baked Cheese Ravioli $12.95
Baked Stuffed Shells Baked Cheese Ravioli & Manicotti $14.95


Margharita $8.95 Tomato, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese
Pizza Angelino’s $11.95
French Delite $9.95 Onion, olive, mushrooms and artichokes
Primavera $9.95 Fresh seasonal vegetables
Marinara (no cheese) $7.95 Served with black olives, garlic, oregano and touch of virgin altve oil
Calabrese $9.95 Sausage, meatball and pepperoni
Grecian $9.95 Fresh tomato, onion, garlic andfetta cheese
Qatiro Stagioni $12.95 Fresh chopped tomatoes, roasted peppers, proscu illo, fresh mozzarella, basil, mushrooms and sauteed artichoke hearts
Pesto Thriller $8.95 Three cheeses with afresh pesto sauce
Genovese $8.95 Fresh spinach, fresh tomato and black olives
Pizza La Siesta $11.95 Fresh plum tomatoes, pepperoni, proscuitto, fresh peppers, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and sauteed onions
Neopolitan Pizza Cheese $14.00
Neopolitan Pizza By The Slice $2.50
Sicilian Pizza Cheese $16.00
Sicilian Pizza By The Slice $2.50
White Pizza $18.95 Made with ricotto and mozzarella cheese
Create Your Own Pizza Meat lovers: meatball, sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, ham. Vegetable lovers: peppers, Olives, onions, broccoli, fresh, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, spinach, any extra topping $3.00. Except shrimp,
Angelinos Deluxe (Meat) $14.95
Sicilian Deluxe $24.95
Vegetarian (Sauteed) $15.95
Cheese Calzone $7.95 Stuffed with ricotta & mozzarella cheese. Additional items $2.00 extra. sausage, pepperoni, meatball, ham
Sausage Roll $8.95
Chicken Roll $9.95
Broccoli Roll $8.95
Meatball Roll $8.95
Eggplant Roll $8.95


Shell Steak $25.95
Steak Pizaiola $28.95
Filet Mignon $32.95


Angelino’s Deluxe Seafood Platter $21.95
Broiled Swordfish $19.95 Lightly seasoned with lemon and butter and broiled to perfection
Red Snapper Livornese $18.95 Sauteed with onion, garlic, plum tomatoes and capers
Broiled Salmon $16.95 Lightly.seasoned with lemon and butter and broiled to perfection
Broiled Flounder $16.95 Lightly seasoned with lemon and butter and broiled to perfection
Seafood Primavera $18.95 Shrimps, scallops and calamari sauteed with mushrooms, garlic, fresh tomatoes and onions
Shrimp Parmigiana $16.95
Shrimp Fradiavolo $17.95
Shrimp Scampi $17.95
Shrimp Marinara $17.95
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp $17.95
Shrimp Oreganata $17.95 Broiled in white wine with lemon, garlic olive oil and bread crumbs
Shrimp Alla Francese $17.95 Dipped in egg and flour, sauteed in butter and lemon
Mussels Marinara $11.95
Clams Marinara $14.95
Calamari $14.95 Hot sweet sauce
Salmon Mugniaia $18.95
Salmon Livornese $17.95 Sauteed with onion, white wine, olives, capers, archive basil alld plum tomato
Broiled Seafood Combination $20.95 Filet of sole, clams, scallops and shrimp
Flounder Francese $17.95 Egg battered, sauteed in wine, lemon and butter sauce
Swordfish Marecillara $11.95 Cooked in light clam sauce with mussels and clams

Hot Heroes

Meatball $7.79
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana $9.95
Meatball Parmigiana $8.95
Grilled Chicken $9.95
Meatball, Pepper & Onion $8.95
Sausage $7.79
Shrimp Parmigiana $11.95
Sausage Parmigiana $8.95
Veal Cutlet $9.95
Sausage Pepper & Onion $8.95
Veal Cutlet Parmigiana $10.95
Sausage & Meatball Parmigiana $8.95
Sausage & Egg $8.95
Sausage, Meatball, Pepperoni & Egg $8.95
Pepper & Onion $8.95
Mushroom & Egg $8.95
Eggplant $7.95
Ham & Egg $8.95
Eggplant Parmigiana $8.95
Potato & Egg $8.95
Chicken Cutlet $8.95
Pepper & Egg $8.95

Cold Heroes

Ham, salami, pepperoni, prosciutto with choice of american 01 prollolone cheese: extra $1.50 all cold heroes come w/ lettuce, tomatoes and angelino’s special dressino
Lima $9.95
Thrkey $9.95
Angelino’s Combination $11.95


Plain Burger $8.00
Cheese Burger $9.00
Cheese Burger Deluxe $12.95 Served with french fries

Italian Specialties

Eggplant Parmigiana $11.95
Eggplant Rolatine $14.95
Sausage Parmigiana $13.95
Meatball Parmigiana $12.95
Sausage Pizzatola $11.95
Calamari & Shrimp Marinara $17.95
Mussels, Clams & Calamari $16.95
Mussels and Clams $16.95
Eggplant & Veal Parmigiana $16.95
Veal & Chicken Parmigiana $17.95
Veal, Shrimp & Chicken Parmigiana $18.95

Side Dishes

Sausage (2) $4.95
Meatball (2) $4.95
French Fries $4.00
Mushrooms Sauteed $6.95
Broccoli Rabe Sauteed
Spaghetti White Clam Sauce $8.95
Mixed Vegetables $6.95
Spinach $6.95
Escarole $6.95
Broccoli Garlic & Oil $6.95
Zucchini Sauteed $6.95
Small Meat Sauce $4.95
Large Meat Sauce $6.95
Caponata $8.95
Peperonata $7.95


Cheese Cake $6.00
Tirarnisu $7.00
Tartufo Ice Cream $7.00
Cannoli $4.00
Chocolate Mouse Cake $7.00
Ice Cream (Vanilla or Chocolate) $6.00

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