Angelo’s Pizza Steak and Spaghetti

Up to date Angelo’s Pizza Steak and Spaghetti prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Pizza, Steak.


Fried Ravioli $3.79 With tomato sauce
Chicken Wings $3.99 Bone in, medium spicy, breaded
Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers $3.79 Stuffed with three cheeses
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks $3.79 Stuffed with three cheeses
Deep Fried Calamari Rings $4.29
Garlic Cheese & Pepperoni Toast $2.79 Homemade side dish
Sampler Platter $6.79 5 Different appetizers, 2 each

Specialty Salads

All served with choice of homemade dressing. Salad add ons:Pepperoni, bacon or canadian bacon: $1.49, tomatoes, green or black olives, pepperoncini, onions, green peppers or jalapenos: $0.99, extra cheese: $1.49. Dressing made in house: italian, ranch, 10
Honeymoon Salad $1.79 – $2.89
Special Salad (Antipasta) $5.99 Spring mix, tomatoes, pepperoncini, black & green olives. Add pepperoni or canadian bacon $1.49
Chef Salad $7.49 Spring mix, topped with turkey, ham, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes and cheese.
Shrimp Salad $9.99 Spring mix & tomatoes topped with sauteed shrimp.
Salmon Salad $10.99 Spring mix & tomatoes topped with charbroiled salmon.
Charbroiled Chicken Salad $7.79 Freshly grilled chicken on a bed of fresh spring mix with tomatoes & black olives.

Pasta Entrees

Served with dinner salad & garlic toast. Add ons: extra cheese $1.29, meat sauce, mushrooms or sausage $1.49, meatballs (2) $2.29
Manicotti Formaggio $8.49 Pasta tubes filled with a blend of ricotta & parmesan cheese. Covered with choice of meat sauce or alfredo sauce & topped with mozzarella cheese.
Cannelloni Florentine $8.49 A blend of veal, ricotta & spinach wrapped in premium pasta & covered in meat sauce. Topped with mozzarella cheese.
Golden Baked Lasagna $8.79 A delicious Italian dish lasagna noodles layered with meat sauce & 2 flavorful cheeses. Baked to a golden brown.


Select a pasta: Choose from: Spaghetti, mostaccolli, bowtie, meat ravioli, meat ravioli & spaghetti
Red Sauce (Tomato) $5.79
Red Sauce (Tomato) Meatballs, Meat Sauce, Sausage, Mozarella Cheese $6.99
Alfredo Sauce $6.99
Alfredo Sauce Mushrooms, Sausage $8.49
Garlic Butter Sauce $5.99
Garlic Butter Sauce with Mushrooms, Sausage, Mozarella $6.99
Customize Your Dinner – Any 2 Toppings $7.39
Customize Your Dinner – Any 3 Toppings $8.39


Served with chips or dinner salad. Add melted mozzarella cheese to any sandwich $1.29
Italian Sausage Sandwich $5.99 Tasty ground italian sausage combined with tangy tomato sauce, sloppy joe style
Steak Sandwich $7.49 Served with lettuce, tomato & 1000 island dressing on a toasted onion bun
Chicken Sandwich $7.49 Marinated charbroiled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato & ranch dressing on a toasted onion bun
Peanut Butter & Jelly $19.66 Allow 1 hour for this sandwich
Meatball Deluxe $5.29 4 Tasty hand-made meatballs tucked in a toasted hoagie bun covered in our zesty tomato sauce

Chicken Entrees

All entrees served with fresh salad & garlic toast.
Charbroiled Chicken Breast $7.49 Tender, marinated breast of chicken served with your choice of baked potato or spaghetti. Double chicken add $3.49
Chicken Parmigiana $7.99 Breaded chicken breast served on a bed of simmering spaghetti covered in tangy tomato sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheese. Substitute a 6 oz. chicken breast: $9.49
Chicken Alfredo $9.29 Marinated chicken breast served on choice of pasta & topped with alfredo sauce

USDA Choice Steaks

Served with dinner salad & choice of baked potato or spaghetti. Add a juicy 5 oz. lobster tail to any steak dinner for just $10.29. Add one: meat sauce or sausage $1.19, shrimp $3.19, mushrooms $1.19, meatballs (2) $1.79, cheese $0.99
Top Sirloin $9.99 6 oz. Our best steak value
K.C. Strip $12.79 Lean & tender 8 oz. strip
Hamburger Steak $7.99 1/2 lb. of ground round.
Rib Eye $14.99 10 oz. always a flavorful favorite
Filet Mignon $5.29 – $14.99 Bacon wrapped & delicious
T-Bone $17.99 A texan favorite, at 16 oz, darn near a whole pound.

Create Your Own Pizza

Available toppings: Extra cheese, canadian bacon, pepperoni, hamburger (beef), sausage (ground pork), bacon, mushrooms, pineapple, onions, bell peppers, green olives, black olives, jalapenos, anchovy. Additional toppings: 10" $1.29 or 14" $1.69
Deluxe Cheese $7.99 – $8.99
Add 1 Topping $7.99 – $9.99
Add 2 Toppings $8.99 – $12.49
Add 3 Toppings $9.99 – $13.49

Specialty Pizzas

Vegetarian $9.99 – $11.99 Meatless munchie.
Spaghetti Pizza $6.99 – $8.99
White Pizza $9.99 – $13.49 Alfredo covered with mozzarella & tender bits of marinated chicken breast
Super Six $10.99 – $12.49 Pepperoni, hamburger, sausage, mushrooms, onions & bell peppers
The Works $9.99 – $13.49 A sampling of all our great toppings anchovies, jalapeno, bacon & pineapple
Meatlover’s $9.99 – $11.99 Canadian bacon, pepperoni, hamburger, sausage & bacon

Special Dinners

Served with a crispy green salad and our hand-made garlic toast. All entrees served with fresh salad & garlic toast.
Succulent Lobster Dinner $15.99 Succulent, 5oz maine tail served with a steamed vegetable medley and fluffy baked potato.
Lobster & Scampi Combo $17.99 Flavorful, 5oz. tail and 6 shrimp on a bed of spaghetti, smothered with our garlic butter sauce and oven-baked scampi-style, served wit a generous baked potato.
Shrimp Alfredo $11.59 Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter sauce & served with choice of pasta with alfredo sauce.
Grilled Wild Alaskan Salmon $11.99 Served with a steaming baked potato & frsh vegetables. Topped with choice of roasted almond creme sauce or zesty garlic-lemon pepper sauce
Shrimp Scampi Dinner $11.59 (12) Plump shrimp on a bed of spaghetti covered with our garlic buttersauce and baked scampi-style.

Side Orders

Served with dinners or pizza only.
Spaghetti or Ravioli with Tomato Sauce $1.99
Spaghetti or Ravioli with Meat Sauce $2.29
Spaghetti or Ravioli with One Meatball $2.29
Spaghetti or Ravioli with Mushrooms $2.49
Spaghetti or Ravioli with Red Sauce and Melted Mozzarella $2.49
Meatballs (2) $2.29
Meat Sauce $1.79
Sausage $1.49
Side of Ranch Dressing $0.99
Cheddar Cheese $1.49
Vegetable Medley $1.99
Mozzarella $1.29
Garlic Toast (2) $0.99
Cheese Toast $0.99
Baked Potato $1.49
Loaded Potato $3.29

Seniors & Kids

Spaghetti or Ravioli with Tomato Sauce $2.49 Served with garlic toast
Spaghetti or Ravioli with Meat Sauce $3.79
Spaghetti or Ravioli with One Meatball $3.79
Spaghetti or Ravioli with Mushrooms $3.79
Spaghetti or Ravioli with Red Sauce & Melted Mozzarella $3.79
Hot Dog $3.49 Served with chips
Corny Dog $3.49 Served with chips
Mac-N-Cheese $3.79 A combination of two kid’s favorites.

Decadent Desserts

Brownie Supreme $4.49 Fudge brownies & ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream
Bananas Foster Ice Cream $3.99
Cheesecake $3.49 Server about current selections
Kid’s Sundae $2.49 Vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup & whipped cream.


Soft Drinks $1.99
Hot Tea $1.29
Iced Tea, Lemonade, Coffee $1.49
Hot Chocolate $1.29

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