Angry Bear Kitchen

Up to date Angry Bear Kitchen prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Small Plates

Orange & Ricotta Gnocchi $9.00 Tomato butter, fennel & olive
Butter Lettuce $8.00 Radicchio, fried onion & bleu cheese dressing
Dungeness Crab $12.00 Avocado mousse, charred & pickled shishitos, grapefruit marmalade, chives
Pork Rillette Hand Pie $12.00 Caramelized apple jus, pickled green apple, mustard ice cream
Bloody Mary Beef Tartare $11.00 Raw egg, pickled green bean, bacon powder, olive caramel
Mussels $13.00 Mortadella, chorizo, garlic, wine, charred bread
Chamurra Spiced Lamb Meatball $10.00 Yogurt, pita, spicy tomato cranberry sauce
Beef Tongue Poutine $10.00 Fries, cheese curd, gravy
Salmon Tartare $10.00 Caper, lemon, house potato chips
Mixed Greens $10.00 Pistachio butter, fried goat cheese, strawberry, snap peas, radish, tarragon vinaigrette

Larger Plates

Free Form Lasagna $17.00 Braised mushroom, roasted fennel, walnut pesto, ricotta
Crispy Polenta $18.00 Horseradish green goddess, tomato jam, corn pudding, soft egg, fried caper
Pork Chop $25.00 Lentil baked beans, mustard tater tots, blueberry cobbler pork terrine and watermelon jerky
Market Fish – Daily Preparation
Grilled Hanger $26.00 Empanadas, tomatillo chimmichuri, red pepper espuma & burnt onion
1/2 Chicken $20.00 Braised thigh, carrot romesco, green olive toast, smoked egg yolk, sherry w/ honey glazed onion & pea
1/2 Burger $13.50 Charred-balsamic red onion, ohio swiss, smoked bacon, truffle aioli, bun & fries

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