Angon on the Sixth

Up to date Angon on the Sixth prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Indian.


Samosa Chat $5.95 vegetable fritters served with hot and tangy sauce, prepared with yogurt and chat massala
Pani Puri $4.95 puffed chip made with flour and stuffed with spiced chick peas served with tamarind sauce
Vegetable/ Mushroom Pakora $5.95 mixed vegetable / mushroom fritters
Vegetable Roll $4.95
Chicken Roll $4.95
Samosa (Vegetable Or Meat) $4.00 mildly spiced pastries
Halim $5.95 lamb – slowly cooked with different types of lentils and indian spices
Alu Tikka $3.00 mashed potatoes mixed with herbs and spices, fried
Angon Chicken Lollypop With House Dip $6.95 breaded chicken wings with indian spices, fried – angon’s saturday only special
Chicken Wings With Tandoori Massala $6.95 chicken wings with tandoori spice, barbequed in a clay oven
Assorted Appetizers $10.95 a fine representation of our delicious appetizers


Chicken Soup $3.95
Tomato Soup $3.95
Mulligatawny Soup $3.95 prepared with lentils, tomatoes and a dash of special blended spices and herbs
Seafood Soup $4.95


House Salad With Angon Dressing $5.95 crispy fresh greens, carrots and tomatoes with angon’s special dressing
Mixed Bean Salad With House Dressing $6.50 chick peas and kidney beans with red onions, green chilies with tamarind base dressing
Mango Salad $6.95 crispy vegetables and cubed mango with angon’s house dressing
Tandoori Chicken Salad $7.95 cubed tandoori chicken with lettuce, onions and tomatoes, comes with raita dressing

Beef / Lamb / Chicken Entrees

All entrees are served with steamed basmati rice.
Lamb $15.95 lamb with rich braised curry and yogurt
Beef Or Lamb $15.95 beef / lamb braised and sauteed with traditional indian hot spice
Chicken Korma $13.95 very mildly spiced chicken, flavored with butter and simmered in yogurt
Kashmiri Chicken $14.95 lightly fried chicken in butter with sweet and sour sauce made of yogurt, almonds and cashews
Kofta Curry $13.95 (chicken / lamb) meat balls cooked in curry sauce (for lamb add $1 extra)
Vindaloo $13.95 (beef, chicken, lamb) choice of lamb, beef or chicken, cooked in a hot and tangy curry sauce (for beef or lamb add $1 extra)
Achar Gosht $15.95 marinated lamb cooked in pickles sauce
Liver Jhal Fry $12.95 liver cooked with hot indian spices and onions
Chicken Dopeaja $13.95 succulent pieces of meat cooked with sharp spices and spring onions
Chicken Jhal Fry $12.95 chicken cooked with onions and hot traditional spices
Bihari Kabab $14.95 beef steak marinated & braised in garlic and spices
Nargisi Kabab $14.95 ground beef marinated with ginger, garlic & spices braised with boiled egg
Beef/Lamb/Chicken Curry $10.95 choice of beef, lamb or chicken cooked in indian style curry sauce (for beef or lamb add $1.00 extra)
Goat Meat $19.95 (korma, bhuna gosht or curry, friday and saturday only )
Angon Special Chicken Roast With Polao $18.95 (nababi style from bengal)

Fish / Seafood Entrees

Tilapia Dopeaja $14.95 whole fish cooked with sharp spices and spring onions
Whole Fish, Gravy Or Fried $15.95
Angon Special Rui Fish Curry $15.95 (with egg plant & potato)
Mustard Fish $15.95 whole fish cooked in mustard sauce – east indian style
Fish Kofta Curry $14.95 fish balls cooked in curry sauce – east indian style
Shrimp Dopeaja $16.95 large shrimp cooked with sharp spices and spring onions
Shrimp Malai Curry $16.95 shrimp cooked in coconut milk and spices
Shrimp Shak $16.95 shrimp cooked in delicate spices with spinach

Tandoori Entrees

(Indian clay oven) All entrees are served with steamed basmati rice.
Chicken Tandoori $12.95 chicken marinated in yogurt, spices, herbs, and barbecued in the tandoor
Shrimp Tandoori $16.95 marinated in tandoori spices and barbecued in the tandoor
Vegetable Tandoori $12.95 fresh vegetables sprinkled with tandoori masala and lime juice, baked in tandoor
Boti Kabab $13.95 diced meat marinated in vinegar, ground ginger, black pepper and garam masala strung on a skewer and broiled in tandoori oven
Chicken Tikka Massala $13.95 tandoori chicken, lightly fried with melted butter, cream and spicy sauce
Shikh Kabab $14.95 broiled, skewered ground meat, spiced with garam masala, chopped onions, ginger and fresh coriander leaves
Reshmi Kabab $13.95 tender rolls of succulent minced chicken with royal cumin and spices skewered and grilled in the tandoor
Fish Tikka $17.95 salmon seasoned and broiled in tandoori oven
Mixed Grill Combo Platter $19.95 a fine representation of our tandoori specialties

Rice Specialties

Beef, Lamb Or Chicken Biriany $14.95 (very special dish made from spiced saffron rice cooked with pieces of beef, lamb or chicken (for beef or lamb add $1.00 extra)
Fish Biriany $16.95 spiced saffron rice cooked with pieces of fish
Shrimp Biriany $17.95 spiced saffron rice cooked with shrimp
Vegetable Biriany $13.95 spiced saffron rice cooked with mixed vegetables
Khichuri $15.95 an east indian dish, a mixture of lentil and rice with spices, comes with choice of chicken, lamb, beef or vegetable curry

Vegetarian Specialties

Vegetable Curry $11.95 fresh vegetable cooked with curry spice
Chana Massala With Puri $10.95 chick peas prepared with indian spice – served with puri
Palak Ponir $11.95 cheese cooked with fresh spinach, seasonings, and spices
Alu Ghobie Bhajee $11.95 cauliflower and potatoes – prepared with mild sauce
Alur Dom $8.95 potatoes braised in butter & rich tart sauce – goes well with puri or nan
Navratna Curry Or Korma $13.95 nine different types of vegetables cooked in curry or yogurt sauce
Dal Fry Angon Special $9.95 fried mung dal cooked in spices & herbs
Aam Dal Angon Special $9.95 lentil cooked with fresh mango in spices & herbs
Malai Kofta $10.95 gently spiced potato & cheese balls cooked with south indian recipe
Bendi Massala $10.95 gently spiced chopped ocra cooked with indian spices, tomato and onion
Panir Makhani $12.95 gently spiced cheese in creamy sauce cooked with punjabi recipe
Luchi Niramish $12.95 (angon special) lightly spiced seasonal vegetable with deep fried small puffed bread special from eastern india


Nan $3.00 unleavened bread freshly baked to order in clay oven
Garlic Nan $3.50 nan – flavored and stuffed with garlic
Wheat Roti / Rice Roti $3.00 tawa bread prepared from wheat flour or rice flour
Peshwari Nan / Cheese Nan $4.00 nan flavored and stuffed with dried fruits and nuts
Paratha $3.00 layered bread, prepared with butter
Puri $3.00 whole wheat flour puffed bread deep fried
Alu Paratha $3.50 whole wheat layered bread stuffed with potatoes and baked with butter
Keema Paratha $3.95 paratha stuffed with chopped meat
Muglai Paratha $4.00 paratha stuffed with egg and ground meat angon special
Onion Kulcha $3.50 nan stuffed with seasoned onion
Assorted Bread Basket $12.00 combination of nan, garlic nan, roti, and paratha in a basket

Companion Dishes

Begun Bharta $4.95 eggplant baked, mashed, and seasoned with herbs
Alu Bharta $3.95 potato baked, mashed, mixed with fried onions and seasoned with herbs
Raita $2.50 freshly made yogurt spiced with diced cucumber
Steamed Vegetables With Indian Herbs $4.95 steamed crispy vegetables, seasoned with panch phoron
Steamed Rice $2.00 steamed basmati rice
Motor Polao $3.95 basmati rice cooked in butter with fresh green peas, onions and garam masala
Begun Achar $5.95 eggplant cooked with a sweet and tangy sauce
Chutney $3.00 (mango / plum / other pickles)


Payesh $4.95 traditional rice pudding with almonds and raisins, sweetened with brown sugar
Doi $3.95 (home made sweet yogurt)
Golab Jamun $3.95 sweet pastry ball served in flavored syrup
Carrot Halwa $4.95 halwa made with carrots, cream and garnished with raisins, almonds and pistachios
Combination $8.00 a fine representation of our delicious desserts


Soda / Iced Tea $2.00
Borhani $3.50 spicy yogurt drink
Mango Lassi / Rose Lassi $3.95 sweetened yogurt drinks made with mango / rose water
Massala Chaa $1.95 our special brand tea made with cardamom and cinnamon
Chaa Latte $2.50 a unique treat from angon, creamy tea topped with whipped cream
Adaa Chaa $1.95 tea made with ginger
Bottled Water $2.50

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