Angry Chef

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Cuisine: Eclectic & International.


Bruschetta $7.95 tomato, basil and feta cheese
Calamari $7.95 spicy marinara sauce
Mozzarella Sticks $6.95
Italian Fries $6.95 marinara with melted mozzarella cheese over fries
Garlic Toast $2.95


Angry Chef Salad $8.95 romaine lettuce, grilled corn, tomato, avocado, red cabbage, black beans, tortilla strips jack cheese with spicy ranch dressing
Angry Chef Salad $1.50 add grilled chicken
Angry Chef Salad $3.00 add grilled salmon
Caesar Salad $7.95 romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and croutons
Caesar Salad $1.50 add grilled chicken
Caesar Salad $3.00 add grilled salmon
Grilled Vegetable Salad $8.95 mixed greens, avocado, tomato, grilled corn, zucchini, carrot, onion with balsamic vinaigrette
Grilled Vegetable Salad $1.50 add grilled chicken
Grilled Vegetable Salad $3.00 add grilled salmon
Mandarin Chicken Salad $8.95 romaine lettuce, avocado, mandarin orange, grilled corn red cabbage, crispy noodle, sliced almond with orange vinaigrette
Beet Salad $8.95 mixed greens, spiced beets, grilled corn, avocado, feta cheese, walnuts with orange vinaigrette
Beet Salad $1.50 add grilled chicken
Beet Salad $3.00 add grilled salmon
Cobb Salad $9.95 mixed greens, chicken, bacon, egg, avocado, grilled corn, tomato, bleu cheese with balsamic vinaigrette
Side Salad $2.95


Served On Toasted French Roll, With Choice Of Salad Or Fries
Chicken Parmigiana $8.95 breaded chicken with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese
Grilled Chicken $7.95 mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato
Grilled Salmon $9.95 romaine lettuce, tomato, caper mayonnaise
Ranch Chicken $8.50 mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado

Drunken Gogi

It’s Our New Twist On The Popular Korean Delicacy Bulgogi, Thin Slices Of Tender, Beer Marinated Beef
Drunken Gogi Taco $8.95 three tacos with avocado, red cabbage slaw served with rice, black beans and tortilla chips
Drunken Gogi Sandwich $8.95 made with french roll with romaine lettuce, tomato and red cabbage slaw, served with french fries or salad
Drunken Gogi Plate $9.95 served with grilled vegetables white or brown rice topped with house made teriyaki sauce
Over Rice $7.95 grilled vegetables over white rice or brown rice, served with teriyaki sauce
Over Rice $1.50 add grilled chicken
Over Rice $3.00 add grilled chicken


Three Tacos On Corn Tortillas Served With Tortilla Chips, Black Beans And Rice
Angry Chef Chicken Taco $8.95 marinated chicken, avocado, red cabbage slaw
Grilled Salmon $9.95 avocado, red cabbage slaw


Angry Chef Pasta $8.95 linguini with mushroom, bell pepper, grilled corn, tomato in spicy cream sauce
Angry Chef Pasta $1.50 add chicken
Angry Chef Pasta $3.00 add salmon, shrimp
Carbonara $8.95 spaghetti with bacon, corn, green peas, onion, in cream sauce
Spicy Fettucini $8.95 mushrooms, grilled corn, in spicy cream sauce
Spicy Fettucini $1.50 add chicken
Spicy Fettucini $3.00 add salmon, shrimp
Spaghetti Bolognaise $8.95 parmesan cheese, mushrooms in meat sauce
Chicken Parmigiana $10.95 spaghetti with breaded chicken and melted mozzarella in marinara sauce
Fettucini Alfredo $8.25 parmesan cream sauce
Fettucini Alfredo $1.50 add chicken
Fettucini Alfredo $3.00 add salmon, shrimp
Penne Arrabbiata $8.25 tomato, basil in spicy marinara sauce
Penne Arrabbiata $1.50 add chicken
Penne Arrabbiata $3.00 add salmon, shrimp
Linguini Seafood $13.95 shrimp, mussels, baby scallops in spicy marinara sauce
Shrimp Scampi $11.95 linguini with tomato, basil in white wine sauce
Grilled Vegetable Pasta $8.95 panne with grilled zucchini, bell pepper, corn, carrot, onion in cream sauce
Grilled Vegetable Pasta $1.50 add chicken
Grilled Vegetable Pasta $3.00 add salmon, shrimp


Bud Light $4.00
Heineken $5.00 corona, new castle


Soft Drinks $1.95 coke, diet coke, sprite
Iced Tea $1.95 lemonade, arnold palmer
Coffee $1.95
Bottled Water $4.95 – $1.95
Vitamin Water $2.25

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