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Cuisine: Chinese, Vietnamese.


Canh Hoanh Thanh $5.00 shrimp, bass, jicama, dragon hair noodle, and shiitake mushroom dumplings in a clear chicken broth soup
Ca Tim Nurong $4.00 grilled asian eggplant, w. ginger lime sauce
Tom Cuon $7.00 grilled jumbo shrimp wrapped in soft rice paper w. vermicelli, fresh herbs
Ca Bam $7.00 wok seared swordfish, served w. toasted sesame rice crackers
Cha Gio $6.00 crispy vietnamese spring rolls with pork and shrimp
Banh Uot $5.00 steamed rice ravioli w. mushrooms, crispy shallots and fresh herb
Goi Du Du $6.00 green papaya salad, topped w. smoked beet strips, shrimp, and roasted peanuts
Chao Tom $7.00 grilled shrimp wrapped around sugarcane, served with lettuce and peanut sauce
Bo Bia $6.00 sauteed vegetables rolled in soft rice paper with sweet bean sauce
Goi Muc $6.00 grilled calamarai tossed with lemongrass, mint onion over mixed lettuce, tomato and cucumber finished with tamarind dressing
Bo La Me $7.00 grilled beef wrapped in camphor like sesame leaves lame served w. lettuce, fresh herbs and muoc cham
Ca Cuon $7.00 soft rice paper roll, with ahi tuna with rice vermicelli, sesame, lightly spice dipping sauce


Goi Ca $7.00 pan-seared ahi tuna w. baby green salad in traditional saigon style tamarind dressing
Tom Chien $8.00 crispy jumbo shrimp sprinkled w. coconut meat served over baby mixed green salad and dipping sauce
Goi Bo $6.00 favorite home style grilled beef over fresh baby salad and tomato w. tamarind dressing dressing
Banh Khoai Chien $7.00 tempura of yam, eggplant and onion served w. lettuce and lightly spiced dipping sauce
Ca Nurong Cuon $8.00 grilled salmon w. soft rice paper, vermicelli, cucumber, peanut, basil and lightly spiced peanut sauce
Banh Xeo $8.00 coconut rice crepe filled w. chicken, strimp bean sprout served w. lettuce fresh herbs
Tom Xao Cai $14.00 stir-fried jumbo shrimp w. assorted vegetable in oyster sauce
Lau Um $16.00 scallop, salmon, shrimp, calamari, tomato, lemongrass and basil baked in clay pot w. lobster based sauce
Tom Rim $15.00 sauteed jumbo shrimp w. tofu, onion and mango w. chef’s special sauce, peasant cooking style


Bo Xao $14.00 sauteed sirloin of beef w. string beans, fresh chili and basil
Ca Chien Don $17.00 whole crispy red snapper w. spicy chili lime sauce
Ga Nuong $11.00 oven roasted lemongrass chicken served w. scallion lime dipping sauce
Tom Xao $14.00 sauteed jumbo shrimp w. tomatoes, and fresh basil
Ca Hap $14.00 steamed sea bass wrapped in banana leaves and mushrooms, tomatoes, tofu, scallions, ginger and light soy sauce
Com Tho Ga $11.00 ginger chicken taken in a clay pot w. shiitake mushroom, snow peas over scallion marinated rice
Ca Ri Chay $10.00 assorted vegetables with tofu in a light coconut curry sauce
Vit Tiem $14.00 marinated duck sauteed w. vietnamese herbs spice, light soy sauce served w. vinaigrette cucumber, mango and lime ginger
Rau Cai Xao $8.00 mixed fresh vegetables sauteed in a light soy sauce
Ca Nuong $14.00 grilled filet of salmon over rice noodle salad w. scallion lime dressing
Bo Lui $14.00 grilled beef brochette with peanuts and onions over angel hair rice noodles, lettuce and fresh herbs
Ga Xao Cari $12.00 sauteed chicken w. eggplant mango, string beans, onion, tomato, yam and basil in a light coconut curry sauce
Suon Chien $13.00 pan seared tender pork marinated w. lemongrass, scallion, sesame seeds, served w. vinaigrette cucumber, mango and lime dipping sauce
Tau Hu Chay $13.00 pan seared tofu skin roll, shiitake mushroom and tofy, viet-nam houng temple most favorite vegetarian dish
Ca Kho To $17.00 sea bass sauteed in a clay pot w. tofu lemongrass, eggplant basil, shallots, old country style
Com Tho Ga ginger chicken baked in clay pot w. shiitake mushroom


Pho $7.00 oxtail broth w. rice, noodles, sliced beef, scallions and fresh herbs
Hu Tieu Xao $8.00 – $5.95 stir fried saigon noodle with shrimp, egg and bean sprouts
Bun Thit Nuong $9.00 grilled marinated pork over ange hair rice noodles
Hu Tieu Sate $9.00 shrimp and squid in satay broth w. rice noodles, bean sprouts, cucumbers and basil
Bun Rieu $9.00 ground pork, shrimp and tomato broth served with tofu bean sprouts and angel hair rice noodles
Bun Ga Nuong $9.00 grilled breast of chicken over rice vermicelli w. roasted peanuts and fresh herbs
Mi Xao $9.00 – $5.95 sauteed mixed vegetables over crispy noodles
Bun Bo Xao $10.00 wok seared lemongrass beef over rice vermicelli salad, topped with pickled carrots and radish, and sprinkles with crushed peanuts
Pho $5.95 oxtail broth w. rice noodles thin slices of beef and onion served w. bean sprouts, basil and hoisin dipping sauce
Bun Rieu $5.95 ground pork and shrimp w. tomato broth, tofu and angel hair rice noodles
Mi Xao $9.00 – $5.95 sauteed mixed vegetables over crispy noodles
Hu Tieu Xao $8.00 – $5.95 stir fried saigon noodle with shrimp, egg and bean sprouts
Bun Ga Nurong $5.95 grilled breast of chicken over rice vermicelli w. roasted peanuts and fresh herbs
Bun Cha Gio $5.95 vietnamese crispy spring rolls over rice vermicelli, salad, and sprinkles with crushed peanuts
Banh Uot Cha Lua $5.95 steamed rice crepe w. round pork, crispy shallots, bean sprouts, basi and fresh herbs, saigon style


Com Chien $6.00 stir fried rice w. chicken and chopped vegetables
Com Nep $1.50 steamed vietnamese sticky rice
Com Trang $1.00 steamed vietnamese jasmine rice


Chocolate Truffle $6.00
Pear Caramel Mousse $6.00
Lemon Raspberry Mousse $6.00
Mango And Tropical Palm Nuts Gelatin $6.00
Banana Pudding $4.00


Coke, Diet Coke $1.50
Ginger Ale, Sprite $1.50
Papaya Juice $3.00
Pineapple Juice $3.00
Guava Juice $3.00
Jasmine Tea $2.00
Ginger Iced Tea $2.00
S. Pellegrino $2.00
Evian $2.00
Vietnamese Coffee $3.00

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